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Brawl in L.A. Court!

1/27/2010 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brawl in L.A. Court!A gnarly scuffle erupted in court yesterday at a hearing involving the lawyer for the Burglar Bunch.

Vania Stuelp -- a former TMZ producer who is now the deputy public information officer for the L.A. County court system -- was dealing with a French film crew that was shooting in violation of court rules.

We're told Stuelp was near the counsel table before the case was heard, trying to confiscate the film crew's tape, when the bailiff came over and ordered her to leave the area.

Stuelp showed her credentials and told the bailiff she was doing her job and would not leave.

The bailiff then grabbed Stuelp by the arms, dragged her across the courtroom, slammed her against the wall and handcuffed her -- this according to a complaint Stuelp filed with the court. Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "Our initial inquiry does not indicate that occurred, however, we are going to investigate those allegations."

Stuelp was eventually released but ended up with bruises and sought medical attention.

The videotape was never confiscated. Those damn French.


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yeh yeh    

I don't think she is one of their moles. At all. At least I don't want to think so but TMZ burned her did they not? I wonder why.

Vania was also assigned last Friday to work with the Hon. Reva Goetz on the Britney Spears hearing. Vania is not a nobody. She's one of two who regularly work with Goetz on the Britney Spears case and public information.

She could destroy what TMZ says and has just by being a public servant, prepped and obligated to tell the truth of what's been decided is public information.

1674 days ago


SO THATS YOUR MOLE!!! We kno she'll be fired soon-

1674 days ago


Yeah....I'm not buyin' the whole "slammed against the wall" angle. In a courtroom full of witnesses, I HIGHLY doubt slamming occurred. Sounds more like she got embarrassed by being questioned as to who she was and probably got mouthy with the bailiff. There's a giant gap in the story between "showed her credentials" and "cuffed". Wonder what info you're leaving out, TMZ?

1674 days ago


just another ahole reporter not doing what the cops tell them to do...they think they can do whatever they want....

1673 days ago


Sounds like misguided authority and strong arm tactics are employed by the Sheriffs Department.
You go Vania.

1673 days ago


LAWSUIT waiting to happen, hoo-boy, ANY information improperly released or private information leaked from the LA COUNTY court system into the press and especially onto TMZ, man, lawsuits against the government galore whether it's her or not.

1673 days ago


Cops are clueless about laws. They only know how to bully and injure people.

1673 days ago


16. You callous ignoramuses. This woman is a court official, doing her job. She showed her ID to the bailiff who manhandled her and caused bruising. How would you like to be ASSAULTED for doing your job??? To imply that she is a malingerer for seeking medical treatment underscores your lack of compassion.

It is appropriate for TMZ to reveal her former relationship to imply that she is a mole shows how little you know about how newsgathering or our court systems work.

Go back to reading your sensationalistic drivel. Your opinions are worthless.

Posted at 6:40PM on Jan 27th 2010 by Analina
I know. They're thinking she's the mole, like they've solved the case or something. But if they really talk that way in public -- callous, lying, and sarcastic -- they probably will get assaulted by the police one day.

1673 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Are you people completely stupid? She got her job in PIO BECAUSE of her experience with TMZ. Do you think she would have left that experience off her resume?

A conflict of interest for TMZ to report on a former employee? Go brush your tooth you moron.

Going to the hospital for bruises? Is she only "injured" if she is bleeding - or has a compound fracture? Maybe you're assuming the cop would have shot her or at least beat her senseless with his baton.

The LA cops have a bad reputation so my first assumption would be that some incident occurred.

1673 days ago


This is the best pic they can post of a former TMZ producer? There are much better pics found of her simply by searching Google, including at her Facebook page. You know she has great credibility -- she crawled through the muck of TMZ.

1673 days ago

Archie Waldron    

Vania Stuelp is one of the most professional PIO's I've ever had the pleasure of working with. EVERYONE in the court loves her and that crap deputy is going to be walking funny after the spanking he's gonna get.

1673 days ago


What Analina said.

1398 days ago
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