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Charlie Sheen's Wife

Checks Into Rehab

1/27/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke MuellerBrooke Mueller -- Charlie Sheen's wife -- has reportedly checked into a North Carolina drug and alcohol treatment center.

TMZ has learned Brooke and her mother flew by private jet to Elizabeth City Regional Airport in North Carolina yesterday. They landed at 5:58 PM ET. Brooke told people at the airport, "I'm not feeling very well."

The pilot told airport employees Brooke would be in North Carolina "for about a week."

As we first reported, Brooke was released from the hospital yesterday after fighting pneumonia but still had fluid in her lungs.

Sources tell TMZ the pneumonia Brooke suffered last week was a secondary situation -- her immune system had become so weakened by substance abuse that she became susceptible to infection.

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No Avatar


Is anyone surprised? Those poor babies.

1737 days ago


Geez, that family is a mess. Too much drama.

1737 days ago


wouldn't you have to be pretty hardcore of a drinker to get to this point??? i guess the xmas thing will hopefully put her back on track. good luck and prayers to the family.

1737 days ago

Just sayin'    

They BOTH need to !

1737 days ago

dr cyclops    

what a bunch of crap wshe will do anything to keep her name in the news,,maybe she should try suicide and do us all a favor,,this is not sheens fault wonder he was trying to choke her,,typical woman riding his coattails to fame

1737 days ago

Allen Ridak    

C'mon Charlie, just cut your losses and walk away. This is only going to end in tears

1737 days ago


Good Gawd....The demons never seem to disappear....Yes, stellar parents. Maybe Denise should take care of all the Sheen children as she is seemingly the sane one out of the three of them.

1737 days ago


I guessed this one a couple of days ago ... same thing happened to my husband who had long term alcohol problems. To my surprise, I found alcoholics are more prone to pneumonia - along with a wide assortment of other health issues.

1737 days ago


Another alcoholic druggie in Hollywierd.....SHOCKING!!!!!

1737 days ago


GOOD! Charlie doesn't need this BS. He has SUCH bad taste in women, but now that they're married with babies, I hope she can pull herself together and grow up. Charlie has come so far and I hate to see him dragged threw the mud again.

1737 days ago


Not surprising. Charlie & Brooke are both druggies. I feel for those little babies. I hope she wasn't taking or drinking while pregnant. I really feel bad for Denise. I lost respect for her when it first came out about Charlie and all the bad stuff. Now, I'm so back on team Denise. She was right. He is an a$$hold. Abusive, druggie, porn lover and marries a freak who just wants to have her 15 minutes of fame. I hope someone cares for those little boys. Get them out of the care of these two douches!!!

1737 days ago


As a respiratory therapist who treats pneumonia.
You generally have a weakened immune system if your pneumonia causes a hospitalization in the ICU.
At her age I did think it was probably due to drugs or drinking.
They shouldn't have procreated.

1737 days ago


Who has the babies?
Hopefully not these two.
Childr3ns Protective Services where are you?

1737 days ago


When is Charlie going? So, he hits her, chokes her, scares the crap out of her and sends her to rehab. I think maybe those kids should stay with Gramma while Mommy & Daddy get some help and a divorce. Charlie is clearly abusive and continues to abuse his wives. I think he needs to be alone until he learns how to treat a woman.

1737 days ago


It's really too bad these selfish people can't get their addictions and pathetic lives in check BEFORE they choose to bring children into this world.

1737 days ago
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