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Oprah to Jay Leno: 'Memba Conan?

1/27/2010 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno told Oprah what he already told TMZ -- that he and Conan O'Brien haven't said a word to each other since the beginning of the NBC mess.

Jay Leno: Click to watch
In a preview of his big one-on-one with Oprah, Jay says he wanted to have a convo with Conan -- but thought "it didn't seem appropriate."


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TMZ sure does have a tilt to younger ill informed liberals as fans. Personally I'm no great fan of Leno. Conan doesnt strike me as funny, but he defiantly has a following thats younger than Leno's.
The sides that fans took is amusing. Conan defiantly has more of the loudmouth whiny crowd in his corner.

Wake up, Conan was FIRED. NBC didnt even wait till his year was up, they ate his entire contract to be rid of him because of what he was doing to The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show goes back to Jack Paar (further back than most of Conan's whiners). The show is not about a personality, its a SHOW, and it will be as long as it remains aired.

Conan made the mistake of trying to make it HIS show. Thats why he's walking the bricks now. Leno had zero to do with his firing. How some of the retards out there see it any differently is just a sign of pure ignorance.

NBC is in business to make a profit, not run popularity contests. Leno had the numbers for years. Will he be able to produce them again? Its anyones guess but I expect given time NBC will be satisfied they got rid of the right guy for that show and time slot.

1675 days ago


I absolutely hate this man.

1675 days ago

Justa Notherguy    

For TMZ readers too young to recall - or, perhaps, just not interested in late night TV, back then - it might help your understanding of the current Leno vs O'Brien mess if you get some background on the original Leno vs Letterman feud. Here's the full story of how Jay Leno took over the 'The Tonight Show' hosting gig from long-time host Johnny Carson, way back in 1993.
. (complete article - NY Times; 1994)

1675 days ago


Leno's a two faced d-Bag!

How appropriate it is for him to go on Oprah looking for publicity rather than picking up the phone and talking to Conan.
Once a d-Bag always a d-Bag.

1675 days ago


It looks like some people here are afraid that anyone will really hear Jay's side of things. Oprah has an open invitation to Conan too.

It's funny to read people calling Jay a corporate shill. After all Conan's whining and playing martyr he's in bed with NBC and producing a show for them.

Conan acts so innocent and guileless, he's not.

1675 days ago


- The same "profit" making business that allowed Leno to lose to Letterman for a few years? Sounds like hypocrisy to say that it's in the interest of capitalism now but it wasn't before.

1675 days ago


Jay is starting to annoy me.

1675 days ago

dr cyclops    

i want to know what johnny carson thinks about this..can someone call him please??

1675 days ago


And I annoy you!

1675 days ago


@ Steve:

Conan was offered the 12:05 time slot and refused to take it. How does this constitute his being fired? You sure you're not among the "ill-informed liberals" you just criticized?

1675 days ago



Isn’t having another lawyer round the office like having an extra anus? Only one of them is going to be worth a poop.

[You translate if you like.]

1675 days ago


So very hate him!!

1675 days ago


Hey Oprah, remember Stedman?

How is Leno feeling bad. He just screwed Conan in butt.

"I was hurt at work today, my boss reprimanded me and said some very viscous things and I'm very hurt about it"

1675 days ago


Were you hurt by his words?

Oh, gee wiz, not really.

Why not, don't jokes hurt you?

Well maybe just a little. But I did steal the tonight show back.

Maybe I'll give Conan a call when he forgets how i screwed him, but I'll be alright.

1675 days ago


remember when Oprah did significant things? health concerns, was out there for you? now she is a cross between the insider/jerry springer and the 700club. and no matter what happens, her mindless audience applauds. (ex. wyclef yells that the military 'dropped' food on the haitian people like they were animals and it was wrong. No explanation on how else to get food to the starving people but the whole audience applauded him and Oprah) Oprah should have hung it up 10 years ago.

1675 days ago
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