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Duggar Baby #19 -- I'm Ready for My Close-Up

1/28/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Duggar Family's 19th child is confined to an incubator -- but she's still ready for prime time.

The Duggar Family: Click to watch
TMZ has obtained a first look at 15-weeks-premature Josie getting wheeled into Michelle Duggar's hospital room for the first time after the delivery ... as it went down in front of the "18 Kids and Counting" TV cameras.

She looks tiny, but the Duggars tell TMZ "Josie is 7-weeks old today and absolutely beautiful ...she is growing and getting stronger each day ... she has a long road ahead, we are encouraged about her progress to date."

Her progress will be chronicled on the show's new season -- which starts with a special Sunday night.


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These parents are sick! Someone needs to tie both of their tubes. It's hard enough supporting a family of four, I can't imagine twenty-one.
Anyone who has this many children and signs up for a reality show should have them taken away, seriously! Starting with the Octo-Nut, Cracky Kate, and this bunch too!

1727 days ago


I see it like this.. its their life if they wanna have babies then leave them alone.. its not you doing it.. SO SHUT UP ALREADY

1727 days ago


This pic makes me sad. My niece was born at 3mths premature and it was a long road to get her to where she is today..healthy and perfect. I pray that baby Josie comes out of this with no complications and that these selfish people STOP having babies..Michelle's body is clearly crying out that enough is enough!

1727 days ago


Isn't Arkansas known for having the most number of caves in N.America? Maybe Mr. Dugger needs to quit getting into the cave between his wifes legs!

1727 days ago


aww.the duggars are great a great christian family and for anyone that has ever watched the show knows they can and do give more than enough emotional and financial support.some serious jealousy going on here.maybe if you werent living on welfare or not supporting your kid you could have a show to.

1727 days ago


They have lovely children, well behaved and attractive. Perhaps it is time to quit while they are ahead.

I wish Mom and Josie the very best.

1727 days ago


Number 1 (Eve) - My thoughts exactly! Pure and simple. It's time to stop having babies.

1727 days ago


These people are out of control. Just because you can have babies doesn't mean that you should. Do you really think God has nothing to do with this hot mess.

1727 days ago


I love how the cameras are now there to capture their every move. I still can hear someone say to Jim-Bob, "you sure know how to keep a series going, Jim-Bob!" when Michelle gleefully announced "pregnant with #19", Jim-Bob snickered. I don't think people would have seen the Duggars at the hospital (with baby Josie, off camera)much till people's attention was called to that fact when Michelle, fresh out of the hospital, was protesting the sale of beer at a convenience store. As we know, all shows do come to an end...I hope the Duggars can provide for all the children or will the girls be out working. Amazing how the older girls have no interest in dating but keen to take care of their younger siblings (thank goodness, Michelle says, that the girls came before all those boys! No wonder they are so happy with the bumper crop of girls at the end...instant housekeepers, "mommies", spinsters (if controlled), can work a job outside the house if money is needed and take care of mom and dad, NO LIFE!) Those boys too will be chained to helping Mom and Dad for the rest of their life. There is no way they can afford big families themselves, they will have to help raise their siblings, take care of mom/dad. If that is fine with the children, fine but it should be a choice. I even like the Duggars, they give back to charity now. But please, no more kids, TLC has encouraged this for ratings.

1727 days ago


Hopefully baby 19 will be ok and wont have horrible challanges in life because she was boen 15 weeks premature. Yes, number of babies usually has nothing to do with it and her doctor every time at least the last 3 or 4 kids since the show has been on, has said that Michelle is perfectly healthy. But, when a woman has multiple births like she has, and has had c-sections and vaginal delevery that alone can create complications and she is very very lucky that she has not had problems from the c-section and vaginal delevery repeats. when a woman just has 2 kids and has a c-section and then has the second child natually, that can cause serious complications and the mother is usually watched closely. another thing is that she is in her 40's now. most women past the age or 37 sometimes even 35 are considered to be in the high risk pregnany status since their age alone can cause complications. hopefully this will be enough for them and they can take this as "a sign from god" as maybe this is the last one, since the next one or the next one after that could not be so lucky and then be wishing they didnt do this to a child that was suppose to be a gift from god. and you cant say oh well if the baby dies then thats what god wanted, thats like saying oh well god told me to rob a bank since that is the path he wanted for me. Hopefully they can be happy with 19 children and take a break from having them. Cant she just enjoy not being pregnant and raise her children. by the time the younger kids are all grown up or at least 18 they will be in their 60's. Good luck Duggars

1727 days ago

i love the 80    

Shame on you people for judging these people... shame on you..

1727 days ago


Rae C.

Well we all know what the C stands for..
It is a tv "SHOW", you said so yourself. A show dumbass, made for your entertainment. It's not going to show the bad crap dufess.
God how ignorant can one hag be?

Cult is the key to that whacked out bunch of Ron L. Hubbard type goofs..
It's past your naptime Rae C. and please don't skip your meds anymore.

1727 days ago

love her!    

The Duggars ARE NOT WEALTHY! Whoever made that comment has to be a total moron! The Duggars live off of state assistance and endorsements. This is total bs when a woman and man who are married are celebrated because they brought 19 freaking kids into this world that the tax payers are paying for. Did you not see the episode when they went to the home improvement warehouse and begged for deals from the owner. Octomom, the Duggars, the Gosslins there is no difference these people use kids for publicity.

1727 days ago


The show is so moronic - trying to make something interesting out of going to the bowling alley - for one of the kids birthdays...boring and utterly unsophiscated which makes it doubly boring...

1727 days ago

get better J.C    


1727 days ago
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