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Duggar Baby #19 -- I'm Ready for My Close-Up

1/28/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Duggar Family's 19th child is confined to an incubator -- but she's still ready for prime time.

The Duggar Family: Click to watch
TMZ has obtained a first look at 15-weeks-premature Josie getting wheeled into Michelle Duggar's hospital room for the first time after the delivery ... as it went down in front of the "18 Kids and Counting" TV cameras.

She looks tiny, but the Duggars tell TMZ "Josie is 7-weeks old today and absolutely beautiful ...she is growing and getting stronger each day ... she has a long road ahead, we are encouraged about her progress to date."

Her progress will be chronicled on the show's new season -- which starts with a special Sunday night.


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South Beach    

Maybe it's time to "call it a day" on the reproduction arena. It's amazing this tiny child at 25 weeks made it and I'm glad for her but for the love of GOD people, I'm sure your older kids would like hobbies which don't relate to taking care of kids YOU made!

1698 days ago

Jill Goessling    

There ought to be a law against this. I breed Quarter Horses
and I would't even do this to my brood mare.

1698 days ago

No Comment    

These people are disgusting freaks. I can not even stand to look at them or read about them.

1698 days ago


Why can't these two enjoy the childen they already have instead of making another baby every year. Not fair to the other children to make them subsitute parents. I pray little Josie makes it.

1698 days ago


Do you know whats even more disgusting than her uterus, is the thought of her moaning out Jim Bob's name during sex....

1698 days ago


where do these people find the privacy never mind the energy to keep makeing these babies.

1698 days ago


Jim Bob, your wife has had enough done to her body by being pregnant for the last 20-years. Give her a break and learn that there are other ways of having sex without intercourse.

1698 days ago


I read somewhere that the reason that they don't practice birth control is because they blame a miscarriage on birth control.
And they don't want to suffer that again.
I think that God is sending them a message. STOP HAVING BABIES.
I am sorry if I offend them but come on 19, when is enough enough?

I also think that they reason she had another one was because Michelle's daughter in law got pregnant and she was getting all the attention.
Has anyone noticed the birthdays between Josh's daughter and Josie's birth?
Michelle wanted to be in the lime light again.

Don't get me wrong, I do hope the baby gets better and does very well, but she may have some problems later on.
I have a now 18 yr old that was born 2 1/2 weeks early and was only 4 pounds. He has mental disabilities now among other issues.
So this is something they should think about.
My question now is which little duggar will get to be Josie's bigger buddy? And who will be responsible for her care? Especially if she does have problems.

1698 days ago


First of all I would like to say that I am extremely happy that Josie is doing better. The duggars are very inspirational and support all their children in any way they can.

I read some of the posts you guys have made and they are very negative and ugly. These people have a promise to god to let him choose the timing and count of the children they have. That is their religion, and that is what they choose. You all would be quick to jump and defend your ways if someone criticized you about anything you did. They believe the way they do, and you believe the way you do. I think it is pretty funny that you know nothing about these people and can judge so openly.

You have your negative comments about these people, when you are probably sitting at this computer with no college education, a beer and a cigarette in your hand with your 3 or 4 kids running around your house cussing and disobeying every rule you set..or possibly you are a college graduate, but you still like to judge these people, but yet yourself have insecurities because you can't have children, or you don't have a spouse and it makes you sick that someone can have so many children and you none..there could be a million things to judge you on..doesn't feel so good does it?

Yes they do have a TV show, and their reasoning for doing it is to inspire and educate people about their choices in life. They are rather wealthy, but on their doing. They rent commercial properties, and buy everything they can used. For any of you in real estate, you would know the revenue that renting commercial brings in. Also, the older children do help their mother, but I have an aunt who is far from the duggars, and her older children have always helped my aunt out. Thats how this family, and many others were brought up. Think about the times you had to help your parents or aunts out with younger sibblings or cousins... It's natural. People are so ugly towards these people..but negativity comes with everything. This word judges everything anybody does. I think if more families were like theirs, then this world would be a lot better. Less crime, unemployment, corrupt politicians, and people wouldn't need to be afraid to walk outside to get the mail. I admire the duggars for their courage to show their ways to this deteriorating and overly judgmental world.

1698 days ago


Send this freak Jim-Bob to a sex addiction clinic with Tiger. He is a selfish hillbilly and she is just plain STUPID!

1698 days ago


These people are disgusting.

1697 days ago


Yes, there`s not enough people in the world yet!

1697 days ago


Stop breeding, PLEASE.

1697 days ago


Jade, if everybody was like them, the world would be an over crowded mess with crime and starvation running rampant. It`s time you opened your eyes, crawl out of your hole and see the rest of the world. We are a world community, starvation and disease from other countries does affect us, the world is over crowded now. There is no god and even if there was, religious people like to fall back on the "he left us to control our own destiny" and we`re messing things up wholesale! God or not, we`re on our own and morons like this need to be stopped!

1697 days ago


They should call their next one'll be the gay one haha

1697 days ago
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