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Duggar Baby #19 -- I'm Ready for My Close-Up

1/28/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Duggar Family's 19th child is confined to an incubator -- but she's still ready for prime time.

The Duggar Family: Click to watch
TMZ has obtained a first look at 15-weeks-premature Josie getting wheeled into Michelle Duggar's hospital room for the first time after the delivery ... as it went down in front of the "18 Kids and Counting" TV cameras.

She looks tiny, but the Duggars tell TMZ "Josie is 7-weeks old today and absolutely beautiful ...she is growing and getting stronger each day ... she has a long road ahead, we are encouraged about her progress to date."

Her progress will be chronicled on the show's new season -- which starts with a special Sunday night.


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i am glad mich daughters can take care of everyone because mich m/ay not be able to or be around much longer. i dont know how mich does it. i am too tired for sex my bones and joints hurt, my kids dont cook for me and i am so thin i would break if i had nookie. i have no t v show so finances are tight. the only one i liked was grand pa duggar and i havent seen him for a while. i just wonder if bob has had a real conversation with mich ever. his dad probably doesnt come around becausebob is always having sex. is bob having sex during the show when hes not on camera? i bet he is......i dont know why bob and mich just dont stay conjoined together and walk around that way to save time and energy and have kids every 10 months. please do it. i want you to. you have my blessing. you win. i will be expecting another duggar as soon as possible. dont disapoint ment me. PLEASE. if you had a c- section you shouldnt be sore in peri area so go ahead and have sex now. i dare. see if it is possible. happy procreating.

1694 days ago


I personally love the show.I have to ask though who is paying for this childs birth and this nicu care. I am a nurse and work in labor and delivery and the cost of a premie in the nicu for one month alone is astronomical. 19 kids is alot. i know they are in love because you cna see it. in every show. I am scared for michelle to have any more kids. her poor body has had enough and this is THAT SIGN FROM GOD. Jim Bob take note GOD IS SPEAKING!
If you love your wife then use a condom or get neutered! I bet there are 100's of doctors that would do it to you for FREE!!

1694 days ago


no...i am expecting more duggars. its gods will. i have there names picked out jasmine michelle or jarrod robert. i have changed my mind. they are right. i understand. there kids can carry on if they have problems. good luck to all.

1694 days ago


It's not up to you or me to tell the Duggars how many children to have. I admit I'll worry more if Michelle gets pregnant after Josie; she has a greater chance of having a child with serious, lifelong problems or of developing pre-eclampsia again. But, as I said, this choice belongs to the couple and not to you or me. It's THEIR decision.

1693 days ago

Donna Grant    

My parents had 10 children. We are celebrating Mom's 95th birthday on March 21.Mom always looked at the new baby and said she hoped this wouldn't be her last. She loved babies even though unkind onlookers often considered her just a breeder.We were provided for very adequately and my dad never asked for a handout.He just kept working and providing for us.At the end of his life he considered his family a great"bunch". Mom still has all of her faculties and lives at her own home.One of her daughters lives with her but not is an assisted living capacity.She's a wonderfully happy women.

My point is-----if it ain't broke--don't try to fix it. Jim Bob and Michelle have a relationship many of you critics could only read about.They do not depend on government assistence.They systemize methods to maintain their needs. Their children are better educated than most children.They have been provided with abundant experiences. They truly have embraced the true meaning of family living. The fact that their show still airs speaks for itself. I truly believe God knew who to choose to parent these beautiful children.

For those of you can't say anything good, don't say anything. Use your energy to better the world by being positive.
Also remember the remote control that comes with televisions--if you don't want to view a program, change the channel.

1692 days ago


it was just reported on the news this morning that mrs duggar is pregnant again!

1689 days ago


A general shout out to RaeC who apparently believes in God but not in learning the correct spelling of words or in using punctuation. A wonderful tribute to Duggar fans everywhere!

As to Mom and Pop Duggar and their insatiable need for attention via having baby after baby, I predict they will not stop until Michelle dies in childbirth. Grieving JB will find solace in the arms of a young fertile woman whom he will marry before a year has passed, and he'll continue to father more and more children, who will all be raised by the oldest daughters. Finally, even the hillbillys who worship the Duggars will become too creepy for TLC to continue catering to, and the show will be dropped.

1686 days ago


The only person taking care of these children are the older girls.They do all the child care,cooking,cleaning,and laundry in this house.They are like Michelle's little maids.Michelle was blessed with a bunch of little maids (girls) born first to take care of her house and children.They use the very basic home school plan that only teaches the children enough to help them pass home school testing and fill in the rest with religious education so Michelle can keep her little maids at home to do all the house work.Which is why none of the kids have interest in going to college because there schooling doesn't ready them for college and there parents can't afford to send them.

As grown adults there parents still have to tell them if they are allowed to hold hands with a girl or boy they like.Josh and Anna at 21 had to ask there parents permission to hold hands.There teenage children aren't even allowed to go get a pizza with friends on a Friday night.Michelle not long have been released from the hospital after having jose was at rally trying to stop a store from selling alcohol near her home cause she was afraid her kids might see people drinking.Will these children make it outside the world of there protected bubble?Most likely not.

1678 days ago

disgusted with you useless people    

everyone on here who is saying that the duggers should stop having babies and their bad parents why don't you take a look at your own life and just don't watch their show or read anything about them my guess is you're all too stupid or just ignorant jerks god gave them 19 kids thats pretty cool that they can take care of all of them and there not a bunch of hoodlums running around like your kids ( how does it feel to be judged without me knowing you?) just because they have a strong faith you're going to start attacking them? and for emotional love for 19 kids is possible I guess your too full of hate to be able to comprehend and just because the poor little baby is having problems dosen't mean that god is trying to tell them to stop having babies have you read the bible? god wants us to be fruitful and multiply anyway people should just keep their there rude comments to themselves and not be so quick to judge others

1596 days ago


ru done having anymore can u guys afford a big family.did both u guys have a big family before u gotten married.congratulaions on the new baby josie.hope that she gets feeling better soon.good luck happy july 4th. too all of ur families together.

1544 days ago
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