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Jesse James Phones in Dog Search Experts

1/28/2010 6:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James has unleashed the professionals for an assist in the search for his missing dog Cinnabun.

Jesse James dog search

We're told Jesse has hooked up with the same dog search service that tried in vain to find Jessica Simpson's pooch after it was snatched up by a coyote last year --

The company will power dial everyone around the West Coast Choppers compound in Long Beach, CA -- where Cinnabun went missing Monday.

According to the automated message, 9-month-old Cinnabun was spotted yesterday roaming around the K-9 Corner dog park in Long Beach ... but she's still on the loose.

Jesse is also offering a $2,000 reward for Cinnabun's safe return.

UPDATE: Cinnabun was spotted nearly two hours ago "near the 405 fwy and Seal Beach Blvd," this according to FindToto! Getting closer!

West Coast Chopper model Kimmie CaraocolesUPDATE #2
: More motivation to find the dog -- one of Jesse's friends, a model for West Coast Choppers named Kimmie Caracoles, is promising to go out on a date with anyone who finds Cinnabun ... adding, "I'll probably let you touch my boob."

Here is a photo of Kimmie so you know what's on the table.

Get out there and find that dog!!!!!

Jesse James' dog buttercup


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I LOVE my animals & don't blame Jessie or any of his friends for pulling out all the stops & doing whatever it takes to get Cinnabun back safe...... Hey, the date & possible boob feel with the model, I'd say he's got some pretty loyal friends....Along with a reward & again, whatever it takes... It's just unfortunate that it takes some sort of incentitive to drive someone to help find & return your animal.. ...... Good luck Jessie...

1667 days ago


I know the model Kimmie, seen her at some car shows. She is very sweet and nice and is just trying to help out. She is always helping out the animals. Why is everyone so negitive in the USA now?

1667 days ago


What the hell it's a white square.

1667 days ago


comment #3 IDIOT pitbulls are the most loving dogs in the world. My hearts broken that Jesse hasn't found his pup yet my prayers are with you jesse.. and Sandra.. please people keep an eye out there...

1667 days ago


You all are morons, yeah lets have people stealing celebrity dogs for 10's of thousands of dollars reward...What happened to returning an animal that is probably just as scared as the people to their owners?....Also the other idiots on here, there is NO injectable GPS and Micro Chips are only ID chips that have to be scanned by a scanner and you have to have the dog!...If my dog was lost I'd want someone to just do the right thing instead of expecting a handout!

1667 days ago

Robin Fernandez    

Who are some of you people? Our dogs are our kids. I never had a pit, actually that isn't even their real title. Untell Kali came into my life, she found me. They are a great dog. My luck to Sandra and Jesse. And Forget you to the people who have to much time on their hands to write B___ S___. Like I ate him

1667 days ago


The dog very well may be microchipped. All that does is give the owner's info to a vet or shelter if it is scanned. It's not doggy Lojack that makes a blip on a screen, people.

1667 days ago


I've still got my fingers crossed that Cinabun returns home safe and sound.

1667 days ago

its me    

$ 2,000 is alot of money but i agree with the person on here who said ...what happened to the days where we didnt have to pay?? just keep your eyes out people and look for that cute dog. and the girl who said that she might let the person touch her boob is making this look like a joke !!! just give the mans dog back !

1667 days ago


Someone needs to look at a map of Long Beach!! West Coast Choppers is on Anaheim Blvd. just a few blocks from the 710 Freeway. K-9 Corner dogpark is at Pacific and approx 6th or 7th Street. That puts it several blocks East and about 5 blocks south of its home. A smart dog who likes the dog park could easily find its way there. HOWEVER, the 405 fwy/ Seal Beach Blvd. area is at least 15 miles away. To get there the dog would have had to cross some of the busiest intersections in the city and done so at top speed. At work (in Long Beach) we discussed how the dog could get from the 710/Anaheim area to the 405/Seal Beach blvd.--our answer: by (a West Coast)chopper.

1667 days ago


Has anyone checked Michael Vick's house?

1667 days ago


I'm sure some Koreans have already cooked him up and served him at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.

1667 days ago


Touch your boobs my butt. If I find that dog she's mine until somebody pays me at least $25,000 cash.

1667 days ago


Wait wait wait- she only has one boob? That's a rip off.

1667 days ago


tacky66, you're ignorant. Not all pits are mean and dangerous. A huge part of it is how the dog is raised and I doubt Jesse raises his dogs to be aggressive.

Learn how to spell, thanks.

1667 days ago
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