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Pete Townshend Triggers Super Bowl Warning

1/28/2010 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People who live around Sun Life Stadium in Miami -- where Super Bowl XLIV will be played a week from Sunday -- have received this advisory -- watch your kids, because Pete Townshend of The Who fame is coming to town.

Pete Townshend

Townshend became a registered sex offender after being arrested in 2003 in a pedophilia sting in the UK. Townshend was not convicted but placed on a sex offenders list.

The Who is playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl and several child abuse organizations have sent postcards to 1500 homes and several schools close to the stadium, warning that Townshend will be in town.

It's unclear if Townshend is still on the official sex offenders list -- he was supposed to be taken off after 5 years.


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David Orbach    

The ridiculous Janet Jackson incident was an opportunity for a bunch of politicians to get up on their soap boxes and grandstand about their commitment to "family values". That the public got whipped up enough to participate in the frenzy doesn't speak too highly of them.

1695 days ago


To bad the citizens surrounding the Miami area in Dade and Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) won't see this since Brevard County is 3 hours north of here.

1695 days ago


Was that book ever published?

1695 days ago


I'm an attorney and this is precisely what's wrong with our legal justice system. I hope Townsend either sues the crap out of these people or cancels the performance. Screw these people. He was never convicted of anything.

1695 days ago


The Who AND several child abuse organizations sent this out? I find that hard to believe.

1695 days ago

Bill Brasky

He was put on a register, but it should have expired.

1695 days ago


As though Florida is some kind of moral authority in regards to "Sex Offenders"...

Leave Townsend alone...He did nothing, the issue was dropped...
This is a poor attempt at lynching a man who was a victim himself...

TMZ, please research your topics a bit further BEFORE you post them...

1695 days ago


1. The police eventually confirmed he had informed them in advance that he intended to access child porn websites as part of a research project and they had told him it would be okay.
2. An independent watchdog organisation launched their own investigation after he was NOT CHARGED with anything after a 4 year investigation by the police. They thought a celebrity had 'got away with it'. Much to their surprise, they concluded "It appears Mr. Townshend confessed to something he didn't do" because the evidence revealed that the portal of the website he entered did not have any pictures of child pornography. For that, he would have had to pay an additional fee and enter another portal - which he did not do.

This so-called children's charity are using him for publicity and could care less if he is innocent or guilty of anything. I hope they are put out of business and every one of them sued into bankruptcy. Then the money they have been getting from well-meaning folk can be diverted to honest charities who really can help keep children safe.

1695 days ago


I am not sure this is even legal, private people making sex offender warnings about a man who was never convicted of a such.
Townsend is clearly the victim here

1695 days ago

Professor Obvious    

This whole sex offender thing has gone way overboard. Our culture has this perverse fascination with "sex offenders" and I wonder who I'm more worried about: Sex offenders or those obsessed with sex offenders?

When a child is harmed, It's a scientific fact that 99.999% of the time they are harmed by their own parents. Focusing and fixating on "sex offenders" is absurd to the extreme. We keep hearing the mantra "Sex offenders can never recover, they always commit their crimes again". First off, statistics are never offered to back this up and secondly, isn't this true of all criminals? Don't burglars continue to burglarize houses again and again?

Just what is a "sex offender" anyway? Did you know that if park your car on the side of the road, scurry into the woods to take a pee and are "caught" peeing by a policeman, you will become a registered sex offender? Remember porno star Traci Lords? When she admitted she was under age the LAPD "raided" dozens of video rental stores and guess what, the owners of those stores were convicted of child pornography and are now "sex offenders".

Can we stop it with this nonsense already?

1695 days ago


how can you not be convicted but be put on a list that doesnt make not sticking up for him in any way but just doesnt make sense to me.

1695 days ago


I'm not going to back Pete's actions regardless of his motivations. But what in the hell is going on in this country? If my memory serves me we broke away from England a couple of centuries ago. Their laws are meaningless here. Why are these Florida self righteous people allowed to get away with this type of character attack?

These people remind me of the ones that burned witches in Salem or the people that are the first to pick up stones when the mob decides to exact justice without a trial. Seriously, its scary what people are able to get away with these days.

1695 days ago


Damn! I wish they would have got someone else to play at the super bowl. I just don't like The Who's music.

1695 days ago


Incredibly insensitive and unjustified. These people are using the Superbowl to try and get noticed. Good job carrying this story TMZ. I'm sure they are thrilled you are giving their hatchet job some legs. I hope Townsend sues this group for defamation.

1695 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

You know what - ok, first, I am going to write this without reading any of the other comments, so what I am going to say might be wildly unpopular, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Back to what I was going to say - you know what? I have three children. I am a mother who has, since the list has been made public and available on the Internet, regularly checked the Sex Offenders List to ensure no offenders were residing in our neighborhood. (None ever were.)

But these people are WAY out of line.

First of all, according to TMZ, and I am going to have to trust their word here, Mr. Townshend (I'll call him Pete) was supposed to be taken off that list roughly two years ago. Also, based upon the facts I am taking from TMZ - which really makes me nervous but I am counting on them being correct this time - Pete was NEVER convicted as a sexual offender, sexual predator or anything else of that nature.

These postcards, despite their weak language that Pete "is not a fugitive" it does portray him as a sexual predator, a crime for which he has never been convicted, and further goes on to cite him being "at large" which is language generally only associated with people who are being sought as fugitives.

If I was Pete, and remember - I am a VERY protective mother of three - I would SUE these people for libel or defamation or whatever it is called in Florida. (It is different in different states.)

Don't get me wrong. I understand their motivation and I know they are trying to protect children. But they cannot employ any type of behavior, legal or not, and then excuse it with the statement that "Oh, it's for the children."

Yeah, it's good that you want to protect children. So do I. But that doesn't give you the right to defame a person in what I am convinced is an illegal manner.

Message to Pete: SUE.

1695 days ago
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