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Rachel Maddow -- Michael Douglas' Son?

1/28/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's MSNBC host Rachel Maddow at an event in L.A. earlier this month (left) -- and Michael Douglas' son Cameron Douglas in his mug shot (right).

Rachel Maddon and Cameron Douglas

We're just sayin'.


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Cali MJ Fan    

@kirar With the audio from Rush.

From HP:
"As if that weren't enough, Limbaugh also pivoted off a caller who
complained about Obama directing the public to the White House
website to find charitable organizations operating in Haiti to
promote a conspiracy theory that finding these charities via the
White House website puts your money at risk of not reaching Haitians.

Limbaugh also seems to feel we've done enough already for Haiti:
"We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax."

I didn't get it from Maddow and his comment does not ask people to
donate to the Red Cross. The man who called stated he already
decided to give to the Red Cross, and there was no need for him to go to in the first place.

End result, Limbaugh's comments discouraged people from going to the White House site for fear they would end up on a mailing list by "looking" at the site. He also point blank states there's no need for Americans to donate-- we've already given to Haiti by way of taxes. Again, that is NOT asking for donations.

There are others who want a list of vetted organizations aside from
the Red Cross, because they won't donate to RC in times of crisis to them due to policy they retain a percentage of the donation for
administration and future disasters. Others just want a list to make additional contributions to various organizations. His comments in no way contributed a sense of urgency in which Haiti needs help.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my point. I am also very
capable of doing my own research, thank you very much. You jumped
through a few hoops on your assumption. Perhaps a little of your own freely-given advise would be wise.

Good day.

1732 days ago

Extremely Poor Taste, TMZ!    

Right on, #31/missy! Rachel is uber-smart, and also went to Stanford! The woman is brilliant, well-informed, classy, fun and a joy to watch. My husband of 30+ years and I watch her every night, and neither of us focuses on her "looks." Personally, I find her adorable (although she'd probably cringe at that term), and think she's cute in a boyish/Ellen kind of way. Yeah, the dark, heavy glasses are a bit much and I wish she'd lose them, but I think she does that to de-glam her looks so that viewers see her simply as who she is and LISTENS to what she has to say, not focus on bleached-blonde hair and a thigh-high skirt and long legs (ahem, Faux "News").

BUT...sadly, she isn't slutty or sexy enough for the base minds at TMZ. AFter all, a woman isn't supposed to be anything but a bimbo, right? Perhaps if they dolled her up, a la Sarah Palin/Caribou Barbie, then maybe poor Rachel would have a chance. As we all know, America just LOVES a middle-aged woman who is such white trash that she has a baby the same year as her unmarried teenage daughter!

My, America is so threatened by a woman with a BRAIN!!!

1732 days ago


I don't see it. They look nothing alike. Just because of the glasses? What a stretch!

1732 days ago

Tom Jones    

I call her Rachel ManCow.

1732 days ago


Rachel is the lost sister of Ron Jr and Patti Reagan. (Rachel rocks!)

1732 days ago


I don't see it.

1732 days ago


Cali MJ fan:

So bc in the one clip that you heard he did not encourage people to donate that means it didn't happen right? You have a few min clip that you take to mean what you want without listening to even one days entire show. That caller was asking why Obama was directing people to the instead of red cross, (did you listen to the clip). That is why was talking about it. And by the way he is 100% right about us already donating money. Where do you think that 100 million came from? TAX PAYERS. You are forming your opinion on limbaugh based on a clip you found on the internet. Why don't we have a telethon to raise money for the poor and homeless in this country. Isn't charity supposed to start at home

1732 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    


My original comment was simply based on the comparison of not liking Rachel made you homophobic as contrasted to not liking Limbaugh makes you hetero-phobic by another poster. Period. I guess I should not even comment of Pat Robertson's insanely stupid comment about Haitians deserving this because of their pact with the devil in the 1700's.

You're wrong. I listened to the entire clip, and many others of Rush's hate-spewing rhetoric since the early 90's. My opinion of Limbaugh is not based on this one clip. I despise the man and everything he stands for, yet in spite of that, I wished him well during his recent Hawaii trip. My heart is no breeding ground for his type. My prerogative, just as it is yours to conclude I fell off a turnip truck yesterday.

You're wrong again. You must also believe I am clueless about where the aid package to Haiti came from or you would not have pointed it out. The need in Haiti will far surpass $100 million in humanitarian efforts. The implication the aid package equaled enough to send, and in another breath that going to a trusted source such as, as I mentioned before, was an attempt to dissuade not only the credibility of the site but the trustworthiness of the intentions of the information by strong implications had ulterior motives to communicate such a site to begin with.

Sending to one organization alone gives a monopoly of power to that which was chosen. The Red Cross also does not cover the varied and numerous needs which Haiti will undoubtedly face over the coming weeks, months and years as their people attempt to recover from a natural disaster. So providing alternatives, trusted alternatives, is not a ulterior motive. It was a smart move. btw, before you comment I am not aware of the services of the Red Cross, I am very aware so please save your breath.

You're right. ding ding ding.. Winner! Why don't you call your bud Limbaugh and suggest he hold the telethon, with a substantial opening donation from his own pocket. You could answer the phones. You could ask him to make it an annual event.

As for Rachel, I would, and do, trust her far above most any other broadcaster along from Olbermann, Couric and a few others. Limbaugh, Fixed Noise and the like are no where even close to people I trust. No where. My prerogative. You have the right to your own prerogative as well.

I have enjoyed the banter but must now bid you a good day.

1732 days ago


Madcow has 5 o'clock shadow. She is really a man, just saying! That "THING" is creepy and I don't like it's views either.

1732 days ago

Just sayin'    

I'm familiar with the moron on the left but as for the other guy. idk..

1732 days ago

Just sayin'    

Rachel is an idiot!

1732 days ago

Just sayin'    

LMAO at the fools who think this dumb @ss is "cool, rocks etc" !!! No wonder Obamalama ding dong won! LOL

1732 days ago

Just sayin'    

She LOOKS intelligent but when she opens her mouth.... FAIL!

1732 days ago

Just sayin'    

The R in Rachel stands for Retarded.
Just FYI.

1732 days ago


I'm a conservative and a guy. I think Maddow is sort of cute. Yeah, she's butch, but I think if she let her hair grow out a bit, put on some earings and a bit of make-up she'd look pretty good.

I liked her more before 0bama became president. Now she's just another Cool Aid drinker who thinks he can do no wrong.

1732 days ago
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