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Spencer Pratt Busted for Mud Flaps

1/28/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt is a dirty mud-slinger -- and according to the police, dude needs to fix the problem stat.

Spencer Pratt: Click to watch
Heidi Montag's other half was pulled over by the LAPD last night because his monster truck lacked mud flaps -- which are required on massive rides so mud and debris doesn't get shot back at other vehicles.

During the stop -- in which Spencer invited the cops to go clubbing with him -- the officers nailed Spencer for not having proof of insurance.

Spencer was eventually sent on his way with merely a fix-it ticket, which requires him to get his vehicle up to code by March 15.


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@stormy what new law? what are you talking about? man lay off the oxy r something.

He had no mud flaps and under Cali law its illegal but its just a stupid 10 dollar fix it ticket. The cops did what they should have done and got him. Maybe one windshield might be saved because of it.

I got to say that he has become such a d=bag I kinda think he is funny now...

1628 days ago


@Ding Dong wrong. The officer does not have to tow it away and 90% of the time they won't unless you have a court order to have insurance like DUI etc or you have many insurance tickets.

Plus he said he just bought the truck and most insurance companies make you add it on within 30 days but will cover you for the first 30 days. All he has to do is go pay 10 dollars when he gets his mudflaps and updated card in the mail.

1628 days ago


you idiots there is a difference between not having insurance and not having a card. They can't just tow your car because you forgot to bring your card with you or you just bought the car and waiting for a card in the mail.

so stfu with the in my state crap. They could tow any car that comes off the car lot then or tow a car because your wallet was stolen or lost. Yeah I am sure the state would love being sued for towing peoples cars right and left. why don't you re read the law.

1628 days ago


@trooper tom yeah to look dumb? That truck isn't built for off road its a poser truck like most in the city. look at the tires to start. 20 inch rims offroad lol.. yeah.. He would be stuck and watching all the other trucks pass him when the dirt road starts. Around here he wouldn't make it far at all. Leave the 20's for the cars and get some 15's or 16's so you can at least air down since I am willing to bet he doesn't even have lockers or gears in it.

We make so much money every year pulling trucks like that out of mud/snow etc. The more poser the truck is the more its going to cost. But I bet like you were saying it will never see any dirt just good LA smog.

1628 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

the funniest thing about this video for me was the fact that unlike EVERY OTHER TMZ VIDEO the cameraman didnt have to ask any questions at all. Usually, they are lucky to get a couple words in response to like ten questions.

- Spencer just went into this whole self-important skit on his own
- - - what a douche.

1628 days ago


John, TMI TMI TMI - Christ, who cares about tire sizes, and that other boring crap?????
STFU Gomer

1628 days ago


And the bumper height is lets say a little high how nice it would be to crash into that stupid trailer hitch

1628 days ago


Where do you think Spencer and Heidi get the money for the surgeries?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Heidi's plastic surgery count doesn't add up.
Isn't each brow considered separate surgeries, each eye separate, each breast, etc .... Wouldn't that make her surgery count into the 20's?

1628 days ago



1628 days ago


No 'mudflaps'? You'd think that Heidi could have gotten some while she was getting her 'airbags'.

1628 days ago


what is that term... "he can't even get arrested in Hollywood" (he's so "over" or "out").

1627 days ago


he didnt get off as easy as everyone thinks...

1485 days ago


the cop gave him a fix it ticket but signed it so that he'd have to pay it at the courthouse n there they'd see that he didnt have insurance and would have to pay more...its a nice way to give him the correct punishment n not look like an ******* on tv...

1485 days ago

Sandy B     

Honestly, I've always felt that Spencer Pratt was gay. Just somethin' about the way he looks and acts. No offense to the gay community!!

1414 days ago
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