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NFL Star Accused of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend

1/28/2010 2:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Jackson -- the starting running back for the St. Louis Rams -- has been accused of one of the most vile crimes imaginable ... beating up his girlfriend while she was nine months pregnant with his child.

Steven Jackson: Click to view the document!
Jackson's then-girlfriend Supriya Harris claims the NFL star got physical during an "argument" in March 2009 ... this according to a complaint filed with the Las Vegas Police Department.

In her complaint, Harris says, "Steven became enraged and pushed me to the ground, repeatedly."

Harris also claims Jackson, "forcibly grabbed my arm and flung me against the door. I was crying and trying to protect my stomach from the blows, as I was 9 mos pregnant."

In the complaint, Harris claims Jackson "continued to shove me against the door until his nephew ... interceded and yelled, 'uncle, she has a baby, stop.'"

Harris claims she was "bleeding heavily" from wounds she received after she was smashed into a door handle.

Harris says Jackson took her to a nearby hospital -- but instructed her to lie and tell doctors that she was injured from a fall in the shower.

Ten days after the alleged incident, Harris gave birth to their son. According to the complaint, Harris claims she left Steven 4 months later -- after he threatened to beat her up again at a music festival in New Orleans.

Steven JacksonJackson and Harris have been arguing over child support payments -- and recently Harris had filed documents with the court begging the judge to force Steven to pay up. That case is still pending.

We talked to Jackson's rep -- but we're still waiting for comment. Harris declined to comment on the matter.

UPDATE: St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo just released the following statement: "We are aware of the situation involving Steven Jackson. We are in the process of gathering information. We are always concerned with issues involving our players."

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HMMM, why did she wait so long? why weren't the police called when she showed up at the hospital with all these injuries, I believe hospital personel would recognize a beating vs a fall in the shower. Waited 4 months to leave him. Arguement over child support?
Don't know if he's guilty or not but something doesn't smell right to me.

1674 days ago


Just another momma's boy. Dosen't know how to be a man. Just proves that money changes nothing in a man's behavior.

1674 days ago

Mr Tudball    

I love how all you idiots assume she must be telling the truth and that he is guilty. Any female's allegation is pure gold, I guess. How many more stories do you have to read where a woman lies her ass off just to "get back" at her man? Women lie all the time because they know there will be no consequences if they are exposed. Why did she wait 4 months?

1674 days ago


Posted at 1:05PM on Jan 28th 2010 by Get a rope
Nice stats where'd you get them from, the KKK handbook?

Why does one person of colour represent All people of colour?
Did you condem all white actors after Charlie Sheen held a knife to his wifes neck?

I'd have to assume all white men are pedophiles based on your stats

And your "get a rope" name pretty much tells us what we need to know about you.YEEEHAAAA now F@CK OFF Daniel Carver

1674 days ago


The NFL needs to have stricter rules for these fools to remain with the organization! You shouldn't be allowed to break the law and still be in the NFL. They were way too easy on Michael Vick! Whether these "athletes" like it or not they ARE role models for young kids.

1674 days ago


I am so sick of these spoiled athletics. They are given everything because they have talent but screw it up because they feel their talent will make everyone forget what they have done. This A-hole will bounce back too because there is too much invested in him. More than anything I am sick of reading about them on this website.

1674 days ago

Mack Johnsons    

To the "black athlete" statistics guy, there are a lot of white guys with "regular" or upstanding careers who beat their wives/GFs and are deadbeat dads. in fact I regularly read about white cops who beat their wives ( roid rage perhaps) and sexually assault people.

But I don't post on blogs comments like " All white police officers are pigs who beat their wives and rape women. You dont hear about black cops doing this." Even though I CAN find the statistics to back me up.

To the maryland crab cakes recipe,
I only use fresh jumbo lump crabmeat. Not frozen flaky junk. But thanks for a useful comment.

1674 days ago



What the hell man? Can the Rams get any worse? We have a woman beater (Steven Jackson) and a guy who killed a woman (Leonard Little) while he was drunk. TO TOP IT ALL OFF THEY WENT 1-15! Gah.

We might as well just let Rush Limbaugh buy the team and bring on the dog killer (Michael Vick) as quarterback. Maybe they'll go 2-14. o.O

1674 days ago

Nicki B    

I hope she takes him for all he's worth.... what a loser! He should go to jail too~

1674 days ago

Mr. Roboto    

Here's a secret for all of you:


If she showed up at a hospital nine months pregnant, covered in bruises and bleading. An investigation would have been launched immediately. But, oh no no no she has to wait until child support is an issue to play her domestic abuse card.

1674 days ago


white or black no man should beat a woman bottom line.roid rage plays a major fact in things like this.look at chris benoit white killed his wife and kids over roid rage.she was in fear for her life anyone that has been abused will tell you the abuser uses that control and most never press charges he prolly told her baby im sorry ill never do it again etc etc etc and she believed him but eventually got woken up that he will not change after the 2nd incident.

1674 days ago


I guess all of you morons know the truth about what really happened, thats whats wrong with America, theres idiots like you all that believe everything tmz reports. Have of u **** bags dont even make sense when you type the s*** u do! bunch of attention whores

1674 days ago


child support does not change just because you press charges dumbass`s that goes by income and if anything by doing this she would get LESS if he cant play and is suspended DUH!.she will not get more just because she was abused and beaten.that absolutely makes no sense at all.

1674 days ago


at least we can spell half hahhaha talk about irony

1674 days ago


Must've learned that from larry fitzgerald of the az cardinals. I think being a woman beater is required to play in the national felons league.

1674 days ago
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