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Jay Leno Set for Facelift

1/29/2010 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's set is only four months old, but it will undergo a facelift that would raise Heidi Montag's eyebrows -- if that's even possible.

Jay Leno

We've learned Leno will stay put in the Burbank facility where he did "The Tonight Show" for 17 years, and "The Jay Leno Show" for 17 minutes. And, sources say, the set will be redone during the Olympics and rolled out for the re-premiere of "The Tonight Show."

As for Conan O'Brien's $50 million studio ... we're told there are no plans yet ... there's a buzz NBC may use the set to shoot TV pilots.


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Better Than You    

Great news!

good going, NBC. Invest more millions into staging a show, that is about to bomb thanks to the recent wave of bad publicity, and the major shift of public opinion.

Give Jay the best set money can buy. I love it!

1731 days ago

The man is out to get Tiger    

I saw Jay live several years ago and that studio is extremely old with all kinds of old spot lights and stage crap just dangling from the catwalks over the audience seating. Some of the equipment looked older than some of Jay's vintage cars. I personally did not feel safe in that place and hope they modernize it rather than just build a new set.

Also the parking really sucks as we had to park many blocks away from the studio in an unsecure neighborhood. Then stand for hours and get hassled by the bums on Burbank Blvd just waiting to get in. Jay should just take over Cocos old set as it would be more convenient for the studio audience.

1731 days ago

New FOX Fan    


1731 days ago


No surprise. The first thing I noticed about the 10:00 show was that the music was even worse (lame imitations of now-current songs; eechh!) and the set was even uglier than his Tonight Show sets. What are those things in the background that look like imitations of Watergate-era embossed vinyl kitchen tiles? And why are they cut in half at the top and bottom. Tina Turner once commented that Ike's new studio looked as if "someone had spent $70,000 at Woolworth's". Jay managed to waste a lot more than that. He's funny enough, but I'll miss the humor, band and aesthetics of Conan's show.

1731 days ago


The one thing the Oprah interview showed is how little pull Jay actually had in the whole fiasco & Rosie should apologize to Jay. I think he probably is a "nice guy" & was thinking about all those working for him, that said the show is stale & boring the best bits are when Jay does his "street" interviews. And as much as I detest the "10 at 10" the one with Jimmy Kimmel was priceless kudos to Jay for NOT editing it.

1731 days ago

New FOX Fan    

the studio is on Alameda Ave...Burbank Blvd is a mile away.
a least A & O liquor will get more business again.
Jay seems like a arrogant fake wax dummy. I WISH HE WOULD HAVE LET GO OF THE TONIGHT SHOW...a little grace goes a long way. Now many of us just think he is a big JAY-HOLE.

1731 days ago


First of all, goatman, Burbank Blvd. is nowhere near the NBC studio where Jay does his show. And waiting like that is pretty normal for most all the talk shows, so waiting a long time is just normal.

Oprah was just as rude to Jay as she was when she interviewed Sara and Bristol Palin. She is so one-sided and has a SUPER BIG ego. I for one am glad she is ending her show. And that was HER choice to retire. People seem to forget that it was NEVER Jay's choice to retire. He was pretty much forced into it.
I liked Leno's show at 10pm and think he is a whole lot funnier than Conan. Conan was NEVER a comedian and should NEVER have gotten the Late NIght show to begin with. The only people who find Conan funny are college age kids who are probably drunk while watching him.
And for the poll that Oprah had, saying that there were 96% on Team Conan. I have no idea who she polled, but I have seen many other polls that have been more toward Leno or pretty even between the 2.

1731 days ago


Support Jay Leno:

By the way, check out this Obama interview:

1731 days ago

Mel D.    

Conan and letterman and oprah SUCK! Jay's the man! Get over it!

1731 days ago


It says he will go back to the set he used for 17 years.

I hope the colorful city scape will come back, along with Jay using his desk when he talks with celebs, and also move the band back closer to where Jay is. Right now it seems to be across the parking lot.

1731 days ago


Leno is the Yoko of late night TV.

1730 days ago


1. Jay Leno's tonight show ratings were no.1 for 17 years.
2. Conan's tonight show ratings tanked after day 1.
3. Crybaby conan blamed everyone but himself. He show wasn't funny, it was uncomfortable and his skits were self indulgently stupid. How could conan allow everyone to blame Jay Leno for his own shortcomings, that was just wrong.

1730 days ago


Leno is the Yoko of late night TV. GO TEAM COCO!!!!

1730 days ago

New FOX Fan    

Kimmel's piece on the Leno Oprah sham thurs nite was great.
Shows Leno for what he is...
i am not a Leno Hater - I am a Comedy Lover. That's why i think Leno should step down. It's not to late to do the right thing, Jay.
Maybe when Jay's back he can have John Edwards on to cry like Hugh Grant did 15 yrs ago...but wait nobody cares....

1730 days ago

New FOX Fan    

Dear Comment 32.

Jays tonight show tanked for the first 2 years. Truth.
please get your facts right.

1730 days ago
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