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'Jersey Shore'

Cast, MTV Strike Deal

1/29/2010 11:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The entire "Jersey Shore" cast has agreed in principle to come back on board for Season 2 ... sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ.


As we first reported, MTV gave The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the crew a deadline of today at the end of business, or else they'd all be replaced. We know the offer on the table was $10,000 per episode ... we do not know the magic number that ended the stalemate.

We're told lawyers are trying to work out specific language and terms and they're all hoping they can put a bow on it tonight.

: We've learned Vinny accepted MTV's $10,000 per episode offer. We're told one of the terms the lawyers are hammering out is the number of appearances the cast can make outside the show. Cast members -- especially Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation -- want the right to appear at as many as four clubs and other venues a week ... where they've been raking in good money in appearance fees.


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MTV is making a HUGE mistake. Instead of taking this generation into a more mindful state they are creating another cesspool of mindless entertainment. Granted, at times we need this. But this display of utter stupidity makes this generation look like self-indulgant, ignorant and future STDer's. MTV is not helping the cause here by granting this free pass to these talentless people. First season, I can see it. But it's already getting old. What is so interesting about GYM, TANNING, LAUNDRY? And J-WOW'S fake breasts and too much make-up? And Snooki's kooky little "look at me" antics?

I remember when MTV had merit. When it used to be a decent network. When it was thought provoking and funny and entertaining. Now, it's a joke. You're treating this generation of viewers as if they are idiots and you enabling them to think this way of life is the definition of success and happiness. Partying and getting hit and provoking drama on the Jersey Shore.

MTV needs to step it up.

1672 days ago


Oh, the comments from the viewer who wants to see the cast travel the world. Real mind blowing there. They can hook up with Octomom, she can bring her 14 children and then maybe Gosselin can tag along with the Shore kids and start dating J-W0WW. Then we'd have a spin-off show and they'd be called WowGoss. We already know Snooki wants her own dating show. Remember Daisy? Yeah. We know where that will go. It's so predictable. A hit show (for a moment) unknowns with no talent suddenly become stars, they get a NAME hooked together with whoever they are dating, they have guest apperances on all kinds of shows, they write a book and end up on "Dancing with the Stars" before being cast away back into the pool of obsurity. I guess it's a great ride if you can handle the rejection. I'm not really blaming the cast. I blame the people who put them there in the first place. They've created little monsters. Our culture has dumbed down so much. The level of fame has been lowered so much. I mean..the ants in my backyard could have their own show some day. Seriously!!! It will be called..ANTHILLS OF THE VALLEY.

The end of the world is near. Now, I'm convinced.

1672 days ago


The American TV audience is in sad shape when all we can do is watch this bunch of retarded wiggers. I wouldn't give the wholes cast a penny.

1672 days ago

the pisser    

I wish I could get the whole cast to lay down flat on their backs and then piss all over each and every one of them.

Who the hell thinks this show is good? The whole cast should be working for minimum wage in a sweat shop making sandals.

1672 days ago


Like I even give a damn!!!

1672 days ago


Do people actually watch this?

1672 days ago


idk if itll be good or not. i liked first season but mabye two seasons is to muchh? well i just dont want angelina to be on it. she left way to early and isnt really part of the familyy.

1672 days ago



1672 days ago


MTV you were duped!

1672 days ago



Here's Situation's number if you want it...

1672 days ago


WTF i hate the f*&%tards i hope they all get punched in the face why would anyone pay them a penny for being such jerkoffs. What kind of losers watch this show?

1672 days ago


1672 days ago


uhhhhhhhhh why r they bringing sammi and ronnie back im gonna change the channelwhen they are on

1672 days ago

what a loser    

Why are some of you preachers on TMZ in the first place? You sound like you live a miserable existence. Some of us don't take life too seriously and we're not elitists in what we choose to watch on TV -- we're even known to watch TMZ. I've heard some 'professional' actors complaining about the reality genre and how they're taking jobs away from 'real' actors. Real actors are just imitating real life people -- so why not have the real life people live out their own lives on camera and get paid for it? There are all kinds of people who make the world go round. You may not like the Jersey Shore crowd, but they're authentic and they don't make excuses for who they are. Deal with it and quit whining on here about how they're contributing to the decay of society -- 'cm', maybe you just need a stronger antidepressent.

1672 days ago


Get a jersey shore makeover with the click of a button.

1672 days ago
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