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Michael Jackson --

Dr. Murray Set to be Charged

1/29/2010 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The D.A. is ready to charge Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson, multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


Our sources tell TMZ that members of the D.A.'s office -- including Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- have already met about filing a criminal case against Dr. Murray.

Members of the LAPD still have not met with the D.A. to present the case, however, our sources say the deputy D.A. assigned to the case -- David Walgren -- has worked closely with LAPD detectives on the case, is intimately familiar with the investigation, has all the LAPD investigative notes and has already briefed Cooley and others in the office.

We're told Dr. Murray could be charged with involuntary manslaughter as early as next week.


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good morning ric, ya know it is going to turn out bad for everyone involved i do believe. the haters that dont and never did like michael will not get the full satisfaction of seeing michael go down the way they think he should, and the fans will not get what they want and that is the full punishment that we as fans think dr murray should get in our eyes. the lapd and D A will do what they have to do by the law and nothing more or nothing less, so in the end it will be left with an emptyness that none of us in this world will ever be able to accept. i have said in the past no matter what the turn out may be i will always love michael for the person he was inside and the performer he was, and whatever happens after that is never going to change my true feelings i had for the man that he was. sue from tampa

1727 days ago


Will the real Dr Murray please stand up..............

1727 days ago


Three cheers that Michael Jackson is dead but Murray must be held accountable for his murder (yes, murder). Jackson destroyed the innocence of hundreds of young boys all under the guise of teaching them about sex, he was a horrid monster that ruined many lives. Who feeds alcohol to young boys and then takes them to bed for days? Who keeps "art" books with nude photos of young boys in their homes? People that defend Jackson are blinded by his talent but he was a freak that had not accomplished anything in years because he was a drug-addled pedophile.

1727 days ago


FINALLY! but i don't wanna get my hopes up, i hope this is true bu i'll believe it when i see it

1727 days ago


Michael Jackson: Who Will Accept His Grammy?

"This Sunday’s Grammy Awards is set to open with a tribute to Michael Jackson. There will be the 3D “Earth Song” from Michael’s cancelled “This Is It” concert. Then a selection of pop stars including Smokey Robinson, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Usher is scheduled to perform a medley of Michael’s hits.

But what hasn’t been determined is who will accept Michael’s Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. Jackson is to be honored along with Bobby Darin, Loretta Lynn, Clark Terry, David Honeyboy Edwards, Andre Previn, and Leonard Cohen. Among the winners of the Trustees award are Florence Greenberg, founder of Scepter Records and subject of the new musical, “Baby It’s You.”

As usual, though, the Jackson family is at odds over who’s supposed to receive the Grammy statue on Saturday at the late afternoon ceremony scheduled for the Wilshire Ebell Theater. Sources say that Michael’s brothers want to do the honors. But Jackson’s three children — Prince, Paris, and Blanket — have voiced opposition to this plan.

“The kids are tired of the brothers getting the attention. They want to stand up for their father.”

This tug of war has become a regular issue lately as the three kids grow more savvy about the Jackson family, and more aware of their own place in preserving their dad’s memory.

Meanwhile, Michael’s self-aggrandizing father, Joe Jackson, made little progress yesterday in his court battle to receive a shocking $20,000 per month allowance from his son’s estate."

1727 days ago


Good morning..Sue and Ric....

Posted at 8:56AM on Jan 29th 2010 by pmiller

Good morning Sue.

This deputy DA David Walgren has also worked on the Roman Polanski case.

1727 days ago


WOW some people have NO morals. cheering for someone to be DEAD. i feel bad for you patheic people. Michael was ACCISED but never found guilty. he helped THOUSANDS of children worldwide and he cared about the enviornment. He also made MILLIONS happy with his music he deserves nothin but the best and i hope he's at peace. Michael would NEVER hurt anyone.

1727 days ago

Lee Lee    

Harvey had addressed me and many MJ fans and said that we have held him up on a higher ground , and what we all need to remember is that Michael was an addict!!!
I, a fan of Michael am the first to admit that Michael Jackson, it would seem , was a major DR shopper.
Having said that, A doctor takes an oath to provide duty of care to a patient.
Do I think that Murray intended to kill Michael Jackson????.....NO.
Do I believe that he failed to provide a duty of care to his patient????...YES
Do I think that the dollars got in the way of providing Michael with the best care????...YES
Is Murry being charged going to bring Michael back??...NO
For longer than I care to remember, doctors have given HIGH PROFILE CELEBS, the medication that they have requested, more so than the medication that they have needed.
I am sure that Murray is not the only Dr over the course of time that has provided MJ with the medication that he craved.
However, if you are prepared to take the payment from an provide his drug of choice, than you ARE responsible
to take the Fall when and if those drugs result in death.
THIS IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1727 days ago


Good morning Sue.

Posted at 9:04AM on Jan 29th 2010 by ric

Oops, while I do and did wish a good morning to sue, I meant good morning pmiller!

Where the hell is that damn coffee.......

1727 days ago


if you don't like michael jackson then....SCREW YOURSELF AND DON'T COMMENT ABOUT HIM. some of yall are OBVIOUSLY obsessed with him enough to constant;y have him on your mind lol.

anyways i hope for justice for michael, we miss you MJ.

1727 days ago


FINALLY!!! Michael has been gone for 7 months. Too BAD its just manslaughter. Hope he gets the maximum sentence!

1727 days ago


good morning pmiller, i know what you mean its like ok!!!! is this going to happen or are they just throwing us another bone for the weekend comming up, how many new stories will they have up before this friday is over with? i didnt get to come on last night, too much drama in my house, its always something here with these 4 teens i have.. then i have this guy comming to do some drywall repairs for me so he can paint and that is going to be a pain in the a---. he is already late and i have other things to do besides sit here and wait on him. ggrrrrrrrr!!!! ( sorry venting). i do however hope that dr murray does get held accountable for his part in michaels death and whomever else that may be involved, but i think about what michael would want alot of times and i think he would not want all this fuss going on.HE JUST WASNT BUILT THAT WAY!! i guess time will tell!!! sue from tampa

1727 days ago


JUSTICE for MJ! dr death needs to be held responsible

1727 days ago

For Sure    

Good morning Sue, pmiller,ric,mimi and anyone else I missed.

Well it is about time... I hope they actually do it this time.

Although I know the family has always been about money..

MJJ is still their son,father, brother, uncle....I do hope they file a wrongful death suit...These Drs. have to be stopped !!!!

Well it is good news for once....Off to work
Have a great day all and remember to smile!

1727 days ago


Drug addicts can't sleep when they're maxed out on their dosages and need something stronger; MJ must have built up a tolerance to everything but propofol. Look at his face, he had many, many procedures and it was just to get the drugs... that's why his nose was almost gone and his face so distorted. Had he not been addicted he never would have ruined his face... but he didn't care because addicts only care about getting their drugs. Sad but true.

1727 days ago
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