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'NYPD Blue' Star -- My Life is In Danger

1/29/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gail O'Grady"NYPD Blue" star Gail O'Grady has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking her -- and her 5-year-old son.

In court documents filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by attorneys Mark Geragos and Tamar Arminak -- O'Grady claims a man named Steven Church has been scaring the hell out of her by repeatedly showing up to a store she owns and her son's school.

According to the docs, O'Grady claims Church first approached her in September 2009 -- claiming they worked together on the show "Boston Legal." O'Grady claims he approached her with a business idea -- but clearly wanted more.

But when O'Grady refused his alleged advances, she claims Church began sending "in excess of 30 phone calls and 70 text messages in any given day."

O'Grady also claims Church wanted to pick her kid up from school -- and when she told him no, his behavior became "hostile and erratic."

O'Grady claims from that point on, Church began leaving gifts at her house for her son and visiting a store she owns and harassing employees.

But today, with the help of private investigator Scott Ross, O'Grady obtained a TRO -- which means Church has to stay 100 yards away from O'Grady and her son.

The next hearing is set for February 18 -- when O'Grady hopes to make the restraining order permanent.


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Jim Gothhelm    

I want to know more the pawn shop lovers of O'Grady and Shamir. I think that is the real story being covered up. She admitted to having a store, wife says she is either stealing, tax evading and screwing Josef Shamir of Joe's Gold and Silver. Church was the casualty, not to mention being dumb, love struck and gulable.
I hope Church got his money back. He should sue her. Come on TMZ find out what is really going on with Joe's Gold and Silver, according to Google, 3 convenient locations to serve you!
Encino, Beverly HIlls and Lawndale!

1734 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

who cares how many times shes been married. or if she is a flake. it has nothing to do with some nut stalking her. everybody has the right to live their life without fear of some nut job.

1734 days ago

Jim Gothhelm    

Cappy don't you get it.
Church did not do any of this. Has not spoken to her in weeks. Has not been near her home or school in months. It's not true!
O'Grady's comments have no hint of truth at all. She has accused others the same way, completely made up. You'll see.

1734 days ago


Steve Church has been a close personal friend of mine for 3 1/2 years and he is NOT a stalker!!! He had been dating Gail for a few months. I know this for a fact because we discussed his dates and his relationship with her several times. He was hurt by her over and over again. I warned him about her using him and he kept going back to her. It seemed to me like the only time she wanted him around was when she wanted something. Steve is truly a good hearted man and I am so disappointed that people like her use others to get what they want and then throw the other person away like trash. I moved to LA 3 1/2 years ago and I have seen the ugliness of "celebrities" and the entertainment business and am disgusted by what people are capable of...

1734 days ago

Jim Gothhelm    

I have known, seen Mr Church, very familiar with his where abouts daily for the past 3 months. O'Grady does not have a stalker.
O'GRADY IS A LIAR! FACT. Church has NOT been near the school, store or her home. He does not live anywhere near O'Grady. He met O'Grady at a store and asked her out on a date 3 days later. Made it clear it was NOT WORK related. O'Grady lied to cover up another lie. This has been O'Grady's pattern for years. Just three weeks ago I was with Church at lunch when I read texts messages coming in FROM O'Grady where O'Grady said something like "you need 2 trust me, not everything that happens is bad. Then O'Grady and Church had planned on going out to dinner, that weekend, the same weekend the Enquirer contacted Church's family and told them the REAL story of O'Grady's extra marital affair with her "Cash for Gold" lover Josef Shamir and where Church's genrousity to O'Grady was going. O'Grady had been deceiving Church, and many others for the past few months and O'Grady caught. Bottom Line. O'Grady used Church, played Church, ACCEPTED checks which signed for on the back, cashed them at his bank and hand accepted gifts from Church. Now that Church found out the truth and O'Grady is afraid of the real story coming out she wickedly made this story up. She has done it before. Just ask her 5 other ex hubbys. She is evil as they come. Just wait till Joe's Gold and Silver wife comes forward with divorce papers.

1734 days ago


This woman is a trainwreck and it sounds like she is about to be dealt a heavy blow regarding her 'supposed' business partner and the store she claims she owns. TMZ has posted some very unfavorable stories on her in the past, including her major gambling problem and debts, along with various other money problems. None of us knows the real story, but this isn't the first time she has filed restraining orders against former lovers. Just google her former boyfriend Robert Claypool who she claims had been stalking her ever since the two broke up a couple years ago. She sought a restraining order against Claypool in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that he had verbally abused her "on numerous occasions". But no order was ever issued. At the time, Claypool could not be reached for comment, and all O'Grady will say now about the relationship is "It's something that ended, and that's where I'd like to keep it". In short, she couldn't prove to the judge that Claypool was in fact "stalking" her or that her life was in danger, so the case was thrown out. Claypool had never had a restraining order placed against him prior to O'Grady. It's been claimed that she has had many affairs with married men, by her previous boyfriend Claypool, but hey who believes a stalker??! The truth will come out. It always does.

1732 days ago


My instinct says Steven has been wronged here. Gail took advantage of him for some nice things...probably because unemployment doesn't pay enough to support her lifestyle. And, now, she can't pay him back and he obviously has no money left. So, she's moved on to another guy. This guy obviously has money (right now!). Money to lawyer her up with Geragos and a private investigator.... She can use this money man to make Steven go away, destroy his life, and get her name in the news. Hollywood can't forget about her if she's in the headlines. Ms. O'Grady sounds rotten to the core. Gail: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Steven: "love is not just looking at each other, it is looking in the same direction".

1729 days ago


Gail O'Grady is just looking for any reason to rekindle a very, very old flame called her "fame." She is old news, and preys on innocent men to have stories written about her. Poor Church is being wronged here.

This story is just a cover up, as everyone else said. And her new victim is Josef. Just wait, soon you will see stories about how he is "stalking" her too, once she is done with him. But for the sake of his innocent family, leave them alone, they dont need a bunch of people stalking them either.

Gail just wants a spotlight. She should just get a real job, last I heard homewrecker is not too attractive on a resume. Stop ruining and slandering the names of good people and breaking apart families, preying on their success to remedy your failures and problems.

1723 days ago


He might very well have crossed the line with his attention toward her, and if that’s the case then he could use some help (professional) grasping what's considered too much and what's considered just plain wrong. But if she saw in him an opportunity, like the possible project someone else mentioned, and kept moving the line to keep him around until she got what she wanted, then Id say maybe they need to look for a BOGO therapy offer, him for not recognizing boundaries and her for seeing others as whatever suits her needs. His lawyer will probably, if after looking at the length of their association, the nature of his communication with her, ask why she didn’t put a stop to it sooner, because it sounds fishy that all of a sudden he'd turn on her for no reason other than she wouldn’t let him pick up her kid at school (she does have that right). And what about the stuff he gave her - did she return things when he gave them to show that wasn’t the kind of relationship she wanted from him? If she strung him along to get what she wanted and is now doing this to cover for her mistakes - that’s just wrong. If the judge issues a ruling in her favor, which will probably damage the guy's career, it doesn't magically make her actions go away. In contrast-if Josef Shamir's marriage broke up because of his involvement with her - how is that all her doing, where were his personal ethics? I bet they took a back seat when the opportunity presented itself. Don’t be so ready to label HIM a victim too, when he could have just said no.

1722 days ago

Todd da Man    

I hate it when these woman ALWAYS claim that they don't know why some guy is chasing them, like he is some complete stranger or whatever. They obviously had some kind of relationship. After all, he was picking her kid up from school for her, so she had to have felt comfortable enough with the guy to provide him with her personal information.

1735 days ago


Although I'm not into this stalking thing and I feel sorry for her that she has to put with this.....

....I will never forget the NYPD Blue show where she was topless....whooooaaaa nelly.....what knockers she has!!!! Beauftiful woman!!!

1735 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

What's the matter, Harvey? Did you run out of stories about big stars. Gail O'Grady is a D-list star at best.

1735 days ago


Todd da Man, did you even read this? He claimed to have worked with her in the past. It clearly states that this creep wanted to pick her son up from school and she told him NO. Maybe you should pay attention to something a little more clearly before posting a comment.

1735 days ago

Fact Checker    

Fact checker please.. Boston Legal wasn't on in September 2009. A simple visit to IMDB ...

1735 days ago

Elvis Twin    

NYPD what? its snowing here and I've nothing better to do.

1735 days ago
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