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Tila Tequila Pays a Visit to Her 'Baby Daddy'

1/29/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila found time between Twitter updates last night to visit the man she insinuated is her baby daddy -- The Game -- at Dr. Dre's recording studio in Burbank.

The rapper hasn't confirmed if he's responsible for the fetus in there ... and we don't blame him.

Tila Tequila pictures.


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Where is her family...maybe Dr. Phil or someone to do an INTERVENTION on this women?? Does she not have any friends?? She needs help!! I remember the last interview that Anna Nichole Smith did and I said to my husband how upsetting it was to watch someone so wacked out of her gore and no one seems to be trying helping her. Reading about Tila Tequila and all that is going on surrounding her, I am now thinking the same thing!!

1729 days ago


49. Marie ~ I agree with you! I remember telling by beau, how Ana Nicole needed help and no one was doing anything to help her.

The saddest thing is that most of these celebrities that are so whacked out their friends are whacked out too, so they can not count on their friends. Pretty sad world in the celebrity world!!!

1729 days ago


This what happens when you get knocked up by a black guy, they don't take responsibility. :)

1729 days ago


Tila Tequila purposely informs the whole world via twitter exactly where she is going to be prior - whether it is down on "Melrose" or on "Robertson" shopping, or at this very studio. It is soooo amazingly obvious more so than any felebrity I have ever witnessed. Then she desperately acts like she didn't intentionally set herself up the publicity-God knows she'd never get it any other way...

She tweeted very obvious remarks about going to see the "The Game" at this studio - and then visiting her "baby daddy" at the studio... Then a few tweets later acting very curious as to why everyone would even think that "The Game" was her "baby daddy." Like "how on God's earth ever could people have found out." Well gee Tila, you just told everyone idiot! She is sickly on drugs, or just plain that pathetic.

She quickly points people here from her twitter page, as soon as you posted this blog, so they will click on this link and you will think she is more popular and continue to give her publicity. Of course, that is only one day after she rips TMZ to shreds. I really wish you would not give this disgusting person an ounce of credit - because good or bad publicity it is all the same to her, a win in credit. She lies non-stop.

-She lied about not being with Casey Johnson when she died.
-She lied about being pregnant, and then some.
-She doctored a sonogram.
-She is no doubt lying again with this latest cry for publicity naming "The Game" as her "baby daddy... Because he's probably the only person that would do this for her... (Though I'm looking forward to when she pisses him off.)

She is a d-list felebrity, with no talent, who thinks she is uber-famous... But even the few fans she does have (that's not including the one's she pretends to be behind her many screen names), do NOT deserve to be lied to so much and treated like such fools. PLEASE TMZ - Do the right thing, STOP COVERING THIS POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING!

Pregnant, Tila Tequila... And stayed out til 8:30 am last night. Sure.....

1729 days ago


This is so funny... Tila Tequila found a pawn-dog (The Game) to use to try and get herself out of all her lies rather than just come clean. And there is absolutely no way ever she could get herself out of what she tweeted last night about "how they (her and Game) decided it was okay to tell people now that he is the baby daddy..." They are now okay with "making it public..." When Game decides he doesn't want to play this game anymore for her, you know she'll try something like all of sudden she'll be like "I had to say that to throw the media off even more cause they were getting close to figuring out who the real baby daddy is, and she doesn't want to expose him or baby..."

She's such a douche.

When you have to start incessantly bashing celebrities to try and get publicity, and you can't even get a response from say "Spencer Pratt", then you know you must be extremely ill, or extremely hated.

Gotta love how she's already walking in this picture past a paparrazzi as if she didn't let them know she'd be there.

And she wears so much makeup it's gross. Don't find her attractive at all.

1729 days ago


Tila is the sickest, most twisted, crazy, psycho on the planet and yes she killed me. Throw her in prison.

1729 days ago

When will they learn?    

I'm sick of this crazy tramp. First, she lies on Ray J (fake pregnancy), then she lies on Shawne Merriman (Falsely accuses him of domestic violence) and now The Game. This scallywag is only out to trap a man (or woman) so she can get into his pockets. She is the epitome of a jumpoff gold-digger. Men and women: please stay away from this sick individual. Also, can someone close to Tila involuntarily commit her into a mental institution because she is in desperate need of some psychiatric treatment.

1729 days ago


Didn't her soulmate, her "wifey" die just last month - Casey Johnson??

I guess she had a very short period of morning B4 she got herself (supposedly...) knocked up.

After reading this story, I feel an urgent need to take a shower, right now. And The Game? May I suggest a flea dip, followed by a rabies vaccination, STAT.

1729 days ago


a little fyi Tila men only take a classy female serious not a trashy one.

Thn women wonder why they can't find a good man, if you act trashy you will be treated like trash... Act with class and you'll be treated with class!!!

1729 days ago


If you check Tila's Twitter before the death of Casey Johnson's death, Tila was saying that she was getting pregnant as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. Check it out her Twitter page at the end of Decemeber.

1729 days ago

pacman #1    

This F-*ken media whore is so pathetic yesterday she kept posting on her damn twitter that she was going "baby shopping shoping on robertson blvd." (where all the media whores go) ugh im so sick and tired of her. And to think that all the people who added her on myspace created this monster.

1729 days ago


she's a media whore, I'm sure she's laughing at everyone because she's getting exactly what she's looking for media/attention. Stop posting comments on anything that has to do with this whack job...

They say bad media is better thn no media... Get it?

1729 days ago


this UGLY attention whore needs to just kill herself. Nobody gives a damn about this compulsive liar! everyone knows damn well she lies about EVERYTHING.

1729 days ago


How sad. I thought she was still grieving the loss of her "wifey", "used-dildo-discarder" Casey Johnson. (See Gawker if you haven't read this little truffle yet.)Anyway, cute girl, but needs a social worker and "the sponge", obviously.

1729 days ago


Hey Tila,
Game is an actual talented star. A celeb... Famous. You are not. Quit playing like you bring people publicity. You tell the whole world where you'll be exactly when. Like yesterday on "Melrose", "Robertson", and then "at the studio"... You are a total piece of s**t. What happen baby, did the Game reneg on lying for you-that you took to this latest tirade of furthering lies on twitter-for nothing but ATTENTION AS USUAL.

And why the hell all of sudden would you even be caring about the "baby daddy"... Thought you were having this baby for you & Casey??? Where was the "baby daddy" gonna be then. Now you screaming "dead beat dad."

You are a lunatic beyond lunatics!

And nice try - you ain't crying in that picture, and you weren't leaving there.

I thought you were retiring from Hollywood? (Which is so funny to think you think you are "in Hollywood". Now you have a tv show, AGAIN... With who - freakin Radar Online. That aint no tv show hunny, first of all. Once again, the only people that will let you lie and get away with it.

Aint no one using you for press honey - You use everything possible to get attention. Game will be in the game a long time. You will hopefully be in a mental ward.

People see right through you - and now I'm looking past you. So many have tried to get through - now no one cares anymore-whether all this is due to sickness or not. Couple more weeks, everyone will being looking past you, and your fifteen minutes will be over. After all you've, don't think you'll EVER get another shot from me. You are done.

1729 days ago
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