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Tyrese Cited For Mysterious Felony in Car Crash

1/29/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tyrese Gibson has been cited for leaving the scene of an accident -- a felony ... but he has a pretty good defense.

Tyrese Gibson car crash

Rewind to January 4 in Miami. Tyrese was involved in a car crash with Sheena McCleary. The cops came and took info from both drivers. Both Tyrese and Sheena were cited for the accident. Sheena -- who claims she was injured -- drove away in a cab with Tyrese.

Now fast forward to January 25. For some reason, Miami police issued traffic citations to both Tyrese and Sheena for "Leaving the scene on public or private property - injury" - a felony.

So how could Tyrese have committed such a felony when there are photos of him talking to cops at the accident scene? That's what his lawyers, Jayne Weintraub and Jon Sale, want to know. They filed papers Thursday with court clerks and entered a not guilty plea on Tyrese's behalf.

Miami prosecutors must now decide whether to pursue the case against Tyrese and Sheena. Weintraub and Sale think it must just be a clerical snafu.

Ironically, paparazzi handiwork may be Tyrese's smoking gun.

Sheena's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ he doesn't believe there's probable cause to go forward with the case.


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Jaynie Weintraub is a dynamite defense attorney, he'll get off without a problem. Charges sound bogus anyways.

1726 days ago


yet again, the police trying to commit an injustice and ruin a celeb on some RAILROAD LIES to make points..

whomever stated that Tyrese left the scene..the COP who said it should be FIRED..

..see this is why I take my cell=phone camera everywhere..especially when authorities are involved.. people if you are in any situation..use your cell phone camera..becuz if someone had not taken the picture of Tyrese speaking with the officers.. the charge of felony would stick..becuz the men in BLUE will lie and stick together no matter what tp protecdt their own.. their is COP car on the other side of the car tyrese was in I'm certain tyrese spoke to a cop..

1726 days ago


IN REPLY TO #18 by Truth about Tyrese

Tyrese is a closeted homophobic homo. He is married just to show he is straight for crying out loud.

I am not surprised this guy flee the scene he is such a queen.

He sucks. Literally if you know what I mean.

It's time for him to do Jail time, I am sure he'll love it there. I am sure the paparazzi image is as authentic as John F Kennedy's playboy image.

Nice try talentless sucky black-Azz. rats are always rats.

Interesting, now we have a confirmed racist chastising others for being alleged homophobes.

What is this world coming to?

P.S. To the unfortunate thing above.

Tyrese can get more penis or vagina, or a combination of both in one hour of his life, than you can get in your pathetic, useless, unnecessary life.

Now do the world the only great deed you will ever be able to do it, and go kill yourself for the benefit of mankind.

Enough said.....Artofwar

1726 days ago


That is NOT a cop standing there, it's a security guy duh.

1726 days ago


String his ugly ass up...

1726 days ago


Man don't sweat the SMALL stufff.. some of these GODLESS people live miserable tiny lives..and take every opportunity to let you know how miserable they are and how DIABOOLO..has taken their mind and made it mindless..taken their soul and made it soul-less and taken the spirit..and made it God-less..which equals ZERO for hunmanity.. nothing but misery..and why the speak out against the opposite of who they are..let them speak as far as I'm concerned.. KARMA is real..I want to know who they are in the blog-a-sphere they leave tracks onthe net.. so I rather want to know.. than those who pretend and go along to get along with the crowd..all awhile sticking you in the back smiling in your face..I love when racist or bigoted PPL appear on blogs..which further confirms what people of color has always said about racist and bigoted colored folk who are pretenders.. so it's cool let him or her rant..its an educating moment..

1726 days ago


String up his ugly butt...

1726 days ago

matt sielsky    

That's a fire fighter. the rescue truck is behind him (see FOAM written on the side)

1726 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I do not think that is a cop at the scene. I think it is a security guard.

1726 days ago


Two colisions in three weeks....huh maybe he should learn how to drive

1725 days ago


Just because you are accused of a wrongdoing does not necessarily mean that you are responsible or at fault. You need evidence and lucky for Tyrese, he had proof that he had not left the scene. Make sure that when you get in an accident, you always have proof to back you up. —Michael Pines, San Diego Accident Attorney

1684 days ago

Edwin Kyalangalilwa    

not to fast and furious

1725 days ago


Tyrese was in Transformers?

I just know him from that 90's song "sweet lady won't you be my sweet love for a lifetime"

He was the first and last black guy I ever thought was hot (gimme a break tho, I was only 13 when it came out) a decade ago!

1603 days ago
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