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CBS Rejects Ad from Gay Dating Website

1/30/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS has rejected a Super Bowl commercial from a gay dating website called ManCrunch.com, saying it doesn't meet their "broadcast standards."

In a statement, the network said, "After reviewing the ad -- which is entirely commercial in nature -- our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot." They added that it "is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday."

The decision is in contrast to their choice to accept an ad from a pro-life organization featuring college football star Tim Tebow.

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If the Tebow ad wasn't being sponsored by Focus on the Family, but a MEDICAL commercial of some sort (ie Viagra ugh) no one would say a word. My parents had to make a medical decision based on my Mother's health, she lived two years and 7 weeks from when I was born, I don't remember her but I applaud them for not making another choice. To me that is what the ad is about, a CHOICE a woman has for her health and the health of her baby. Thankfully, Tim Tebow grew up with his Mom's love and support others aren't as fortunate.

1729 days ago


I don't care who dates who, those dating commercials are annoying. And, it isn't in contrast to a prolife commercial. Nice try.

1729 days ago


Actually, this ad looked (and sounded) more to me like a cheap parody home video. Have you guys ever thought maybe that was the reason they decided not to add it? Seriously, let's not jump to the "it's two homos kissing and that's disgusting, that's why they didn't add it" schtick. What's disgusting is that people think that way in and of itself. Most Superbowl commercials are pretty epic, this one certainly does not fall into that category.

1729 days ago


Those straight a-holes would be to drunk by the time the ad would come on and would'nt get it anyway.....

1729 days ago


3. #1
Exactly... considering all the half naked women beer commercial ads and such (like the godaddy commercials that were pure sex advertising), it's pretty pathetic to me that a commercial that shows two guys kissing (and not even actually showing them kissing, their heads are completely obscured, and having it played for a bit of humor too (at the end of the commercial is "too much" for their standards.

Posted at 12:53PM on Jan 30th 2010 by Macleod

Well it is a double standard. But i don't wanna see half naked women or gay men in commercials! I am sick of all the sex on tv period...Remove it all!!

1729 days ago


HomoCrunch is so stupid, homos don't watch football.

1729 days ago


26. 13. You have to be extremely naive to think they were actually ready to fork over millions to have this aired during the Superbowl. This is gorilla advertising at its best. They made a cheap ass youtube video and claimed they wanted it aired nationally. The Superbowl commands such high fees for a commercial because of the millions of viewers it draws. What is the % of the population that are gay males? Does it make business sense to spend millions of dollars to to reach so few of your target audience? Of course not. They have a puny website and they wanted exposure. TMZ and others are giving them EXACTLY what they want without paying a dime. Pretty smart. So all you liberal hate filled clowns out there get pissed and yell out. You're being pimped to work for free and their website really appreciates it.

Posted at 1:28PM on Jan 30th 2010 by Steve


I think you nailed it, Steve. Great post.

Ditto... And the media are willing pawns. In any case, the commercial sucks balls (pun/double entendre intended). Poor quality (beyond the YouTube quality), terrible writing and even worse acting.

As for the kissing part... Didn't snickers have two mechanics kiss over a snickers? Or about to?

1729 days ago


If I have to watch a anti-abortion ad I'd just as soon watch a gay ad. Who cares ?

1729 days ago


41. Im getting sick of TMZ reporting breaking news that ends up being bogus and throwing their own bias opinion on coverage. I cant count the number of times in the last year you guys have reports that are way off. Your kool aid drinking left wing agenda is really starting to show, I quote from this news clips above to show my point."The decision is in contrast to their choice to accept an ad from a pro-life organization.."

Contrast, they are two different subjects altogther.There is nothing to contrast.If they allowed a lesbian dating site add then rejected the above ,that is a contrast. Tmz you guys are heading down the path of the national enquirer.

Posted at 3:44PM on Jan 30th 2010 by Bid Daddy

Are they talking about the perceived controversy of each? Maybe that's a contrast... Idiot...

PS... Other than Fox, who in the media isn't left wing?

1729 days ago


...and by the way, for those that live in a cave, queers have TONS of money to buy whatever they want to buy and do with as they choose, their disposable income is out the roof.
Single, no kids, fantastic jobs, owned homes, meth labs (kiddin')...they have plenty.

1729 days ago


Human nature reacts strongly negative in a physiological response in observing physical sexual content between two males. It's just gagging revolting, period! Two women reacting playfully together creates a positive stimulus when observed by males. Bad business is just that. Bottom line, guys don't desire to view this staged unnatural sexual contact that would appeal to such a miniscule part of t he population forced upon them. It makes them want to throw up and physically become affected in a bad way.

Anyhow, this was a covert plan to get FREE publicity for a two cent gay dating site, and seems like they pulled it off .

1729 days ago


Was that Ryan Kwanten in the Viking jersey?

1729 days ago


Hi Everybody: I am straight but I love both gay guys and gay girls. Both groups are generally fun-loving, decent people who are not into gangs, abuse, violence, etc., and just want to love each other and be accepted. However, it just seems to be a natural reaction by both men and women, hetero or homo, to be more accepting of two women kissing than two men. The sight of two men together tends to turn people's stomach. Its just a fact; sad or not, which doesn't necessarily reflect a homophobic or hateful nature.

1729 days ago


The video look so low budget.

1729 days ago

David Brown    

Hey folks! This is only entertainment tv. You don`t really think that this scene was real, do you? This is business and if a tv sponsor wants to spend their money, just let them. I am sure that those actors got paid. Their personal life has nothing to do with making a commercial. Folks, get real and be adult about watching tv. It is only for entertainment. We only watch things that are different anyway or, we wouldn`t watch tv if it was boring. Just enjoy the game and, feel as ease.

1729 days ago
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