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Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

1/30/2010 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A temporary restraining order has been filed against Paris Hilton ... but it would take a government-trained handwriting analyst to figure out what the hell it's about.

Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

A guy by the name of Ramiro (or Ramoro) Benitez filed for the TRO on Wednesday, claiming Paris has threatened him both physically and financially and Benitez appears to mention "numerous sexual assaults."

Beyond that, we can't piece together enough of the handwritten TRO to figure out what exactly Paris is accused of doing. The TRO was denied, pending a hearing next month.

No immediate comment from Paris.

If you want to play the Paris Hilton TRO Game, click here to read the docs and try figuring out what it says for yourself!


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that guy must be crazy as i am. i'd be happy as a pig in mud if she would harrass and threaten to have sex with me.

1697 days ago


just leave her alone!!!!

1697 days ago


Paris, just leave the guy alone. He's not into you.

1697 days ago


Yeah looks like the guy is complaining about "mind interpreters," which is a frequent type of complaint from schizophrenics. The only mind interpretation type projects underway these days are funded out of Washington, not Hollywood, and target foriegn world leaders, not LA hispanics.

That said, it looks like one of Paris's sycophants physically threatened to punch him, which he can complain some about.

1697 days ago

social worker    

It is clear that this man is suffering from schizophrenia and truly believes that Paris Hilton has performed these actions. It is common for people with schizophrenia to have such delusions and attribute certain things (not being able to find employment, drugs being found in his bag) to this delusion. I have worked with individuals who suffer from this and some even write letters to the FBI or the President of the United States. I would not take this TRO seriously, but if he threatens to hurt Paris, than that should be taken seriously.

1697 days ago


It basically says that since 1997 Paris has been paying friends and family to screw with his life ala The Game (1997) starring Michael Douglas. Ironic that 1997 is the year they met. This guy clearly is a mentally ill person suffering from classic paranoia, likely schizophrenic.

1697 days ago


he is saying mind interpreter. he thinks she is using her mind to do all of these things? and that the police are going to stop her from doing that. she is sexually assaulting him with her mind? doesn't that only mean that he fantasizes that she does sexual things to him? good luck dude. family services needs to interview your children before they start believing that paris hilton has mind control over anything

1697 days ago


I believe he is charging Paris of mood interporter.
She should be ashamed of herself.

1697 days ago


I can't make heads or tails of it, I didn't major in retard

1697 days ago


6: Part B: Who was there?
George and Employer I was working for, is doing favors for her and there just not payin me for my work and now unemployed.
I was told I would get punch in the mouth or trash my property, which she had over seven years of my dilection. Stolen Property.
She has paid several people, including my family, to play out a game, and has made impossible to gain employment. She has put drugs in my bag and on corner, _______ for reasons unknown.
Influences that are not proper for young children to be writing to and or take part in.
Stun Guns and objects of some kind.
Threats both sexual, physical and financial.
Hollywood police department.

That's my take on it :)

1697 days ago


Clearly, this person is mentally imbalanced. He can't even spell the name right.

Good grief.
The deranged people celebs get stalked by. It's scary.

1697 days ago


So the TRO was denied on account the guy is a nut, which is not Paris Hilton's fault.
So why is this even news then?

1697 days ago


He doesn't know that his tinfoil hat has to be shiny side out ?

If he isn't wearing it right, of course his thoughts will be controlled by Paris.

1697 days ago


this dude has to be as stupid as Pare-Ass is skanky

1697 days ago


First let me say that I can see why it got throw out
of court.

Now just for the fun of trying to interpret it.

I think what makes this so hard is that he is not only
very bad at penmanship but also that he can't spell either
But like some here, I was always the one they sought out
Page One
1)Ramero Benitez
[Address blacked out]
LongBeach Cal 90801

2)Paris Hilton
120lbs 6' white blonde Blue eyes 30yrs
Beverly Hills Hollywood
3)Page Two:
Ramiro Benitez
Paris Hilton
100 yards
Page 3
After reading it all I have come to some conclusion as to what
is my best guess. But I'm betting that he is trying to say that
He really believes that Paris Hilton is trying to ruin him and can read his mind with some sort of telepathic methods or psychic powers when he repeats
“Mind Intercepter” or “Mind Interpreter” or “Mind Inspector”
Note that on page 5 he said that he will notified Ms Hilton by
contacted her by phone at 10:00 by & also by
“Mind Interpertor” I think he thinks she can read his every thoughts
and this is why he is afraid of her. And now needs to ask that she STOP

Jonathan Crokson[not sure of kids name but irrelevant]
Male age 14 He's my son
U--be-da Female age 7 --------I'm her uncle

5)--------------Sexual Assaults
6)Back in 1997 she said that her friends had some game plan
--my family and words -exchanged on the phone with myself
Page 7
Who was there?

George an employer I was working is doing a favor for her and then for not paying me for my work and never explained

She has payed several people including my family to play out a game and has made it impossible to get employed.

She has put drugs in my bag and some cover devise for Ressons (reasons misspelled) unknown [also misspelled]
[there is a crossed word above and some of the letters at the right edge are cut out during copying process]

If yes, describe those acts:

I was told I could get punched in the mouth or trash my property which she has over the seven years of my *???delima???* Stolen property.

Inflosses [influences] that are not proper for young children to be acting [not sure if it is 'acting' or 'writing' here] to or take pact in

Stun guns and objects of some [or same] kind

threats both
sexual, physically and financial

Hollywood Police Department

1697 days ago
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