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Rachel Uchitel -- Mistresses Have Birthdays Too

1/30/2010 4:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' main woman he's not married to, Rachel Uchitel, celebrated her birthday in West Palm Beach, Fla. last night.


Uchitel partied it up at Pistache, a French bistro that we're told is run by a Uchitel family friend.

Rachel had originally planned a big bash at a Palm Beach club -- but opted against it when word got out.


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173. Ummmmmmm.......
I would love a long weekend with Rachel and never leave the hotel room.

Posted at 3:07PM on Jan 31st 2010 by ~Paul

Um, you couldn't leave the hotel room because the moneypig would've stolen your wallet.

1733 days ago


HOW TAN IS SHE!? that girls a lucky bitch wouldn't want to sleep with david boreanaz and probably ryan seacrest? not so sure about tiger...i guess if he buys you lots of stuff or if you wanna become famous, why not?

1733 days ago


Tranny looking skanks have birthdays too!!!!

1733 days ago


Most of her 'tan' is just dirt stuck to her by all that grease she's sporting. And some spray tans look decent for a few days, but again, the grease she's covered in will eventually wash it all off, so check out her cankles in a few days and I betcha they'll be nearly black where all that fake tan oozed down her body as it melted off. Was that mean? :P

1733 days ago


I wonder if the blonde is her sister. She has Rachel's original nose. I do with you would run the before and after of this skank again. Plastic nose and lips Rachel!

1733 days ago

Post and Send    

Cant wait to see this tramp naked, as Im sure she is just waiting for the right price and 2)10 yrs from now, with her skin so leather like from her smoking. Yuck.. pretty girls who smoke suck!

I hope she invests her millions she got from tiger in a cigarette company so she can so them when she looks like poopoo.

1733 days ago


She looks like a platypus.

1733 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

This tranny wanted just one thing : becoming the next Mrs Woods. So her and her pal Ashley sold the story to the National Enquirer in order to put Tiger and Elin's marriage in trouble.
But what she didn't know is that there were many many other women in Tiger's life. So she hired an attorney and threatened to tell everything and poor Tiger fell in her trap by paying her hush money. In the meantime she sold emails and stories to the tabloids More hush money. And she was spreading rumors Tiger and her were still an item only to prove she was special.
Well having said that Joy Behar was right she is a HOOKER. A high paid hooker because 3M$ for just 6 months of work it's huge.
Now she has a new reputation : she isn't just a CELEBRITY VIP she is also the WHORE who broke down the mighty Tiger Woods.
This bitch is vile and she can smile in front of the camera but I am not stupid and knew from the beginning she was going to capitalize as much as she could. Money hunger, homewrecker and golddigger. That's what she is.
She's famous for having opened her legs to a famous guy and there is nothing to be proud of. The most disgusting thing in this story is she never cared about destroying the lives of 2 innocent children who will have to face the miserable actions of their father. I hope that one day Sam and Charlie will cross her way and spit in her face. It's all she deserves.
Mr Woods is as guilty as she is don't get me wrong. Falling for this kind of trashy sluts speaks volume about his character. This guy has no values, no principles and no morals. What a waist of a career and a beautiful family !!!! Shameful to say the least.

1733 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

All the whining about a cigarette in the picture kind of devalues all the other extreme complaints you make - in case you are interested in what others think about you. I'll bet you a tampon Elin Woods doesn't give a crap about you.

1733 days ago


I wonder if he/she and Tiger had a sword fight together ... Tranny Alert!!!!!

1733 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Yeah right

1733 days ago


Rachael has enough over-the-top tan going to be one of the new Jersey Shore castmates. Let's see her fist pump!!!!

1732 days ago


Wow! I love how her hairstyle almost covers up that lazy eye. And how she has 4 ugly friends that make her look like the pretty one....almost

1730 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

What is she doing in Florida ? I thought she was a VIP hostess (how funny it is what about prostitute) in New York.
Go away stupid slut or bitch or hooker or WHORE or putain garce souillon salope fille facile putana puta .... Don't know if she will ever be able to find a man who will really love her. I hope so and I pray that one day he will break her heart as hard as she contributed to Elin's pain.
This kind of "people" deserve nothing else than PAIN MISERY HURT BETRAYAL HUMILIATION ..........
She can put a ton of make up she will always be UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1729 days ago


Sorry tiv, nothing personal, but no one is jealous of this chick.
It's evident she looks like a man. Wait a minute, has anybody checked...maybe she is a man.

1616 days ago
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