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Rush Limbaugh -- Dancing Fool

1/30/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh, dancing to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," while doing the "Jersey Shore" fist pump -- yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Rush Limbaugh

It was all part of some kind of preliminary competition on Thursday night in advance of The Miss America Pageant, which airs tonight on TLC. The host was having a "Judge the Judges" contest when she got into the dance portion and Rush Limbaugh channeled his inner Elaine Benes.

If Rush isn't careful, he'll land himself in the hospital again.


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So do any of Rush's fans think he saves his white dance moves for when he's in front of his white friends? (I am sorry in advance if it is racist to ask this question. Black people have really entertained me with their music and their Fox sitcoms so it would obviously be rude to return that with an insult.)

1728 days ago

gene yuss    

To dance you have to have feelings. Republicans lack that capacity.

1728 days ago


I swear, when there is one story on this bag of gas, the Ditto heads and conservatives come out in full force. WTF. Find a better idol. And no I'm not a liberal, don't insult me.

1727 days ago

gene yuss    

The same Rush fan keeps posting over and over under different names. Ahhh to have that much free time.....

1727 days ago


^ "How is that CHANGE thing working out for?"^^^

Dude, that is an unoriginal line i bet you got from rush, all long with Nobama and jesus knows what else.

People, I really don't like Rush, but please don't wish ill on him, it's not cool. I mean dislike him, and speak out against him by all means, but don't sink to the level of people who would wish the same on Obama or anyone else.

1727 days ago


dance all you want - Obama's the president and you're not! dance!!

1727 days ago

Marcsman rush!!
go show those gutless liberals what you're made of!!

1727 days ago


I'll never forget when Rush was on Leno's show and did the lap around the racetrack in that "green" car and when the pop-up of Al Gore came on (you were supposed to swerve around it) and he ran it over...then backed up and ran over it again!! LMAO'd it was so damm funny. He is hilarious and an adrenaline shot for most of us trying to tolerate the next 3 to possibly 7 years under our current leader...notice no insult or jab at the current Prez (I don't want to slam the guy too much after only 1 year in office, the way libs slammed George W his entire presidency).

Suffice to say I don't like the direction our country is headed and I like Rush for calling things the way he sees it. He is only 1 guy and it is just a radio show. He is entertainment the same way Bill Maher or Colbert or Jon Stewart is for a liberal...Everyone needs to chill. This is America and we will always persevere regardless of what party holds the office. Thank god they don't get more than 8 years at it.

1727 days ago

gene yuss    

strong post mattie. but unfortunately everything on leno is scripted.

1727 days ago


OK, I don't watch Jersey Shore, but how did fist pumping become a "jersey shore" thing?? We've been fist pumping forever. Hell, Arsenio Hall used to do it more famously on his show with a "whoo! whoo!" along with it...Jersey Shore, my a$$.

1727 days ago

Rush is Right    

Amazing how the left continues to be caught up in their own negativity and still allows Rush to get under their skin. Yeah, he was addicted to painkillers (give me a few celebrities who don't have an addition), and he kicked it. Yeah, he's been on heavy side for many years, and he did something about it and lot a ton of weight this year. Easy to expose a person's faults, but it's not so easy to applaud a man for charging ahead positively and living such a successful life!

Rush is Right, Obama's policies must fail. What really must piss the left off the most about Rush today is that this guy they hate and detest so much is on the side of most Americans. We're waking up to the bait and switch that is our President, and a day of reckoning is on its way.

Thanks Rush, dittos.

1727 days ago


Go, Rush! Go, Rush!
And for all the haters out there: Toooo bad!
He remians at the top, mostly because the media refuses to do its job! And as long as they continue to avoid responsibility, he'll be around!
Ironic, isn't it?!

1727 days ago



I never thought of it that way:

that he is successful because of the failure of the main media. You are 100% correct, though, because if we could get some balanced coverage on the nightly news or in our (waning) newspapers, there would be no need to tune in to Rush. It's the slobbering love fest the leftist media have with their own candidates (and oddly enough, in Obama's defense, he was hardly the first recipient) that ENSURES Rush's success and longevity.

1727 days ago


Geez, this guy should be careful. With all those drugs in his system, he might just keel over. Drug addict loser. Crying a different tune you turd, I think not.

1727 days ago


A loser with a 40 million dollar annual income and a girlfriend 27 years younger. Um, okay.

1727 days ago
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