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Rush Limbaugh -- Dancing Fool

1/30/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh, dancing to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," while doing the "Jersey Shore" fist pump -- yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Rush Limbaugh

It was all part of some kind of preliminary competition on Thursday night in advance of The Miss America Pageant, which airs tonight on TLC. The host was having a "Judge the Judges" contest when she got into the dance portion and Rush Limbaugh channeled his inner Elaine Benes.

If Rush isn't careful, he'll land himself in the hospital again.


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Tom Jones    

Hush Bimbo is a f----ng wanker

1693 days ago


What fascinates me is the way the dittoheads talk about the so-called "liberal media"...while forgetting that Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a self-agrandized, uber-conservative, media-fueled talking head himself. He is not a politician, nor a "religious leader" (although he certainly spews enough dogmatic proselytizing to fully qualify, always forgetting that the US constitution guarantees freedom of religion), he is just another commentator who happens to appeal to a demographic that includes a lot of flat-earther, fundamentalist-Christian, reactionary types who tend toward xenophobia, suspicion of any change, or any attempt at education. These people who believe that they are "the salt of the earth, true Americans", tend to be wealthier and older, and refuse to countenance that anyone who disagrees with them might actually be worthy of consideration.

I am actually tired of hearing about all of the unemployed, drug-addicted, lazy, welfare abusing "liberals and democrats". All of the people that I know who match that description (previous to "liberal and democrat", that is), would never vote for Obama...becuase they're ignorant enough to believe that he is both a Muslim and a Communist (which are contradictions in terms), stupid enough to think that being a Muslim is either illegal or un-American...and because they're racists who hate black people. They're all white, anglo saxon, Bible thumping Protestants, you see, living on WIC and the dole and driving $35,000 dollar vehicles, with full satellite service (and full "disability"), a TV as big my sub-compact car (or bigger), an elaborate cell phone that does everything but wipe their asses for them, and a hoard of children 'cause birth control is against "God" and Medicaid is good. O, and my whole neighborhood is full of behemoth SUV's and Lexus's and BMW's and brand new 'Stangs and F150's for the kiddies, and spoiled kids in $200 dollar jeans, and soccer mommies with their fake bakes and boob jobs...and we were literally afraid to put up our candidate's sign during the election because these fine upstanding citizens might break out our car windows (or house windows, that happened in the "nice neighborhoods" too), tear up our plantings or spray paint our house with racial epithets.

Your good buddy Rush actively promotes this kind of hatred. He also actively agitated against helping Haiti, a poverty stricken island nation that had lost ALL leadership and resources, and so damned much life due to a natural disaster that could not be averted. The regular people of Haiti were not to blame, the suffering is beyond words, and Rush spoke out against helping them...appealing to his xenophobic, mostly white, racist, selfish audience of dittohead morons NOT to help. In the face of children starving and dying from dehydration, gangrene and disease, he committed this atrocious act, and some of you defend this cretin? I think it's a shame there isn't a way to charge him with a crime against humanity for his selfishness, narcissism and sensationalistic viciousness. I don't wish him dead, but he is a vile wretch.

1693 days ago



You have no idea what you are talking about. He never advocated NOT helping Haiti, he just said don't send it to the White House's website. As for the rest of whatEVER you were babbling about (your rich neighborhood with rich people who would vandalize you for putting up a campaign sign) WTF?? Anyway, you sound like a fearful loon yourself so I guess we are equal.

1693 days ago


Oh, and calling anyone who doesn't just LOOOVE the President a racist is starting to lose its steam, too. Old, old, old. It is not the skin tone we don't like, it is the policies he advocates. He is worse than Jimmy Carter if that is even possible. He could be my next door neighbor and I still wouldn't have voted for him. And the majority of people know the difference between peaceful Muslims of faith and terrorists who pervert an otherwise peaceful religion. Don't play us all for idiots. That is getting old, too. Democrats are the only enlightened ones, blah, blah, blah.

1693 days ago


What a douchebag.

1693 days ago



1693 days ago


Why do you Rush(Lush) lovers hate The United States of America so much?
Why do you want "our" President to fail? Does that not mean that we all fail as a nation?
Even the NFL recognized Limbo as a racist.
ESPN believed him to be a bigoted racist.
Why would any American follow the leanings of such a detestable, borderline traitor?

A wonderfully thoughtout response. Thank you for defending our great country. May God bless you and The USA.....

1693 days ago

Paris' uterus    

Why won't you just curl up and die, you bloated junkie?

1692 days ago


Rush's Mom,
Good takes great courage to admit to the world that you some how gave birth to such an adbomination. I applaud you Madam...
Y ou no doubt raped at an early age by one of those skinhead, nazi symps., running loose in this great country of ours, and we true Americans offer you our sympathy. I only wish you had terminated him before the Jackel was given life through your anal canal, as the anti-christ.
How many young boys did he infect before you threw him out of your home?

1692 days ago


Rush is an idiot.

1692 days ago


If sucess means lots of money and a young girlfriend, then you sorry, uneducated, miserable racist, should be in awe of Hugh Hefner's tv show? How about some of Hitler's cronies?
We all know Rushbo uses these sluts as cover for his flaming homosexuality.
A sad, closeted, excuse for a human...taking drugs to mask his true identity.

1692 days ago


Rush ROCKS!!

1692 days ago


If you really want to know the history of being a republican let me give you some facts. Republican were opposed to freeing the slaves. They were opposed to giving social security to senior citizens. The opposed the civil rights movement! They were opposed to medicare for seniors. The next time you visit you grandmother that lives off social security and has medicare to pay her medical bills remember the party that you support fought it every step of the way! You should be ashamed of your self! Every industrialized country in the world has universal health care. The only countries that don't have it are third world countries in Africa and South America. You would probably never complain about the fact you have to have auto insurance but all the sudden you think it's communism when someone says you have to have health insurance. Think about it idiot!

Posted at 7:49AM on Jan 31st 2010 by Truth

first of all the emancipation proclamation which freed all southern slaves was given by a republican,the 15th amendment which gave blacks the right to vote was passed entirely by republicans 144 to 44 35 congressman opting not to vote and the 1964 civil rights act was almost filibuster by "former" Klansman current democratic senator Robert Byrd, like most folks in the NYC area i don't have a car therefore i am not required to have car insurance,even if it were a requirement it would be at the states discretion not the feds a power given to the states by the tenth amendment which in short gives powers not delegated to the fed to the state and the people which is why their is no fuss over Romney-care IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

1692 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Limbaugh is as gay as it gets.

1692 days ago

South Beach    

Rush, always good for a laugh. He and Pat Robertson. Hey, if everyone were the same, it would be a very boring world.

1692 days ago
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