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Rush Limbaugh -- Dancing Fool

1/30/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh, dancing to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," while doing the "Jersey Shore" fist pump -- yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Rush Limbaugh

It was all part of some kind of preliminary competition on Thursday night in advance of The Miss America Pageant, which airs tonight on TLC. The host was having a "Judge the Judges" contest when she got into the dance portion and Rush Limbaugh channeled his inner Elaine Benes.

If Rush isn't careful, he'll land himself in the hospital again.


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#115 & #116, Kuku: I'm sorry, but where in my post did I say that I was a Democrat, or a Liberal, or say that either label was particularly "enlightened"? Those are your inferences...and your comments, and absolutely typical of the very kind of knee-jerk reaction I associate with "dittoheads". Well done, Kuku, I so appreciate you doing my work for me.

Cases of damage to property on which signs supporting Obama's campaign were posted, and cars sporting pro-Obama stickers and magnets, were reported regularly in many neighborhoods around America. Most of them were not "ghetto" or low-rent areas, but middle-class to upscale. I find that sad. As for my political affiliations, before casting my vote for President Obama, I voted for George W. Bush, because I thought he'd be the better leader for our country...not because I'm "party-bound". And most "liberals" aren't for retraction of gun-control laws, harsher immigration and border control laws, and the death penalty. It's so typical of the Rush crowd to apply labels to help comfort and soothe themselves.

And as for Rush Limbaugh, he was spewing racist filth and hatred long before Obama even thought about running for POTUS. He also pukes up homophobic poison and is nothing more than a hate-mongering demagogue. The Haiti situation is a perfect example. Couching his racist rhetoric in terms of "political protest" against the current administration, Rush Limbaugh has probably convinced thousands of Americans that their "tax dollars" are in danger if aid is given to this disaster ravaged, impoverished nation by our government. He doesn't care that over 200,000 people are dead, or that thousands more including children, who are the most innocent and helpless of victims, are in immediate danger of death through no fault of their own (despite what Pat Robertson says, Haitians are NOT Satan worshipers or deserving of their fate. And I don't think religious preference has the slightest significance in the face of this magnitude of human suffering). He cares that they are black...and not American...and Rush declared himself a racist years ago, and an All-American-xenophobe-isolationist as well.

But America has always been called the "melting pot", and the country is an amalgamation of many diverse cultures, races and ethnicities. People fled racial, ethnic, social and religious persecution and repression and came here to find freedom, opportunity and a better life. Rush and his dittoheads represent the antithesis of the True fact, they are distinctly un-American in their rejection of change, progress, cultural diversity, real democracy, freedom from repression and choice.

So, Kuku, my dear dittohead, who obviously cannot read for comprehension, or accept reality, history, or see beyond the rhetoric of talk-radio-tabloid-journalism (right-wing-nut style, in this case...I don't listen to the far left side either) to the ugly corruption within, I am not a loon, liberal, or democrat, or so easily identifiable at all for those as lacking in perception as yourself. When Uncle Bill Clinton was making his loathsome messes (and alleged feminist Hillary was "standing by her man"), I didn't have a bit of use for them, and stated so freely. I didn't like them before "Monica-gate" and I don't like them now. I can actually think for myself...unlike so many who cling desperately to the words of dung-heap icons like Rush.

Rush IS a vile wretch, he is morally bankrupt, hypocritical (it doesn't MATTER how he started taking pain killers, as thousands of people take them and DON'T become addicts. It doesn't MATTER if the drugs were illegal or not as he procured them illegally. And HE made the choice to start gobbling more pills than his prescription called for, and then still more, and to secure enough to cover his addiction through illicit means when his physician refused to give him what he wanted. He is as common an addict and criminal as any piss-poor junkie on the street, and just as culpable), racist (as I said, long before Obama was on the scene), Anti-American, against the First Amendment except as it applies to him, homophobic and reminiscent of the kind of giant pig that disembowels and devours its own keeper's child (yes I know he's no longer grossly obese, but the image fits so perfectly). Too many ignorant, greedy people relate to and listen to him. Sad and very demented.

1693 days ago


I learned two things today: Rush Limbaugh is divorced and gay. Are these things true? Madrass.

1693 days ago


I can't stand it...all the incredbily stupid people here sticking up for this IDIOT.

Yes, the drugs he abused are available by prescription, but he purchased them ILLEGALY; they were NOT prescribed for him. He used his Spanish maid to go get him his happy pills.

This guy has a i.q. of a brick wall. He constantly spouts misinformation, fallacies, and sometimes, he just plain LIES.

And best of all, you dummies, he is filthy rich but has NEVER, EVER given to ANY charities of any kind. He is also a bigot, racist, woman-hating and closeted homosexual.

1693 days ago


Briana, I'm in love.
Continue to fight the fight and keep up the outstanding dialogue.

1693 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Reminds me of that girl I dry humped at Mardi Gra.

1693 days ago


I hope he dies soon.
I will dance like a crazy man on that day.

1692 days ago


Hmm, the perfect fusion of pop culture and politics. Can you really trust the opinion of a man who watches Jersey Shore?

1692 days ago


I thought Fatty Limbaugh is gonna keeled over after doing his outdated Temptations move.

Memo to Rush: don't quit your day job.

1692 days ago


Go Rush!! Just being prosperous and enjoying life! The fact that some simple minded individuals hate this sooooo much is just a bonus!!
Rush - all the best - keep doing what you do!
Haters - eat your hearts (or whatever you have in the place of a heart) out!

1692 days ago


It is good to see people having fun, go Rush. I am constantly amazed by utter morons online. It is scary, but then I have to consider these are Obama voters.
So we have one pin head calling Rush a Nazi... well I really doubt that Rush would join the National Socialist Party(Nazi's) I wouldn't be surprised if they endorsed Obama. The National Communist Party has after all.
Rush, can't hurt you, he can't make you listen to him, he can't raise your taxes, he can't regulate your life. If he annoys you, you have the power to turn him off.
You can't say the same thing about any of the Progressive socialist who ran for president in 2008, they can and will make up listen to them, at gun point. They are raising our taxes. They are looking to regulate all aspects of our lives. If we don't like them, they won't listen to us, we can't turn them off, we can't get away with out leaving the country... or maybe joining a union or becoming permanently unemployed.

1692 days ago


149 MrDavePa:

Great post! I don't know why people are so threatened by a conservative voice. I thought we were the minority anyway. The majority voted for Obama so why so tense, libs??

1692 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Harvey, why do you hate Rush? Because he speaks the truth and calls out phony, hypocritical lying Commies like yourself? As a gay man, seems to me you should have the utmost respect for Mr. Limbaugh since he is honest. Unlike that big eared dumbass you blindedly voted for that hates your kind. Why do gays support a party that has done absolutely nothing for you?

1691 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

What's funny is that liberals are so stupid that they routinely reveal their fears at every turn. They despise Rush because he speaks the truth, unlike their liberal media that only preaches propaganda. They want to take him off the airwaves and censor his freedom of speech for this very reason. Hitler would be proud.

Conservatives love the fact that Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Arianna Huffington, Alec Baldwin, etc., have as much pub as they do. We actually wish they'd have more. See, the more people can watch and listen to these anti-American, Communist loving crazies, the better it is for Conservatives and America. The more people listen to the facts and realities Rush speaks about, the worse off it is for the Neo-Comm leftists and their Communist movement. It's really that simple.

1691 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Much to the liberals disliking, Rush had a blast and loved it!!!

1691 days ago


Again, interesting to note the ignorance and misinformation put forth by Rush Limbaugh's dittoheads. Observe: Socialsim, communism, and fascism are not the same political or sociological ideologies. Hitler promoted the use of the title "National Socialist Party" for the Nazi movement in Germany to obscure the true nature of his cause. The idea of Socialism was becoming of interest to many people in Europe as a way of tackling the needs of the poor and unemployed, and providing better healthcare to the "masses". By using the word "Socialist" to describe his Nazi Party, Hitler was able to deflect the majority from his Fascist beliefs, while enticing the notice of the rich and powerful. Fascism actually became quite popular in Great Britain amongst persons of wealth and substance. These were men who feared a mingling of the "commoner" with the "upper class", who were highly class and race conscious, and exceedingly willingly to go along with the persecution of Jews (usually done by gangs wearing badges or armbands signifying their allegiances) and Gypsies (done much more openly). Hitler played a funhouse game of mirrors, and was able to deflect the awareness of most of Europe from the atrocities he was committing, and his agenda of White Aryan Supremacy and World Domination for long enough that millions of innocent humans suffered and died before anyone chose to take action.

The current "National Socialist Parties" do not represent "socialism", but are Fascist and White Supremacist in nature. That means that they are far more likely to be supportive of homophobic, racist, hate-mongering folks like Rush (they love to call themselves True Americans too). They also are anti-Semitic, as are so many TMZ posters. And they would rather castrate themselves and burn their own mothers alive than support a candidate or POTUS like Barack Obama.

It is amusing to see the dittoheads contradicting themselves...sometimes in fewer than a dozen words and in one poorly constructed sentence. Rush Limbaugh IS closer to a Nazi (Fascist) than President Obama is. I just love hysterical rhetoric about the government forcing the citizens to "obey at gunpoint"...especially when it is mostly the right-leaning (and myself, oddly enough, although I am not worried about government coercion) who gnash their teeth at the idea of "gun-control". The government is NOT unilaterally raising taxes...on cigarettes, yes (about time, too, now I wish they'd legalize pot and tax the crap out of it and quit crowding our jails with dopey potheads and make room for rapists and murderers and useless human detritus such as that), for the wealthy (sorry, but you have better shelters than the middle-class folks, like myself and most of my very hard working friends), and for some other things. There are also better tax breaks for the "regular person"...and there are an awful lot of middle-class, hard-working, non-welfare or medicaid-using, regular people in America who are getting slammed by outrageous insurance premiums, "pre-existing conditions" (as determined by the insurance victims of rape or abuse, for instance), enormous medical bills, refusal to allow preventative or proactive care...not to mention employment outsourcing, down-sizing, age discrimination and even gender and religious bias. I am tired of hearing the right self-righteously preaching about the "unemployed, unwashed, welfare-seeking" liberals...all of the people that I know who voted for Obama are employed, insured, have kids whose moral and ethical compasses are pretty damned accurate, are driving older cars either purchased pre-owned or as sturdier, more economic, less luxurious vehicles in it for the long haul, and are pulling along steadily. None of them are rich, or entitled, or especially "enlightened". None are communists, or socialists,some are Christian, they are racially mixed, and some are gay. What they wanted to see was change...and all of them still hold out hope. And all of them are the kind of people who give of themselves just because they do, not for reward, or gratification, or "God".

As for turning off Mr. Rush Limbaugh, I don't listen to him or any of the gabbling, attention-whore, greedy talking heads on EITHER side of the argument. I stopped even doing it for amusement a long, long time ago. These people are parasitical, feeding on the fear and ignorance of the vain, stupid, cowardly people too weak to think for themselves. That is what's wrong with Rush. I can and will turn him off...but thousands of like-minded, racist, prejudiced, reactionary, selfish, egocentric people who are totally committed to never learning and never changing will NOT. That is exactly how Hitler, who was as "insignificant" as Rush Limbaugh, gained his power...appealing to the vapid, indignant, ignorant masses and telling them exactly what they thought they wanted to hear.

The citizens surrounding Buchenwald and Aus

1691 days ago
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