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Jesse James Ups Reward to $5,000

1/31/2010 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James really, really, really, really, really wants to find his missing dog -- and he's willing to dig deep in his pockets to do so.

Jesse James

James just tweeted that he's upping the reward for Cinnabun to an even $5,000.

The dog went missing last Monday in Long Beach.


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Only 5,000? I think he could do a little more than that!

1669 days ago


What in the hell was Bullock thinking when she married this piece of garbage, Dam bullock stole this guy away from a porn star. Man oh man she must be some lonely scank, she must be laced with STD's. Oh the dog the dog must be killed if found it's a pit bull

1669 days ago

Heath Bar    

Jesse James just Tweeted:

"As soon as I'm done at the gym, I'm going to finish breakfast and get in the Bentley and see if I can find him myself. Thanks for nothing, everybody."

1669 days ago



1669 days ago


A pit bull running around loose would wind up dead if he wandered into my yard...

1669 days ago


I think someone has Cinnabun and is waiting for him to raise the reward, this is so sad.

1669 days ago


The person who has Cinnabun probably doesn't speak english and probably doesn't even know he is looking for her.

1669 days ago


5K!? That's it? I'm a hundred times poorer than Sandra and Jesse and I would offer the same reward! 5K is a lot of money to offer from a regular middle class person but for people who have millions and millions? What a cheapskate.

1669 days ago


Yes I'm generalizing, but people who like pit-bulls (rednecks, gangsters and criminals) are more likely to steal a dog. If Jesse has a black lab, golden retriever, etc., he still has his pet. Maybe Michael Vick has Jesse's dog.

1669 days ago


14. What sucks is you KNOW that SOMEBODY has this dog. She didn't just disappear into thin air. This couple knows where their priorities are though. Sandy donated $1,000,000.00 to Haiti relief, and in comparison a $5000.00 reward for a lost dog seems appropriate. I hope he gets his dog back :(

Unless the poor thing was hit by a car & disposed of.

1669 days ago

I saw cinnabun!!    

man i was walking home and saw the puppy in the middle of the street. i tried to catch her but that dog is fast as hell! damn it damn it damn it... i lost out on 5 g's!!! she went east down 4th!

1669 days ago


WHY ALL THE SARCASTIC COMMENTS? For goodness sake, the gentleman is looking for his much loved dog. Why is so difficult to understand? Those of us who have lost a dog, or pet, know exactly what Mr. James is experiencing so , why all the cruelty? It doesn't make sense! It won't hurt if some of you showed some compassion, OK? Good!!!

1669 days ago


CINNABUN is over her smoking a big fat one with me on the beach. I will bring her back if she bites me, or someone will, probably not me...actually.

we are hanging on the pier and burning...420. she is givin' me a little attitude about how Jesse has better herb..this..and...that....whateves.

we are having a great day and keep you all posted later.

p.s. when pit bull's get munchies they can leave ya' broke. bitch eats all my snax, but we are bonding.

I will let Jesse and the step-monster visit once a month and maybe a an over-nighter, if they beg.

good day


1669 days ago


I hope he gets his dog back :(

1669 days ago


Just give him his dog back. How horribly mean. And I don't know why any of you think he should be offering more????? I mean, what should a reward be for being kind enough to return a lost ANYONE????? I wish I could find the pup. I would return it.....I would feel stupid taking money for that. Can you imagine how relieve he would be to have his little guy back? I guess that's not enough. You're talking like YOU have him, and are holding him for RANSOM? What a bunch of idiots!

1669 days ago
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