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Miss America 2010 Wasn't All That in 2002

1/31/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Caressa Cameron was named Miss America 2010, she was an awkward high school freshman at Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Caressa Cameron

There she is ... most likely to become a beauty pageant queen.


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Bring 'Em Young    

I'm the only one that deserves to be crowned a FAKE. Tell them all how much you want me even after I steal your wallet and throw your clothes out on the street in front of the motel.

1721 days ago


I am OFFICIALLY convinced that beauty pageants in ALL countries and absolutely fake and rigged. REALLY?? YOU PICKED HER??? There were many other girls that were actually attractive, and you pick THAT??!! She was ugly in high school and she's ugly now, are you friggin kidding me with this sh*t???? It's a BEAUTY pageant, not the "i feel bad for the ugly girl, let's pick her" show. I see this time and time again, they send the most gorgeous girls home and end up picking the ugliest of the bunch. It's stupid, and i guess they don't fully understand the concept: YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PICK THE PRETTY ONES TO WIN. DUH.

1721 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    


Go F*&* yourself. Spell that MFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:00AM on Feb 3rd 2010 by JB

Let's see, er um....T...H...A...wait a minute...T !!!!! Hurray for me!!!!! Anything JB can do, I can do better !!!!! Except the gay stuff.

1721 days ago

I know the real story    

I don't understand all the comments from people who went to school with her and think she was sweet. If you had ever competed with her in a pageant, you'd know she has a dried up raisin where her soul should be. She is mean, evil, and will step on anyone to get what she wants. From what I hear, she hasn't changed a bit and was awful at Miss America as well. I hope her true self will show in the next year. She has a philosophy that she doesn't "turn it on" unless there's a camera or a judge around. But being Miss America, she will have to be "on" 24-7, 365 days. I don't think she can do it. Someone will get a photo of her kicking a puppy or a film of her yelling at a waitress. I can't believe someone as evil as her gets the honor of being Miss America. It makes me sick.

1721 days ago


Some sizzling pics of Miss America 2010 event at

1720 days ago

billy bob    

Yeah, blacks aren't equal. I mean look at Oprah she's not equal....ooops I forgot,she's able to buy and sell YOU and YOUR POOR WHITE TRASH RALATIVES with her mere pocket change. HAHAHA!

1720 days ago


Как в сказке про гадкого утёнка

1719 days ago

billy bob    


Can you move your trailer? Does it have wheels?

1717 days ago


OK the races coments are so uncalled for i mean nobody dont say **** when white girls are trying to look like blacks i mean boob jobs ,butt inplants ,botox that **** isnt for us we have it all ready thats for white people tryin hard too look like blacks and weave is the **** so dont ever disrespect Stop the racism i mean ***mon people its 2010 isnt that over with?

1554 days ago


i think u all are haters and fyi she was pretty even back then!!!

1554 days ago
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