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Miss America 2010 Wasn't All That in 2002

1/31/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Caressa Cameron was named Miss America 2010, she was an awkward high school freshman at Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Caressa Cameron

There she is ... most likely to become a beauty pageant queen.


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The point here is that this young woman is not particularly attractive.That could indicate that this kind of competition has jumped the shark.
If Miss America is a completely average young woman, what is the reason of having a competition at all.

1662 days ago

Miss Nancy    

vhat is vith ze 30 pounds of you say.... extensions??


Frau Blucher

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


#15... way to play the race card. Go cry to Al Sharpton... The point is (black or white) she just isn't attractive enough to even be Miss America material. Did she blow everyone away in the talent competition by curing AIDs or something? Give me a break...

1662 days ago


All you haters out there are just jealous and if it was someone you knew you wouldn't be saying that.

Third, I went to high school with her and she is very sweet and was always well liked. She wasn't one of those stuck up people who thought she was better than everyone.

Posted at 12:02PM on Jan 31st 2010 by Meredith

Very well said! You and I must be former classmates. Small world!

I cant believe some here are actually throwing the race card into the deck.

TMZer's = Back wood Hicks. Unless, of course, you come here to laugh at the losers. If not, you are on of them and didnt even know it until now.

But, I have to admit, fun, cheap and really easy to jerk the chains of the unenlightened masses that migrate to TMZ daily.

Congratulation lil Lady! Enjoy your Reign!

BabbaJay, concerning the history lesson, your'e most welcome. Perhaps now you can speak more intelligently about this and other topics in the future.

1662 days ago


If she wasn't all that back then, she's not all that now... she looks exactly the same only no braces and a better weave.

and what was with that "Kids need to go outside and play with sticks" quote? She's like what, 19? 20?... I'm older than her and I didn't play with sticks when I was a kid. Is this the 1950s?

1662 days ago


I guess there are a few former school classmates on here...I went to Church with her too as well as school and she's a sweet person with a kind heart. Why are people so quick to be mean? She's gorgeous AND talented which is more than most of the people on here can say I'm sure! Congrats Caressa, you absolutely deserved this!!!!!!

1662 days ago


Wow TMZ! Freshman in high school, is that the best you could to humiliate this woman? My freshman high school photo is buried deep down in a box that probably won't be opened until I'm dead- and that's where it will stay! But I'll tell you one thing, all those pretty, grown-looking chicks that teased me for beeing too skinny back then are eating their words now! I was always cut and intelligent, and my body has filled out juusst right. So everyone can kiss my Black az.

1662 days ago


SICK!!!! How did it win????

1662 days ago


And to poster our small town in VA, we DID play with sticks...why is that so hard to believe? When we were kids, we only had a movie theater and the smallest mall, that was IT! ... oh and not to mention a LOT of dirt roads. Before it all got built up, we were kids who played with sticks in the woods and rocks by the creek. Don't be so judgmental!

1662 days ago


She's funky looking.

1662 days ago

South Beach    

Very FEW looked great as high school freshman, and I'm disappointed in TMZ in presenting a clearly obnoxious and condensending article.

I'm a long time supporter of TMZ but if you guys want to go there, take a look around your newsroom. Most of the women in it are overweight, dress like bag ladies, and they are all on the young side. If this is their "prime", 35 is looking really grim for them.

1662 days ago


We all have pictures like that. Glad to see the little duckling in high school became the beautiful swan. Doesn't say much for those who peak in high's all down hill for them afterward! (And those with mean comments, just remember you're not anywhere near the limelight to have the media dig up your bad pictures. Say what you want but at least she's making something of herself and going to college.)

Go VA!

1662 days ago


what in the hay were the judges thinking? they missed it by a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.

1662 days ago

who cares    

Ok....are you telling me that the winner was a black lesbo?? WTF? Isnt there already a Miss BLACK USA and America pagent? Why are white people not allowed to be in that contest but if we were to have a Miss WHITE America pagent, the Jesse Jackson and every other MORON would be protesting it...NOT FAIR! Besides she is FUGLY.....Ok, we have a black president...arnt we done kissing ass now?? I hate to be thinking this way but its just not fair......White people are no longer the majority anymore , We are the minority...

1662 days ago
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