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K-Fed & Britney: A Weekend in the Life

2/1/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Britney Spears busy recording -- and wearing ill-fitting dresses in Miami and at the Grammys -- this weekend, Kevin Federline kept himself and his girlfriend occupied by looking after adorable lil Sean Preston and Jayden James.


Sean, Jayden and Britney all seem to thrive when being looked after by their fathers.


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Of course Kevin is spending time with the kids because he gets 20 grand a month , now of course since he does not get any money from his kids with Shar as usual they are at home with there mother. Once Britney gets her boys back and is no longer paying Kevin child support it will be right back to the nanny having them everytime they are at kevins.

Atleast Britney actually loves her kids and spends time with them and ontop of that she works her butt of, she has admitted to choosing spending time with her kids over getting sleep. Britney actually needs a nanny and funny she barely even uses her yet Kevin constantly uses a nanny and he has no job....Why does someone with no job need a nanny?

He is lazy white trash and Britney even said herself that there marriage was a mistake

1704 days ago


and one other thing, when is kevin going to start dressing his age rather then dressing like he is a teenager in the ghetto? He is like 30 years old for goodness sake

he does not care about those kids he just sees them as a source of income and he makes it far to obvious.

1704 days ago

for now    

Kevin has practically been a single dad ,taking care of those boys.
Twenty thousand is not very much,considering Britney's wealth.

1704 days ago


Kevin stepped up before Brit started paying child support as she should. I'm sure if it was reversed everyone would be praising the mother and saying the Dad should be paying... works both ways guys. And maybe he doesn't have Shar's kid 24/7 because unlike Brit Shar didn't go totally bat$hit crazy and endanger them to the point where, for their own safety, they needed to be removed from their mother in the first place. I'm sure once Brit is done paying EVERYONE in her life she will settle down and hire a Nanny to care for the kids just like before.. she might be doing better thanks to her handlers and herders.. but she is still far far from mother of the year!

1704 days ago


I don't like that son of a gun, but he sure has some cute pictures with them boys here.

1704 days ago


Britney, I think you look FIERCE and I think your make-up and hair looks KILLER!!!!

1704 days ago


Her butt looks great in photos 8 and 12.Prefer her with blonde hair.

1704 days ago


Can I go down there and kick his stupid F-ing ass

1704 days ago

liz gutierrez    

i love you, brit. your not alone in this world

1703 days ago

liz gutierrez    

k-fed would never be anything if he didnt take britney's money. k-feds only sits good with money is because he took the kids @ the right time,when she needed her family my eyes he is only the children takes a bigger man to be a daddy. and k-fed your not cut out to be daddy.{sperm donor].enjoy britney's money.k-fed.enjoy your life on britney's money.enjoy, enjoy. we need more men like you out in this world to show the deadbeat dads how to work the system.your a idol to all that are guilty

1703 days ago


what happened to fed. he looked like a normal person until brit got through with him. when they were together it was like she was always pregnant. eating out of fast food containers, and dirty hair. when they was married did she ever help fed get a choreographed gig? it didnt seem like they were photog working. he should have ditched her way before they broke up. she probably has a breakdown everytime her grits are cold. what a hillbilly.

1702 days ago


yeah will whether he is anything or not she had 2 kids with him so......who cares what you think. yeah she finally went back to work some and all it is is britneys money. alot of men would make her sit at home with her kids and have no money. they would say if you want anything have your parents buy it. k fed is doing you a favor you owe him alot more big time and brit should get off her high horse and show some respect. shes a wench.

1702 days ago


what about all the time and money fed x lost babysitting brit while they were together and they werent working that much. i am sure he would have been willing to have danced in a video or three instead of being a sex slave and having dirty hair sitting with her family and eating fried gophers for a barbecue. bor ing......yawn.

1702 days ago
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