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2010 Grammy

Fashion Fiascos

2/1/2010 9:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Grammy Awards are notorious for zany fashions ...

... but it's just another Sunday for Lady Gaga.


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Inquiring Mind    

@ - 74. why was taylor swift who was great singing with her mom...that fat lady in the mumu could not sing at all..if taylor had not been picking up her slack it would have been terriable..taylor is the best singer i have ever heard and she looks marvolous..even next to the fat cow she was made to sing with

Posted at 9:28AM on Feb 1st 2010 by go taylor

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You are an IDIOT, probably some DORKIE Lil' 12 yr. old!

What Fat lady? Were you singing along and looking in the mirror and confused yourself?

Taylor Swift sucks! She looks like a snotty ass kid, she's always has that stupid look on her face everytime she wins! She has no great singing talent, Carrie Underwood has a way better voice!

1693 days ago

dr cyclops    

taylor swift is da bomb babe..why you hatin on my girl like that..she won american idol so obviously simon cow thinks she can sing..she has sold more records than carrie underwear has ever so there.she just has the bad luck to have to sing next to some old lady who cant sing and looks drunk.taylor is just the best of all the rest

1693 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

71. Let's talk about Taylor Swift

and how bad she was. It is amazing that this girl won so many awards.... she can only sing her own songs and is a train wreck when she tries to sing with the Pros. I personally don't like her voice or her singing.

Posted at 9:21AM on Feb 1st 2010 by becky

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Someone with brains... I agree ! Taylor swif sucks and has no talent, she is just another one hit wonder, as in I wonder who and why they like her?

1693 days ago


Taylor Swift is like one of those American Idols that Simon and Randy would say "You have some talent but you don't have enough to compete with the Pro's". Taylor can sing her own songs, but that is it. I have seen her 3 or 4 times now trying to sing with someone who has real singing talent and she is a train wreck every time. I am sure she is a nice girl... but honestly... she really can't sing good at all. She is like a cousin who owns a guitar and has enough talent to barely pull off a song.

1693 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Maybe the Disney Channel will take Talyor Quit, and be the next Miley. Poor thing, she sang horrible next to Stevie Nicks, what a shame, she sounds like a quivering little mouse and has a face to match. Awww....

She Sucks everyone!!!! Kanye, where were you? Neede your help last night to take her down from the stage!!

1693 days ago


lady gaga is a horrible dresser and she does it for attention , it is actually a bit sad. She is a very pretty girl with a very horrible fashion sense.

I was a bit shocked at what Britney Spears wore , she did look good BUT the way she was dressed for the grammys compared to how she dressed for the MTV awards was just weird for me. She dressed like a million bucks for the mtv awards and looked fantastic but for the grammys she dressed for like she was going to the mtv awards

1693 days ago


You can't make a purse out of a sow's ear. She is ugly and wearing uglier outfits won't change that.

1693 days ago

Britney needs to go away - for good    

Poor Britney!!! She has no clue that the world laughs AT her not with her. And the Grammy's are about REAL talent which is why she wasn't recognized for anything. Time for her to take her thunder thighs and go away.

1693 days ago


Lady Gaga always surprises me with her fashion choices. The grammys of course is no exception. Find out what everyone wore to the Grammys at

1693 days ago



But they sure made a turd out of a pig when they hatched you Siddy boy...

1693 days ago


how is she talented again?

1693 days ago


I really thought that was a dude.
She's quite fugly, maybe should have incorporated a full facial mask?

1693 days ago

Lulu Says    

Gaga's outfit is galaxies better than Britneys! Now that was a hot mess!

1693 days ago


MJ kids, the son looked normal with a suit and hair cut and spoke well
but the daughter's statement made no sense, and she worries me, what kind of outfit was she wearing, oh no!, it reminds me of something MJ would wear; stop her now, family! and get her in normal clothes and contact lenses.

1693 days ago


Oh nice now and take that hot dog out of your butt.

1693 days ago
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