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'Jersey Shore's' Angelina -- Not So Fast!

2/1/2010 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina"Jersey Shore" alleged cast member Angelina is far from being a sure thing for Season 2 -- even though she says she signed a new contract.

Sources involved in the negotiation tell TMZ that the contract Angelina signed is actually a holding deal -- meaning she's agreed to appear on the show, but MTV still has an option to exercise the contract -- or not.

Translation -- Angelina received a holding fee, but MTV can decide down the line whether they want her on the show. If they don't, Angelina will walk away with her holding money -- and that's it.

MTV -- smartly we might add -- is hedging its bet as they map out Season 2 production. The network might be interested in our TMZ poll -- 87% of our readers say they don't want Angelina back.


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@Aimee, that is NOT true. Angelina has repeatedly stated SEVERAL times on air that she regrets leaving the day she got fired! On BOTH reunions she stated that. Jersey Shore became a hit while she was still on the show! So being on Season 2, she wouldn't be "capitalizing" on anything. Regardless of whether or not you like her or not, she WAS part of the show and she did leave her mark on the show by being a major bitch. Do you see what I mean? If she was able to make her mark (everyone in the world seems to hate her), she WAS part of the show. Lol

1727 days ago


who cares about her! bring snookie, dj pauly and the situation back! i love them!

1727 days ago


Who cares about the stupid people on the show. They've had their 15 minutes of fame. Let them try and get more money and then let the producers tell them to get lost. They have no talent and are sadly what a lot of people think that Jersey people are when, in reality, they are the bottom of the barrel Jersey folk that give the rest of Jersey a bad name.

1727 days ago


WHO is she? There is NO reason whatsoever for this WANNABE to even get a holding fee let alone appear on any of the show.She is the one who packed her glad garbage bags 2 or 3 episodes in and took her skank azz off the show.. I bet she is kicking herself now... LOSER

1727 days ago


A lot of things happen even before they start shooting for next season

1727 days ago


But she was the hot one!! They HAVE to let her come back

1727 days ago


let Angelina come back, I would love to see Jennifer give her a beat down. That's all this show is anyway, train wreck tv at it's finest. She is a complete bitch, and that is always entertaining.

1727 days ago


There is no way this show can be as interesting next season, the cast is going to read all their press clippings, and the season will become nothing but shameless self promotion. The first season was so refreshing because these people were unknowns, no one in seaside really knew who they were, and really didnt care. It made the drama real, everything from here on out will be acting. I think they should have brought a new cast on, and moved the Jersey Shore Crew over to the Real World/RR challenge. Id have loved to have seen them interact with real worlder's

1727 days ago


She's the next Omarosa. Everyone LOVES to hate her so why not bring her back?

1727 days ago


Why would they even allow her back when she left the first season early?

1727 days ago


i dont understand how the jersey shore is not going to be at the jersey shore? thats ridiculous i hope this show flops so i dont have to watch it anymore!

1727 days ago



1727 days ago


I think all of them need to go away.

1727 days ago


Of course she wants back in now after seeing all the money some of the others are making on appearances. Forget her though. She was too busy to work a day at an iron-on shop and threw away her chance at fifteen minutes. She can ponder that with her married boyfriend while the others are living it up.

1727 days ago


I think jersey shore is a cool show but i think she deserves another shot. I think she would of been alot of drama and thats what people want to see. Look at mike the situation and pauly d getting all this exposure and truth is they didnt even accomplish that much. Ronnie was the one who got into all the fights that we talked about. Ronnie is the one who got laid because those dudes didnt get a piece at all and ronnie probably would of pulled more girls than those two so i dunno. i hope to see her next season cuz she has natural breasts so thats another reason..;-)

1727 days ago
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