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'Jersey Shore's' Angelina -- Not So Fast!

2/1/2010 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina"Jersey Shore" alleged cast member Angelina is far from being a sure thing for Season 2 -- even though she says she signed a new contract.

Sources involved in the negotiation tell TMZ that the contract Angelina signed is actually a holding deal -- meaning she's agreed to appear on the show, but MTV still has an option to exercise the contract -- or not.

Translation -- Angelina received a holding fee, but MTV can decide down the line whether they want her on the show. If they don't, Angelina will walk away with her holding money -- and that's it.

MTV -- smartly we might add -- is hedging its bet as they map out Season 2 production. The network might be interested in our TMZ poll -- 87% of our readers say they don't want Angelina back.


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kelly dawn    

No way! She decided to leave in the first season b/c she was too lazy to go to work....see ya sweetie! She didn't bring anything to the show anyway. Just a bunch of bitching and complaining!

1722 days ago


I don't think they should bring her back. Um Hello You didn't work the first season and didn't stay when you were supposed to. Why do you deserve to come back the second season? why do you deserve the money of the second season? why do you think your worth being on the show and MTV if you bring her on the show what are you telling the youth of america oh don't worry about working it's not important be a T.V. celebrity. MTV you owe it to the youth of american to make an example of Angelina she bailed on you now you bail on her.

1722 days ago

nd LilOne    

I thought she was too good for that show....she is in fact a bartender, she does good things. Gimme a break, she was on a handfull of shows and left. She's just jealous for all of the attention (and money) the others have gotten from the show and wants some for herself now. Too little, too late Angelina

1722 days ago



1528 days ago


The majority of the poll that says 87 % of tmz's readers don't want Angelina back ARE SO FREAKING JEALOUS of her looks, no matter what their justifications are. Angelina IS the sexiest and most gorgeous girl to have ever walk INTO that house. I mostly watch the show JUST to watch her.

1520 days ago


the hole cast are two timing whores. bitches spread your legs and shake your tits. Guys go **** yourself with the egotistical couldnt survive a single day without hairgel gel and a tan. Its funny to watch people degrade themselves for money then think there **** dont stink and they have no insecurities. Based off of the behavior id say there insecure about themselves and degrate others...

so in reality if you watch the show your just another zombie sucking the tit of mainstream scripted entertainment.

ive never seen a house full of people so lazy and pre madonnas

btw paulas dj skills suck hed never make it in the real DMC's
so people stop thinging he rocks. i.e merge, d-styles, q-bert to name a few would **** up that **** set he spins leaving him walking away with his head down and retired.

ronnie: dude cant fight just throws his wieght around

vinnie: dudes an og

the girls: angela is a slut that uses peopple, snooki is fake

jen is sexy, and sammi is down to earth propbly the most level headed person in the house

1502 days ago


one other thing mike

mike is a toy.

T. O. Y. toy sucker

1502 days ago


haha she got sms bombed thats what a dumb cheating ow so faithful bitch gets.

its quite want to learn hit me up and ill walk you thru step by step

next week we can get the rest of the cast. set up RAT systems, biege box the phone lines, skim the credit cards, tap into there cell phones.... so much more fun to be had if it was so illegal. owell its only illegal if you get caught

1502 days ago


with the dark that bitch has she is just like a twin version of my cousin because she starts up **** with everyone nobody likes her for the person who said i liked Angelina then that person i don't like ok thats your opoion why don't you STFU! and let others have to say what they wanna say and as for Ronnie no she shouldn't of yelled at him so say what you wanna say but just STFU! Okay?!

1391 days ago
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