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Katy, Taylor, Rihanna, Fergie

Who'd You Rather?

2/1/2010 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Fergie all attended a pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton over the weekend.

The question is ...

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Some of these comments about Taylor being too thin make me laugh. Taylor is tall and has a model's body. That's why she's winning.

1690 days ago


Rihanna has the hottest face, Taylor looks like she has down syndrome by the eyes and is too skinny, Fergie has the best body but her face is jacked-up, Katy is cool overall but just not all that.

1690 days ago


I wouldn't want any of them. Their to immature.

1690 days ago



1690 days ago


Fergie has the body and should be win.Taylor has a boys body,no curves and a ugly face.besides this she can't sing.

1690 days ago


they are all so annoying! katy is a retard and she is so dense! she wears an awful lot of makeup....taylor so annoying! her and her cat eyes and ramen hair...rihanna looks like a rooster, and fergie has fug bulldog face...NONE!

1690 days ago


Come on NOW we all know anytime you put any one that's none white in a photo and ask to choose which one, AMERICA always shows her true colors, no matter how fine someone like Rhianna may be.

1690 days ago

Duke Steele    

#15 Tony North. You took the words right out of my mouth. And you were the first out of fifteen. Whats wrong with the rest of you???

1690 days ago


I picked Fergie. She's bisexual, and I've read she's a freak in bed. You don't have to have a beautiful face if you're a slut and will do disgusting things in the bedroom :)

And, to all you idiots saying Taylor Swift is underage, and calling people that find her attractive pedophiles, one she's not underage, and two, calling people that find slightly underage people attractive "pedophiles" is incorrect.

People that are attracted to post-pubertal adolescents , that are not yet of age (usually 14-17) are called hebephiles. A lot of people are actually hebephiles, for example, any guy that finds a 17 year old Miley Cyrus attractive would be a hebephile, or a woman who rubbed one out to pictures of a 16 or 17 year old Zac Efron from her daughters Tiger Beat would be a hebephile.

Pedophiles are the sick ones who find pre-pubertal children attractive and should be strung up by their testicles.

1690 days ago


Taylor Swift is the #1 choice? Who the h*ll is voting? Men with 2" weenies who prefer ignorance over experience?

1689 days ago


Rihanna created her persona, don't blame us voters on being "racist". It has nothing to do with race and a lot to do with imagining that she's been with 1000 guys already and would hold a knife to your neck if you didn't do what she wanted you to do. Christina Aguilera did the same thing to her image, it cannot be repaired.

1689 days ago


Rihanna is the hottese
Taylor is 2 freakin skinny
Fergie is an old plasic druggie
and Katy Perry is ok but has weird ankles
btw how the hell is rhianna last

1689 days ago


Rihanna is god damn ugly. Look at how that big bitch has to curtsy to fit in the picture.

She's just as ugly as Venus or Serena Williams. Unless you're attracted to women who look like Monte Ellis or Shannon Sharpe.

1688 days ago


i love all 4 but i really want fergie's body so bad

1602 days ago


Rihanna is much more sexy than all of them combined.
But guess what? She is black!!!!
So obviously she will be at the bottom of the list.

1429 days ago
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