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Michael Jackson's Kids Accept Grammy

2/1/2010 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris and Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson's two oldest kids, delivered a touching speech when they accepted a lifetime achievement award at the Grammy Awards tonight.

Paris and Prince Jackson


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Glad they got to accept the award on behalf of their father. And that they had the good looking cousins with them, not Jermaine's.

1722 days ago


They did a great job! They sounded just like their dad,and having their cousins their i'm sure helped calm their fears alittle. They made their dad proud,he is smiling down on them!

1722 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

I wonder if LMP has reached out to his kids at all. I mean, they're the children of the most popular, famous man in the world, can you imgaine. LMP was daughter of King of Rock, of course, lost him, married to MJ. I wonder if there's any type of support system with her, if even appropriate, ya know.

Can't imagine what these kids life is like, I think they'll do well. I think MJ taught them to love. I believe they'll turn into very loving, giving children. No spoiled brats here!

1722 days ago

a fan    

Michael's voice was deeper than most people think it was. It all depended who he was talking to, what he was singing, etc. Actually I think Prince sounds just like him.

Posted at 11:24PM on Jan 31st 2010 by Random Angel

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You are right R.A. When Prince was speaking it gave me goosebumps because he sounded just like Michael on some of the interviews and speeches I have heard.

1722 days ago


@46. Stop posting "I love you Michael" or "I love you Prince". You do not love people you have never met, and saying that is just creepy. You may enjoy Jackson's music, thats all. You don't love a stranger, get a grip.

Posted at 11:30PM on Jan 31st 2010 by Jon King

WOW,you must be loveless and heartless..the world needs L.O.V.E,we are one big family and yes love spreads worldwide whether you know someone or not...

Its people like you that cause heartache worldwide..and yes I love Michael Jackson and his children..Not because Michael is famous and not just for his music and dance...Michael Jackson showed the world L.O.V.E,he showed us anything is possible and dreams can come true..hes an inspiration to many of us...

Maybe try listening to such songs as We are the world,heal the world,man in the mirror...L.O.V.E is right there..

And if uou dont love Michael Jackson thats fine but by all means do not dictate to us what to say and not to say...

Why not give a stranger a smile or a friendly hello??..thats what LOVE is,you doint even need to say the love australia

1722 days ago


The full clip is up on youtube, starting with "Earth Song."

1722 days ago


@Jon King "You don't love a stranger, get a grip"

Are you serious? It is that mentality that has people hating strangers. Plain ignorance! You CAN and should love people you've never met & be sensitive to their distresses. We should send love & positivity to all, even the hateful - they're the ones who need it most.

@sunnymaxx: I can relate to Beyonce, lol. But I was more nervous than anything else for his children.

1722 days ago


How will they feel when they meet their REAL dad?

1722 days ago


His daughter looks like a young Valerie Bertinelli! Beautiful kids!

1722 days ago


What a great children. They proud of their dad and I'm sur Michael is proud of them. The words came out of Prince Mouth tonight were like Michael's words. We love them and I hope they keep their dad prouded. God bless them.R.I.P Michael ,We love you Forever Michael

1722 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

i'm on the west coast and i just saw Pink's performance. THAT WAS amazing. OMG!

Sorry, off topic but it was so great. Her voice is great! So far, Beyonce was great too. Off to a good start!

1722 days ago


"Following their appearance at the Grammy Awards, sources tell me Michael Jackson's two oldest children -- Prince Michael and Paris -- want to be included in Monday's re-recording of 'We Are The World,' the proceeds of which will benefit Haiti. "Prince Michael and Paris know that helping others was as important to their daddy as music. That is why they really want to be part of the re-recording of this extraordinary song," a friend of Michael's tells me.

It's still unclear if their voices will be blended in with the chorus of celebrities or if they will make get to sing a solo line or two I, for one, can't think of any singer alive that would be more powerful than Prince Michael or little Paris singing the lyrics their daddy wrote twenty five years ago"

1722 days ago


I'm so pleased to see the love you all have for the children. You just have no idea.

It was tough for both of them. Trust me on this. They miss their daddy SO much. They wanted to do it, but more than anything they just wished their dad had been there instead of them. Of course Jermaine told them the only reason Michael got the award was because he had died, but he didn't say it in a mean way. It was like "he'd have gotten this eventually, no matter what but he's getting it now because he's gone". He's rough with words and not much better with emotions. But he loves those kids, and he loved his brother.

To those of you who love the kids, I would encourage you to go to their sites and tell them. Honestly, they love it.


You don't know me, but trust me. Trust me. It means the world to them.

1722 days ago


@Posted at 11:48PM on Jan 31st 2010 by Reason

Hi there,

Looks like Mr.King hs since disappeared...wheres the LOVE Jon King..?

Wemust be the only ones to notice such a post,which i responded to also just few post above what you said its so true...

one love australia

1722 days ago


1722 days ago
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