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Mel Gibson

One Word Tirade

2/2/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A frustrated Mel Gibson was pitching his new movie to a Chicago TV reporter today, only to be repeatedly blocked by questions about his infamous anti-Semitic rant -- it resulted in an A-bomb explosion.

Mel Gibson One World Tirade Screen Shot
After an uncomfortable first few minutes during the satellite interview, the WGN-TV reporter gave his obligatory "go see the movie" -- and kissed Mel off.

Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee drink ... and called the guy an "asshole."

So we ask ...


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Pam Schwetz    

I think Mel Gibson is a great actor and a great guy. The reporter had no business dredging up the past instead of focusing on the movie which is what Mel was there to promote, the movie. I did extra work on Payback with Mel ages ago and he was so nice to work with and for. Extras are usually pretty much taken for granted and ignored and not treated particularly well. I didn't know he was one of the producers of the film only that he was in it, but usually extras only get coffee and donuts in the morning if they are lucky in a somewhat timely manner. Mel called us over to the truck that the real actors and crew get food from and told us we could order whatever we wanted for breakfast...they had breakfast burritos, eggs, all kinds of really good delcious breakfast food items and beverages and Mel himself called us over to grab some food....then when lunch time rolled around, Mel got in line with everyone else and ate in the same room with us which is really never done...the cast and crew usually eat separately from the extras...anyways, I know from experience that Mel is a really great guy and I am sick and tired of all the reporters giving him a hard time. Give the guy a break. Have you never made a mistake in your life? Would you like someone to dwell on a single incident in your past that you might regret and never let you forget about it and judge you for the rest of your life. Leave Mel alone. He is a great guy and wonderful actor.

1721 days ago


Mel, don't be defensive because this reporter or any other one can ask you about your "anti-Semitic" sin. When you had a couple of drinks and stated that the Jews where such bad people. Big deal, you just exercise your freedom of speech and gave your opinion. I am not "anti-Semitic", (I don't want to go to hell) and I had given my opinion on the Jews about killing any time they want thousands of Palestinians, women and children,destroying their poor cities and hospitals, please, Mel, do not be defensive. You didn't do anything wrong, same as me. And tomorrow I will give once again my opinion until the Israelis (Jews)free the Palestinian people. This is my opinion as a free man, MR. Gibson same as you. just don't be afraid of this people.

1721 days ago

Bill Smith    

Not a big Mel Gibson fan (I wouldn't walk across the street to see one of his movies) but the reporter was rude and out of line. If you invite a person on to promote a movie -- don't ambush the guy. And then, what irked me the "dude reporter" was arrogant about it afterwards. "look what I did, I'm the media and I can hassle people". Hope the "dude" enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame. Anyway, WGN news, the dude reporters station has a hotline that invites you to voice your opinion. The hotline number is 773-528-2311 and select #5 option to get to a live person. I think the guy answering the phone is getting tired hearing about it.

1721 days ago


Seems Mr Gibson never grew up.

1721 days ago


Louis Farrahkhan is a complete jerk, racist and misogynist. I never understood why anyone ever listened to him - especially women.

Being drunk is no excuse for making hateful remarks. Did Gibson ever try to understand himself why he made his misogynist and anti-semite remarks and do something about whatever is lurking in the darkness of his soul?

1721 days ago


I agree that the reporter shouldn't have brought all of that up...BUT Mel (and I love the guy) also should have kept his comments inside. I understand he was irritated...but he just brought himself down to the same level. Yes....I realize he thought the camera was off....but no excuse.

1721 days ago


Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable - Finley Peter Dunne

1721 days ago


Well my's true, can we just move on..he is pitching his new movie for goodness sake..some ppl like to dwell in the past...I think Mel called it as he saw..and he saw it correct..

1721 days ago


This reporter was just looking for his 15 min of fame however he could get it. He's an ass and was out of line and unprofessional. Mel called it!

1721 days ago


That is hilarious !!
I did the exact same thing when I thought one of my "clients" had departed the shop. What're ya gonna do? Once it's out there - it's out there.
The reporter was being a knob - I'm sure there was no mention of that topic in the pre-interview banter - he tried to blind-side Gibson - and it back fired. Hero to zero in .02 seconds !!!

I love this clip - it's hilarious - it makes me laugh, and laugh and laugh !!!

1721 days ago


Yeah, Mel got blindsided for sure. Used to be a Mel Gibson fan but it does seem he's a little lost these days. Just wondering if Dean Richards(the reporter) is Jewish???

1721 days ago


Mel is incompetent and stupid. Do the deed and live with it. Mel's a public figure, forgiveness and forgetting takes a lot longer. The reporter's question was not out of line.

1721 days ago


Mel Gibson is a pig. Drunk, racist, cheated on his wife, had a baby as a result of cheating on his wife. There's a difference between making a mistake and being middle age and knowing better. He had a ton of life experience so he knew better. There is a difference between making a mistake and being an evil person in all of your life actions. I will never have respect for him or desire to see any of his movies. Sleaze.

1721 days ago


Mel made those comments while drunk, and because he was angry with some Jewish groups for mocking and protesting "The Passion Of The Christ", which was historically correct. The religious Jews crucified Jesus, not the Romans. The protesters were claiming it made Jews look bad.

On a side note, "Semites" are descendants of Abraham. He had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac founded the Jewish "race" and Ishmael founded the Arab "race". Arabs are also Semites.

1721 days ago


You took the word write outta my mouth Mel.
I'm sick of hearing about that ancient history.
Love U Mel.

1721 days ago
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