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Bush's Lucky Tush in Position for Super Bowl

2/2/2010 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New Orleans Saints' good luck charm has arrived -- Kim Kardashian's ass has touched down in Miami.


After partying with his teammates last night, Reggie Bush was joined by his GF this afternoon in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday.

As for the Indianapolis Colts' good luck charm -- it's attached to Peyton Manning's right shoulder.

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kim should stop playing it up,, one minute shes saying all the football wives are good luck charms,, then the next minute shes sucking it up. i mean i understand shes in her glory with reggie and all. but when it all comes down it to it,, its who played better and both these teams want it bad. bc if the saints lose,, its gonna be turned around her the same way it went down with the cowboys and j. simpson and shes gonna feel like an ahole.

1691 days ago


Reggie may the lord strick upon you, the wisdom to know KIM HO is not the one for you. You are higher being. DO NOT LET THIS BITCH MANIPULATE YOU TO MARRY HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve so much more and so much better. I'''m thinking a purer being. She will destroy you man. ood Luck SundaY. go saints!!!!!!

1691 days ago


Of course she's there on a Tuesday afternoon. Not like she has a job to go to or anything.

1691 days ago


Kim please get out of Miami. You are not good luck. You simply a good F@@K. Damn, Ray J ruined anything leghit about you honey. You are simply a sl@t. I pray for your lil sisters. I pray for your Kris who is the biggest one of you all. WHAT YOUR FATHER THINK???? Kris you messed all of them up. BRUCE GROW A BRAIN AND GET THE LITTLE ONES OUT NOW WHIE YOU CAN!

1691 days ago

P cramer    

The luckyest ass in the world.

1691 days ago


Many celebs have sex tapes out there it's no big deal.

What separates Kim from the rest is she let a guy P!SS on her. She let the world see her being used as a toilet.

I can't believe she walks around smiling for the camera, any decent woman would be humiliated. But Kim has already showed us by playing toilet that she gets off on being humiliated.

Can you imagine what Reggie's family thinks of her? They have to be embarrassed.

1691 days ago


nice facelift kim!

1691 days ago


whatever happend to men wanting a lady in the street but a freak in the bed? seems now they even want a freak in the street. lol!

1691 days ago


Here's what I want to know... What are these sex tape sluts going do when they have kids? How do you explain to your children that their friends can buy a movie where their mother is being tossed up and urinated on by some nasty guy???? Someone please explain this to me.

1691 days ago

happy day    

Kim, how does Reggie like the taste of my man juice I sprayed you with?


1691 days ago


I agree with Lynette.. very well said! She made a mistake .. wow.. we all do. She is freakin Hot and Rich and all you haters are just jealous cause your a$$e$ won't get paid 10K for a tweet like her..

1691 days ago


The brain fully develops between the ages of 23 and 26. Kim's brain is fully developed. Reggie's is not. That's why he's with her. When his brain reaches full development, he'll see the light and move on from her, again. The KKK's, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney were and are just desperate for ANY man. ~ Khloe was making it with the other radio guy on her Dash show in Miami. She was also holding back from making it with another guy, but really didn't believe he was serious about her. When she discovered he was actually serious about her, she decided to go for him, but it was too late by that time, as the guy wised up. Then 2-seconds later, Lemar Odom came into the picture and actually wanted Khloe, as Khloe must have done something sexual to Lemar in order to make Lemar have temporary insanity and leave his girlfriend and mother of his two kids he had for the last 10-years, and wanted to marry Khloe within that month. Now Khloe finally has a black man that will pay attention to her, right now, and they want to start a family. I guess they forgot that Lemar already has a family of his own with his two children, but it doesn't seem that his kids count in any of this. ~ Kourtney didn't know if she loved Scott or not, so when they broke up and she missed him, she slept with her brother Robb's best friend one night because Scott was no longer around. Then she hooked up with Scott and found she was knocked up, went back with Scott because of the baby, but we still don't really know if Scott's the father or Robb's best friend is. She only took Scott back because of being pregnant, and Scott likes the money Grandma Kris sets them up with so that's enough to make him stick around. Again, we still don't know if the baby is really Scott's child. ~ Kim was with black Ray J to make a sex tape. Their relationship went sour, Ray J sold the sex tape through puppet master Grandma Kris Kardashian's orders. Ray J got enough money from the tape and didn't want Kim any more. Grandma Kris thought black Reggie would be Kim's next best bet and fixed them up. Kim is just arm candy for Reggie right now until his brain is fully developed and he can see the light of the fact that Kim's "career" will come long before her relationship with Reggie or any of the next black men Grandma Kris pays to have them fixed up with her. Kim is in love with Kim and the way she looks at all times. Reggie's just there because she can't face being alone right now, and she'll get some publicity if Reggie gets a Super Bowl ring. She does want Reggie to marry her because Khloe was superficially married. Kim also wants a baby because Kourtney got knocked up and had one. In essence, it all has to do with feeling desperate on all the KKK's part. Don't worry, puppet master Grandma Kris will continue to guide them so they'll turn out just like her. ~ Poor Bruce. He is Kendall and Kylie's ONLY hope.

1691 days ago

stop hating    

I don't know where I've been..but I didn't know about Kim making a sex video...anyone have a link to it?

1691 days ago



1690 days ago


WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1690 days ago
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