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'We Are the World' -- The Remake

2/2/2010 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anyone who's ever put out a record in the past 5 years got together yesterday at Jim Henson studios in Los Angeles to sing a new version of Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie's "We Are the World" to benefit Haiti.

We Are the World: Click to watch
The Jonas Brothers, Wyclef Jean, Harry Connick Jr., Sugarland, Justin Bieber, "Best Singer in the World" Celine Dion and a ton of other performers were seen recording the song yesterday afternoon.

The final video will air during during the opening ceremony for the Olympics February 12.

'we are the world' celebrities


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even though it is for a good cause i don't care for it. the song is not the same without michael jackson. i remember all the huge stars that participated in the original. can't say that i see any of that in this new version.

1724 days ago


Where is lil wayne... it would of been awsome with lil wayne

1724 days ago

David Boothby    

The word in informed Hollywood circles is that Harvey Levin and the TMZ staff were so moved by this new video that they will be donating 1 million dollars of TMZ proceeds to help the impoverished Haitian people.
A beautiful show of love.

1724 days ago


There isn't anymore imagination left in Hollywood.

Nothing new in movies. Just re-makes of older hits.

Nothing new on TV. A whole lot of moronic Reality TV shows.

And now they're going to start doing re-makes of past songs.


1724 days ago



1724 days ago

kev the realist    

Yeah, but the morons invited LOSER, SLACKER, AHOLE Kanye West to be part of something that may have a true benefit. When will the music industry "get it" and stop pandering to these flaming morons. I am surprised they didn't invite Chris Brown ( or di I miss him on the list)

Harvey, How about having some integrity.

1724 days ago


NEVER mess with a classic.
Now all the celebs are jumping on the bandwagon.
Think outside the box people.
Plenty of talent there to come up with something new.
Celebs aren't there for the cause, they're there because it's the hip thing to do.

1724 days ago

Rock Singer    

Although it's great to help the suffering people of Haiti can't go back, they should have come up with a new song, bad idea, good cause.

1724 days ago


It's an insult to MJ's legacy to remake this classic, his heart and soul was poured into the making of this project. There are millions of songwriters, they couldn't come up with another tribute song to make money for Haiti, the collection of singers alone would have drawn in the bucks. As for the relief efforts and although I sympathize with what the Haitian community if going through I must agree that the entertainment industry has not taken even the remote interest in doing a benefit concert or record or anything for the good old people of the USA who are suffering. Did anyone do a benefit concert for the people of Katrina who are still homeless? I know that some people are still to this day living in FEMA trailers, where is there benefit concert? If you think the people of Haiti are going to see the bulk of any of this money stay tuned, five years from now the majority will still be living in home structures similair to those that fell to the ground. How about a tribute and concert for our starving children as well? I'm not saying don't help, we have to but let's not forget Celine who buttered your bread! THE GOOD OLD USA.

1724 days ago


Not a dime to Haiti...not one. Send canned goods or blankets maybe, but no money---ever.

Celine of the infamous "let them touch these things, just once" from dare she put her mug anywhere near Haiti relief---she hates our own country and should return to the squalor she grew up in French Speaking Quebec. Better yet go back to your homeland, France, the same country that shackled Haiti into what they became.

Not a dime...heck they cant even get MTV to come clean on where the money went from the telethon, so dont give money---give tangible goods the Haitain rotten govt cant spend on themselves.

And Celine? Go away..

1724 days ago


8. Seriously? What the 'world' fails to notice is that Haiti was named as the most corrupt country in 2006. Government and business corruption lead their citizens into extreme poverty. Do you think any of that has changed? Where do you think all of these millions raised for the earthquake victims are REALLY going to go? To the people? FOOLS. Just like the billions of dollars that have been going to third world countries, these monies only line the pockets of their leaders. When will people learn?

Posted at 9:27AM on Feb 2nd 2010 by FooFoo

Read more:

Yeah, I'm really concerned about where some of this money may end up as well:( I made a donation myself & had this thought as I did so. I'm also involved with a childs charity that I donate to every month but didn't sign up for that until I learned all I could about the background of the charitable organization.

The only other alternative we have is to do nothing & give nothing & THAT sure isn't an alternative for me either. I would one day(as a nurse,when my daughter is older) go & volunteer my time & service in a third world country. Then I KNOW who benefits from what I have to give. You certainly raise an excellent point. Very disheartening to think that there are people out there who will steal from those who desperately need this money but they do.

1724 days ago

oh brother    

but the Jonas Brothers can't even sing

1724 days ago


I'm sorry, but ended up killing a classic, where are the real stars of the music now? what the Jonas Brothers are doing in this remake? Justin Bieber, my God what a shame. Michael must be turning in his grave

1724 days ago


I believe this is meant to be a noble effort, however, I guess they couldn't come up with something original hey? I hope that somewhere they can fit Michael Jackson in, whether it be his voice or a flash of a picture or something to give recognition to who led the way the first time. In just watching this small clip, there definitely is something missing, that certain spark, leadership and burst of energy that Michael gave the projects he was involved in.

I'm hoping all this interest in and outpouring of concern for Haiti puts them in the spotlight so that whatever corruption there is can be exposed and they can rebuild successfully and dig their way out of poverty. People of the world will be watching (and helping) them.

As for the negative comments about Celine, I'm Canadian and although she isn't a favorite of mine, she does have heart and a heck of strong voice. I believe she means well and extends her talent to help the cause.

As for the homelessness/poverty around our own cities and countries that people have expressed their concerns about in earlier posts, YOU can make a difference in either volunteering your time or making a small monthly donation to a cause that is dear to your heart right in your own city.

Yes, L-O-V-E can go a long way - get involved, participate, give a little bit of yourself. Michael Jackson was right, we can all "Make That Change" by starting with "The Man in the Mirror".

1724 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

A story is spreading that the Jackson's had a research firm look at Michael's BODY.It was reported that samples OF HIS BODY HAD HIGH LEVELS OF DRUGS AND KILLED THE LAB RATS.

1724 days ago
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