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Cops: Leif Garrett Had Black Tar Heroin in Shoe

2/3/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leif GarrettLeif Garrett was carrying black tar heroin in his shoe when he was arrested Monday morning in L.A., this according to law enforcement sources.

According to sources, cops first noticed Garrett shaking and sweating profusely at an L.A. Metrolink station -- when they asked him if they could perform a search of his person.

We're told cops asked Garrett if he had any drugs on him -- at first, Garrett told them he didn't ... but then later admitted he was packing heroin in his shoe.

Cops seized the drugs and arrested Garrett on the spot -- before transporting him to a nearby jail where he stayed behind bars until Wednesday morning.

Garrett was eventually released after posting $10,000 bail.

He is due back in court on February 24.


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So pathetic. I remember seeing him on all the covers of teenie bopper magazines. Such a waste of life. Too bad he didn't do anything positive with his life. Another Hollywood child bites the dust. Such a shame that it happens to so many of them. Fame is not for everyone.

1723 days ago


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has mini-cams installed on their subway trains, buses, and the Metrolink trains. They have audio and video. The deputies sit at a control center (Rosa Parks) and monitor activity on all the platforms and on-board public transportation. Also, they have plain clothes deputies and uniformed deputies riding aboard. Gangsters, terrorists, and drug-addicts Beware! He was questioned at Union Station because he gave himself away in some manner. He was compelled to answer truthfully because if he hadn't - next, he would have probably been visited by Deputy Dope Dog. That is the deputy that no one should try to fool. He is big and mean, bites first, and .... they ask questions later.

Leif, you and I have talked in the past when I observed you on the Red Line. Obviously, you weren't ready to listen. Son, again, get into rehab!

1723 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

Leif Garrett, loser. Wasted days and wasted nights. What can you say, he loves heroin.

1723 days ago



1723 days ago

Kawika 3    

Yeah, he's one of them D-list LOSERS on some TV show, that makes fun of people.
Look who the Funny Loser is now. They should have an episode of his stupid tactics.
Your 17 minutes are up buddy !!!!!
Back to your Real Sleaze bag Self...

1723 days ago


What a shame. He had potential, but drugs has done a job on him...scabs on the face, etc. Too bad he can't get his life together.

1723 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does!!! Stupid dumbass!!

1723 days ago


Its a shame. I just dont think Leif is ever going to change. My girlfriend has spotted him many a time in central L.A. Echo Park area etc. and we always wish him the best from afar and even hold hope that he's doing better, which at times he seemed like he was, although she never approaches him to tell him. Sad.

Its a shame the music industry has abondoned him. So telling of the Dream Factory.

1723 days ago


Leif, you and I have talked in the past when I observed you on the Red Line. Obviously, you weren't ready to listen. Son, again, get into rehab!

Posted at 5:36PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by Rev. Smith

Garrett's father is a Reverend and post on TMZ?!

1723 days ago

Hospital Intercom    

Paging Dr. Drew, Paging Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, you are needed in the rehab unit, stat!

Celebrity Rehab 3, here Leif comes.

1723 days ago

my two cents    

He and Redmond O'Neil need to be on the show Intervention.

1723 days ago


Thats a shame!

1723 days ago


TO F**KING WANDA W. : Wow! You really must not have a life or either you have some major beef with Leif because you a posted basically the same tirade on both of TMZ's posts regarding him. It seems that you are the one that is being a whiny baby. You're ridiculous. BTW, after what everyone else wrote about you, I would think that you would be a little nicer. Some people just never learn and don't forget what happens when you assume.....damn you're such a loser!

1723 days ago


I can't believe he had heroin in his shoe. I can believe he had heroin, it's the shoes that I doubt.

1722 days ago


Ya know...he doesn't seem like such a bad guy...just can't seem to kick the habit. Hope he is able to find his peace...maybe he'll be a candidate for the next celebrity rehab.

1722 days ago
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