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'Deadliest Catch' Captain Out of Coma

2/3/2010 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phil HarrisCaptain Phil Harris from "Deadliest Catch" woke up from a medically induced coma Tuesday, according to his sons -- and immediately started barking commands from his Anchorage hospital bed.

Jake and Josh Harris tell TMZ their dad "showed some good signs of improvement" today, including squeezing their hands.

Harris' sons -- who both work with him aboard the F/V Cornelia Marie -- say they are "encouraged but still very cautious" as Captain Phil recovers from the stroke he suffered on Friday.

One really good sign -- his sons tell us that shortly after waking up, Harris told his doctors and nurses: "Don't f**k up."

Aye, aye Captain.


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Such good news!

Capt Phil you are accoustomed to giving is a time where you must see your doctors and nurses as "Captains"...they will be asking you to do things you really will not want to do, but, as your "Captains", they are just like you- giving orders and directions to keep your recovery progressing, just like you do to your crew- You can do this Phil. You can.

Josh and Jake- I have two sons and I know how important you are to your father's recovery. Join him in his quest for health- you two have the most important job of your lives in front of you- from what little we, as viewers, see of both of you- you have the love, the maturity and the power to do this. You are surrounded by your industry family as well as all of us who have watched both of you progress to become hard working, responsible men.

Phil, you, and your sons are in the prayers of more people than you can imagine. Good wishes to all of you.

1661 days ago

Do not wanna reveal    

So glad to hear this. I was so worried about him when I read that he was in a coma and had the stroke. I thought it was funny how he started barking out orders and telling the doctors and nurses not to f up. That was funny. Well, at least he's acting like himself, now all we have to do is hope that the damage from the stroke isn't forever. Hopefully he'll be able to go into some kind of recovery program and some therapy. Hopefully he'll be able to go back to work in the future. But hopefully he'll rest for awhile and stay away from the sea at least for awhile. But, he NEEDS to stop chain smoking and drinking. This probably in some way contributed to the stroke. No doubt. I just hope that his kids get on the ball with him and really talk to him and crack down on their dad. Hearing this news that he was out of the coma just made my day. I am serious. Not kidding. I hope he is able to go back to crab fishing and being the good captain that I know he is, but he so obviously needs to take a break for awhile. Maybe not do this season and do the next or something... Hopefully he'll take it easy for awhile. At any time he could have died. That kind of thing is so incredibly serious. So, lets hope that he is smart and he listens to doctors about what to do.

Get well soon, Phil.

1661 days ago



1661 days ago


It's not a time I don't eat a crab leg without giving thanks to those guys that put it on the line for me to enjoy it. Get well, Phil.

1661 days ago


I'm so glad to hear this!

He will have to make some life changing decisions and quit with the smokes.

Phil and his family continue to be in my prayers.

1661 days ago


WOW!!!!!!! This is great - our prayers are working...What a terrific way to start my day was to find out that you woke up and were barking orders - I'm gonna keep praying for your full recovery and hope we see you back in the interviews telling all of us worried ones how you are doing. Be nice to the doc's and nurse's they are helping you... WOW I am so happy you are awake and talking and just being you. Love you Phil - your great - Josh and Jake are great son's. love you love you love you

1661 days ago

Michael G.    

OMFG.... I'm so happy! He's my fav.

1661 days ago


For some reason, I love that show! I am so glad you are going to be all right. I agree about the red bull, that didn't help. See you soon!

1661 days ago


Give 'em hell Phill and get better quick!

1661 days ago


LOL, HIM...telling the doctors and nurses not to "f**k up"?? You're kidding, right? He's only f**ked up his own body by years of smoking, being angry and by refusing to stop smoking after he had his first scare. He had that same surly, unnecessary attitude when he was first sent to the hospital some time back. I wish him well but he's pathetic!!!

1661 days ago


Thank goodness he is doing better. I love watching the show and the Cornelia Marie crew is my favorite. Captain Phil can always make me laugh. And for the people who feel they need to be negative, please do it elsewhere. This is not the time for that. Anyone can have a stroke. I know a woman who was thin and had no risk factors, and never smoked a day in her life. She has had two strokes. It can happen to you too. Maybe the stress of your mean attitude will cause you to have one! Unless you have walked a mile in his shoes, let us all try not to judge. That is the job of the lord, not you. Get well soon, Captain Phil.

1661 days ago


Very good to hear he is doing better. I have known a few crab guys and they are all the same. They are some of the best people ever.

And to Chris and other morons. Stop with the smoking bit. you guys sound like f'ing retards. Go get in a plane and fly up there and tell me how it is to breath up there when its -20 or so. It doesn't matter if you smoke or not. This is a very known risk and happens to a lot of workers up there. Look at that Ice road trucker who doesn't smoke. He had the same type of lung clot. I see these claims all the time when paying medical claims for people in the arctic and even lower in Canada.

Lets put it this way. If you can get frost bite on your fingers and body parts what do you think its doing to your lungs. Then you add your lungs are moist and the salt. HE could have never smoked a cig in his life and his risk would be the same.

1661 days ago


i am so sorry to hear about Phil having a stroke. We will pray for him. Happy to hear he is improving. God Bless you all.We love you Phil...take it easy.

Cesar and Lisa

1661 days ago



This loser is pathetic. Discovery Channel should be fined for contributing to pathetic-ness for showing this losers smoking. He huffs and puffs it to a hospital after having clots, sneaks out of the damn hospital to smoke more, then cries about the risk of dying and that crap.

This stroke, emergency evac, 13 hour craniotomy, and more .... won't make this loser truly wake up.

TV audiences and the world are better without "him"

Posted at 7:32AM on Feb 3rd 2010 by TD

Read more:
i just wanted to point out that theres a reason some people dont quit smoking... its addictive! and for some people its next to impossible to quit. in fantasy land where u live, i guess no body ever picked up a cigarette and then couldnt quit whenever they felt like it. but here in the real world things sometimes arent so perfect. wishing Phil the best for a speedy recovery, from a person with a little compassion :)

1661 days ago


LOLOLOLOLOL - OMG Phil... OMG! Way to come back kicking butt and taking names. lol but I sure hope you get some rest in between all that. God bless you... get better...and then stay non stressed would ya?

1661 days ago
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