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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Not Charged Today

2/3/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray Two law enforcement sources have just told TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray will not be charged today in the death of Michael Jackson.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray's lawyers prepared yesterday to surrender Dr. Murray today, but we are now told the D.A. will not pull the trigger until tomorrow at the earliest.

And, sources tell us, when Dr. Murray appears in court for the first time, the D.A. will recommend that bail be set at $25,000 -- standard for involuntary manslaughter in L.A. County.


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why does everyone want to make love to me?

1730 days ago

a fan    

CM is not going to prison. If he plea bargains to reckless endangerment, it is a misdemeanor and he may go briefly to jail or get probation. Hold on to you hats.

1730 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

90. why does everyone want to make love to me?

Posted at 4:16PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by ric

Read more:

I think there is only one person here that is into ric and she left this morning!

1730 days ago

Donna S.    

Why is it in the United States if you happen to have a medical degree ("Doctor" Conrad Murray) or a psychology degree (anybody remember pathetic Anna Nicole Smith and "Doctor" Howard Stern?) you can legally get away with being a drug dealer and a murderer?

1730 days ago


so it's you.. aww how sweet

1730 days ago


Well if they arrest him then they gotta stick to the involuntary manslaughter charge but usually if you give a monkey enough rope he will eventually hang himself somehow so maybe they waiting patiently to see what he does, who he talks to, where he goes cause if they are staking the man out then they got that place bugged tapped and probably everything under the sun, legal or illegally just to get something more solid and incremenating(sp). It's all very frustrating but apparently very necessary. I hope this is the case because it pisses me off that he isn't cuffed and stuffed already.

1730 days ago

cathy is morphed has morphed into a jackass    

I think there is only one person here that is into ric and she left this morning!

Posted at 4:19PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by Ric is a jag off

you seem very obsessed with him too. why don't you and him stop now?

1730 days ago


Love you Michael! Your fans will always be here for you. :)

1730 days ago


71. Reliable sources say even if he is charged, he'll probably "walk" because it will be too difficult to prove "intent".

Posted at 4:03PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by moe l.


I agree that it will difficult to "prove" anything that Murray did that morning. But I never believed that he intended to kill Michael, and I still don't. But isn't that why the charge is called INVOLUNTARY manslaughter?

1730 days ago


BTW, it isn´t TMZ´s fault that Murray wasn´t arrested today. And they´re not the only ones reporting on this. News sources even here across the pond have been running this story since yesterday.

Posted at 4:13PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by astabasta.

All over the news(tv) now. Indicating Murray will be charged by the end of the week. It really would be nice if the next story read. "Murray Arrested!"
Until then...Oh Well!

1730 days ago


TMZ please keep posting what's going on! I've been refreshing the page every 5 minutes for the past 18 hours. That's how addicted I am!

TMZ rocks!

They need to send Murray to the Filippino prison so some MJ fans can take care of him...

1730 days ago


96. I think there is only one person here that is into ric and she left this morning!

Posted at 4:19PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by Ric is a jag off

Last night was the ric and random angel show. God help us if we are treated to that again tonight.

1730 days ago

cathy is morphed has morphed into a jackass    

so it's you.. aww how sweet

Posted at 4:21PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by ric

Ric, I always enjoyed your posts because they were funny and sometimes informative but now you seem to be a different moods lately. Why? I am not trying to argue here.

1730 days ago


Please keep this board open to discussion pertaining to the topic, this isn't a chat room to call each other names on and use an assload of ID's & clones.. I look forward to replies about the topic, it's interesting to see others opinions and share experiences etc about THIS DISCUSSION. Why don't you guys that fill up the boards with talking to each other get on a messenger or something, damn..

1730 days ago


DR Murray is a hero to all male children. Thank you Dr Murray

1730 days ago
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