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The 'Lost' Diary -- LA X, Parts 1 & 2

2/3/2010 2:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LostDaniel from TMZ here, welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I love making lists -- Top 10 This, 20 Favorite That -- and I am often asked to rank my favorite television shows of all-time. And every time I do, I leave "Lost" off entirely. See, I can't possibly judge "Lost" until it's over. The final season will dictate how I view the entire series forever. If the final season blows, I will feel like I wasted six years of my life. If it delivers, I will feel completely vindicated. So for me, tonight's episode is the beginning of how I will remember "Lost" the rest of my life.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I plan on watching the final season of "Lost" with as many new people as possible this season, but tonight I am going old school -- just me and Ari.

Let's roll ...

9:00 -- I just watched an hour-long show that was essentially a "Previously on 'Lost'" -- do I need more?

9:01 -- Jack is back on Oceanic Flight 815 as we are, essentially, re-living the crash again (stewardess and all).

9:02 -- Will the plane crash this time?

9:03 -- "Looks like we made it." -- Barry Manilow, I mean Jack.

9:04 -- Am I wrong to think the plane still might crash? And what's the deal with the cut on Jack's neck? Where'd that come from?

9:05 -- That's weird -- Desmond is on the plane. Desmond wasn't on Oceanic 815. Why is Desmond on the plane?

9:06 -- Cue the creepy Tim Burton music as the camera whips around to show us the four-toed statue ... underwater.

9:10 -- Kate's eyes open only to find her hanging from a tree, ears ringing. Do not adjust the volume on your television.

9:11 -- Kate wanders around the jungle till she finds Miles. How many times do people on "Lost" wake up with no clue where they are? Once a week?

9:12 -- "We're back." So Jack is off the island, but Kate isn't. Interesting.

9:13 -- Ok, Jack really is on the island. Was the first scene just a dream? Damn you, clever "Lost" writers!!!

9:14 -- Jack was wrong about everything, it would appear, and Sawyer is not happy since Juliet was blown up by the bomb. Or was she?

9:15 -- Jack is back on the plane again. If you were wondering the first time I suffered a "Lost"-induced migraine in 2010, the correct answer was 9:15.

9:16 -- Back on the plane, Sawyer hears that Hurley is a lottery winner and he made that "I'm a con man and I am about to do con man things" face.

9:17 -- "I am the luckiest guy alive." -- Hurley. Of course he is -- no hatch, no numbers, no bad luck. But then ... how did he come up with the numbers to win the lottery in the first place. Second "Lost" induced migraine coming ... now.

9:18 -- Juliet is crying for help and now Jack and company are digging through rubble.

9:19 -- Sayid doesn't look good. Someone's in the woods -- my money is on Boone.

9:20 -- Nope, it's Jacob.

9:22 -- Back on Oceanic 815, Sun and Jin are chatting it up. Remember -- this is pre-plane crash Jin, so he's kind of an a-hole.

9:23 -- "If this plane goes down in the ocean way out here, I think our chances of survival are exactly zero." -- Boone.

9:24 -- Boone is on the plane, but Shannon isn't. Is that supposed to be right? And Locke went on his walkabout -- only he never crashed on the island, so he should still be in a wheelchair. Headache #3.

9:25 -- "If this thing goes down, I'm sticking with you." -- Boone.

9:26 -- Ben seems a little broken up about killing Jacob. Remorse? From Ben? Doesn't feel right.

9:27 -- Seeing Locke's body in the casket makes Ben make the same face I have been making for the last 20 minutes. Seeing as Locke is inside the temple AND in a casket, from now on I will be referring to Locke as Not-Locke, since it clearly isn't him and is instead the guy from the beach last season.

9:31 -- The search for Juliet continues.

9:32 -- "Your friend Jin won't be able to see me ... Because I died an hour ago." -- Jacob. Well duh.

9:33 -- So Hurley has to take Sayid to the temple and bring the guitar case with him. When Hurley asked Jacob "Who are you?" for a split second I thought he was going to say "Batman."

9:34 -- I'm going to say it -- I hope Juliet dies. If a giant bomb goes off, someone should die. Even on "Lost."

9:35 -- Since the plane didn't crash, Charlie got to do his beloved heroin ... and promptly OD'd.

9:39 -- Here I am, rooting for Charlie to die again. Just like old times.

9:40 -- "Yeah, you're alive." -- Jack to Charlie.

9:41 -- Sawyer and Juliet get the dramatic reunion music usually reserved for Desmond and Penny.

9:44 -- Jack says there is "nothing I can do for him (Sayid)" which gives Hurley the green light for Operation Temple.

9:47 -- The Not-Locke version of the Smoke Monster kicks ass.

9:48 -- "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." -- Not-Locke

9:52 -- "I have to tell you something, it's really important ..." -- Juliet. Fantastic timing.

9:53 -- RIP Juliet.

9:54 -- "You did this." -- Sawyer. Was he talking to me? Cause I only wrote I wanted Juliet dead, I didn't actually kill her.

9:55 -- "I was supposed to die." -- Charlie. Yes, yes you were.

9:56 -- Did Jack imagine Desmond?

9:56 -- As we begin our final descent into Los Angeles, I am reminded of all the people we could have seen on the plane -- Shannon, Michael, Walt, Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, and Libby. If they all were shown, the GUEST STARRING credits at the beginning of the show would have lasted 15 minutes.

9:57 -- Soft music, slow motion montage ...

9:59 -- And Locke's wheelchair. Guess he lied about the walkabout.

10:04 -- "It's not a guitar, man." -- Hurley. Um, what?

10:05 -- "Jack Shephard, please go to the nearest courtesy desk." What are the odds his dad's coffin has gone missing.

10:06 -- "We're not exactly sure where it is." -- Oceanic guy.

10:07 -- Operation Temple encountered a brief obstacle (giant wall), but seems to be moving along well.

10:09 -- WHISPER WHISPER WHISPER and now Kate's gone.

10:10 -- WHISPER WHISPER WHISPER and now everyone is captured.

10:11 -- "Guess we found the temple." -- Hurley

10:15 -- Kate needs to go to the bathroom, no doubt to plot her escape. Poorly.

10:16 -- Kate escapes.

10:18 -- Sawyer is burying Juliet. Guess she really is dead. I feel kinda guilty.

10:19 -- Sawyer wants Miles to tell him what Juliet was trying to tell him before she died.

10:20 -- "It worked." -- Miles. Ok, so is it possible everyone is on the island ... AND off the island? Headache #4.

10:21 -- "They were on the first plane." -- Stewardess. She's had more lines tonight than in the previous five seasons combined.

10:22 -- "Jacob sent us!" -- Hurley

10:25 -- "Hey, excuse me. I carried that case across the ocean and, like, through time. I want to know what that paper says." -- Hurley.

10:29 -- So what are the odds Sun bolts now that she's in Los Angeles? That was her original plan, right?

10:30 -- "No english." -- Sun

10:31 -- The Temple's hot tub seems to be broken and isn't healing people properly.

10:34 -- RIP Sayid? That can't be right.

10:35 -- No, seriously -- that can't be right. Not Sayid. I don't even remember how he got shot in the first place.

10:40 -- Kate continues her escape. I always find myself rooting against her. Which isn't saying much -- she always gets captured.

10:42 -- Claire? I completely forgot about her.

10:43 -- Creepy Asian Guy totally speaks English.

10:44 -- "Cause he's dead. What, you guys didn't know?" -- Hurley

10:46 -- "Let's not resort to name calling." -- Not-Locke.

10:47 -- Hearing Not-Locke talk about Locke is kinda like hearing someone deliver their own eulogy.

10:48 -- "I want to go home." -- Not-Locke

10:51 -- "Goodbye, dude. If you ever want to talk, I'm around." -- Hurley to Sayid.

10:52 -- Seeing Locke and Jack together brings back Season 2 memories.

10:53 -- "They didn't lose your father, they just lost his body." -- Locke

10:54 -- "Nothing's irreversible." -- Jack

10:56 -- "I'm seeing it, but I'm still not believing it." -- Lawnmower Man.

10:57 -- "It's good to see you out of those chains." -- Not-Locke. Apparently Richard and Not-Locke have a long history.

10:59 -- Back at the temple, everyone is bummed out about Juliet and Sayid dying. Tough afternoon for the Losties.

11:00 -- "What happened?" -- Sayid

Season 1 of "Lost" has always been a bit of a conundrum to me. On one hand, it's the consensus best season (not sure if I agree, but I think it's a fair choice). On the other hand, if someone told you they were about to start watching "Lost" and they wanted to skip one season and still be able to figure out what's going on, they could skip Season 1, right?

I mean -- no Others, no hatches, no Jacob, no Ben, no Richard, no Desmond, no time travel. In a weird way, it's like it's own separate show.

But it's taken us all the way until Season 6, but we're back to a Season 1 type of story -- the What If Oceanic 815 Didn't Crash universe. It's just a bunch of characters, that we have grown to love, living normal lives (a la the flashbacks from Seasons 1 and 2). If you loved Season 1, you are no doubt loving this half of "Lost" -- the Flashsideways, as I believe they are being called.

So let's focus on the 815 universe, because I don't think I am ready to tackle what's going on on the island. Desmond is on the plane, they lost Christian (and Locke's knives), Charlie tried to swallow heroin rather than flush it, Sun hates Jin, Claire isn't going to give birth to her baby in a jungle and Hurley has good luck (think that's all the differences, off the top of my head, for now).

I've always said certain episodes get graded differently than others, season premieres being one of them. I give this episode a B+. It didn't knock me over with crazy revelations, but it set up Season 6 in an amazing way -- which, considering how high the stakes are, is pretty damn impressive.

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Greg wrote "There was a scene right before Sayid came back to life that Miles was starring at Hurley, and Hurley asked Miles what he was looking at and Miles said nothing. i thought to myself that Miles knew that Sayid was not dead because he was what looked like in some sort of deep thought. So when Sayid came back to life, i was not suprised."

I think Miles was confused because he did not get any communication from dead Sayid and we know he can talk to dead people. Or he was shocked overhearing Hugo and now knows that Hugo can also communicate with dead people. But I think Sayid definitely dies and I think his body is inhabited now by Richard because remember when Non-Locke attacked Richard - maybe he killed him and Richard took over Sayid's body. And he attacked Richard just before Sayid wakes up. Somehow Richard is very tied into this. I think they will be having a back story on Richard soon. Also, when the temple people were putting Sayid into the waters they said to Jack that there could be consequences to it. Maybe one of those is living forever which is what obviously has happened to Richard. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It is confusing and brilliant.

Lastly... I think Richard was from the black Pearl. But Jacob and guy in black are not.

1725 days ago


Ok cmon. Doesnt anyone else see whats going on??

John is not the real john. He's Jacobs enemy, the man in black. Possibly Jacobs brother?? ( IE Cain and Able)

Jacob needed Hurley to bring Sayids body to the temple, so once he died, Jacob could inhibit Sayids body.

So now its John (man in black) versus Sayid (Jacob)

Good versus evil. But whos good and whos evil???

Love it!!

1725 days ago


Lawnmower Man--LMAO!!!!!

1725 days ago


I missed the Lost Diary. You had some good thoughts that I didn't think about, but I have to disagree with wanting Juliet to die.

Sawyer and Juliet's relationship I think is actually better than Kate's & Jack's and Kate's & Sawyer's relationships. Nothing against Kate, because I love her and want to see her and Jack together in the end, but there was just something special about the way that Juliet changed Sawyer that I would put their relationship on the Penny and Desmond level. Oh and by the way, Sayid got shot by Ben's dad when he was carrying the inside of the hydrogen bomb. So I'm really sad to see her go, but at least I get to see her on V.

I have to see that the whole flash-sideways gives me a headache too. I'm not getting why the explosion would cause that to happen. And while I agree that it wasn't an amazing episode, I think it sets up the season in a nice way.

1725 days ago


Excellent recap, Daniel. I didn't remember how Sayid got shot either.

Why did Charlie swallow the heroin IN A BAGGIE if he wanted to die?

1725 days ago


I find it really strange that people take the time to chop on a show the rest of us love. We don't find it stupid. We don't find it boring. We are fans. Clearly someone is watching it A) it wouldn't still be on tv or B) it wouldn't have the hoopla and excitement surrounding it that it does.

I get that you don't feel the same way. But why be so negative? Are you that vain that you think because you don't like something no one should? No one cares that you don't like it. No one cares that you didn't have the mental fortitude to stick out this giant puzzle of a tv series. Why did you bother sitting and reading the synopsis if you don't like the show? If anyone is idiotic, it's those reading about a show they seemingly hate and wasting their time trying to bring down those who enjoy the show. Give me a break.

1725 days ago

Regina T    

What about the role reversal of Rose on the airplane? If you recall, Rose was the one who was terrified when the plane had turbulence and Jack was the one telling her the plane "wants to stay in the air". This time around, Rose is giving off the "it's gonna be ok" vibe, not Jack.
And Jack's pen got stolen by Kate when she bumped into him coming out of the bathroom....that's why he couldn't find it when he tried to do a trach on Charlie....who was choking on the regurgitated bag of heroin....not killing himself. Kate used the pen to try and get the handcuffs off in the airport bathroom after the plane landed. No way in hell she's not going to get caught....Kate always gets caught! She will probably still end up delivering Claire's baby though....

1725 days ago


We saw the first Sydney - LA flight tonight - I think the crash happened during the second flight (Jack had to go back to find his dad's body, Boone had to go back to get his sister, etc.)

1725 days ago


Tony, Kate pickpocketed Jack's pen when she bumped into him while coming out of the bathroom on the plane. It was Jack's pen that she was using to try to pick the lock on her handcuffs in the airport bathroom.

So, I don't think it's a flash-sideways, but rather a flashforward flashback. Meaning, something that they do in the future actually works to get them on the plane again. I firmly believe that the nuke did NOT explode... Juliet didn't blow anything up. Instead, because the drill had just hit the electromagnetic pocket, the island flashed in time before she could trigger the bomb.

Also, as far as the temple goes... way back when, Ben ordered Richard to take the others to the temple for their safety, and that's where they've been ever since.

If you notice, there's a lot of this vs. that in Lost. Jacob vs. blackshirt (Esau? Jacob's twin in the bible), Locke vs. Jack, Ben vs. Locke, Jack vs. Sawyer, good vs. evil, black vs. white, faith vs. reason, science vs. faith... it's interesting to see how this will carry out.

1725 days ago


I think what's going to happen is that certain things that happened on the island will also happen off the island. I think that Locke, who made it to LA will walk again because Jack is a spinal surgeon and Jack made the comment that, "anything is possible" or something like that. I think that they'll play it out that certain things that happened on the island will happen to the characters, even though they didn't crash this time around, because those things were meant to happen to them. I think (hope) that Sawyer will find Juliette and things might work out for them this time. I agree with those who commented that Sawyer and Juliette's romance is on the same level as Penny and Desmond's.

As far as the good/evil thing, well I think it's definitely good vs evil. However, who is good and who is evil is still the big question. Jacob might seem innocent but he's done things (questionable and sometimes horrible things) to bring people to the island. He brought the people from the Black Rock to the island and he encountered the main characters off the island, some of them when they were quite young. Even the guy in black (who is assumed to be evil) commented that he didn't understand why Jacob kept bringing people to the island. Things might not be as they seem ... can't wait to see what happens!

1725 days ago


The reason Desmond was on the plane has to do with the altered time line. Lots of things have changed. Because the island sank in that time line, his boat would have never have crashed. He would have sailed around the world and maybe than tried to find Penny if he became successful. It would be an odd coincidence that he was on the same plane though.

Juliet, Ben and many of the other would too have lived out normal lives on the mainland. Juliet and Ben would still be around (aging normally) but people like Richard would be long since gone.

Oh, and I hate that I still watch this show...its gotten so bad. The 1st season was awesome. I call it JJ Abrams syndrome. After 1-2 seasons the writing tanks. Happened on Felicity and Alias.

1725 days ago


i think the scene on the plane is showing what the main characters' lives would be like if they change "the future" or reverse the things that have happened. almost like asking the question: are they better off NOT having crashed?

1725 days ago


11:00 -- "What happened?" -- Sayid

You forgot to mention that this was said in a British accent. Which is strange. Well... The actor in real life does have a British accent... but, Sayid doesn't. Or... does he?!

1725 days ago


Great show

Watch LOST Season 6 at

1725 days ago


I'm so glad you're back, Daniel! I love this show. Yes, it makes my brain hurt, but that's not a bad thing! I agree w/ the whole Good Vs. Evil showdown, and I'm really hoping Jacob is Good (& now in the body of Sayid). I cannot wait to see how it plays out...

1724 days ago
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