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Michael Jackson Doctor Ready to Surrender

2/3/2010 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who administered the fatal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson -- has made plans with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office to surrender on charges of involuntary manslaughter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned the D.A. has been in touch with Dr. Murray's lawyers. The plan -- the D.A. will file charges and then immediately notify Murray's lawyers. The lawyers will then bring Dr. Murray to the downtown L.A. courthouse and surrender to a judge. By surrendering, Dr. Murray would not be arrested and handcuffed.

We're told the D.A. has already drafted the criminal complaint and it could be filed as early as today. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter Dr. Murray faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.

A lawyer claiming to rep the Jackson family says they are upset with a 4 year maximum sentence, calling it "just a slap on the wrist."

Dr. Murray has too many court cases on his plate. We've learned he was due in Las Vegas court this morning. Murray is being sued by medical imaging company for non-payment of fees. Problem is .. Dr. Murray is in L.A. waiting to surrender. So the Las Vegas judge just issued a default judgment against Dr. Murray.

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1686 days ago

Jeff Spicoli    

Oh c'mon peps! Michael got his "milk" and Dr. Murray will get 4 out in 2. The lawsuits to be filed by the family are a joke. "Would you like fries with that?" Love it, learn it, live it! You money train has ended.

1686 days ago


GIVE ME A BREAK...MJ killed himself, he wanted the drugs, he paid for the drugs, HE OD'ed. No matter what people say, the Doc
did what he was asked to do by MJ.
Jackson would have found another doctor to do the same thing.
Lets get on with life, we have much more important things going on in the world than to worry about the drug problems of MJ

1686 days ago


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1686 days ago


As-per the rep lawyers stating 'just a slap on the wrist' is crazy! So many many many people are responsible for Michael's death and quite frankly Michael as well! Afterall, he hired these folks to ingest him with all sorts of poison. Doctor Murray was the very last person to comply with Michael's directives! Accountability folks!

RIP Michael.

1686 days ago

Frieda Jane    

IMPO...this family is mainly upset as their golden goose is dead. Most of them now have to go to work to take care of themselves. As far as the Dr. is concerned, it is well known that MJ did dr. shop for his drugs, admitted in court to being addicted. If it was not this one it would have been several others that played candy man for MJ. Not to mention the street drugs that I would imagine MJ used as well. Much ado about nothing. No money is owed anyone. What ever is left in the estate should go to the kids and only them. None to the rest of the dead beat family, not even dear old mom.

1686 days ago


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1686 days ago


Dr. Murray actually did Michael Jackson and the world a favor by putting Jackson out of his misery. He had become a hopeless, drug soaked pedophile. The world is a better place without him. Dr. Murray deserves a medal for snuffing Jackson.

1686 days ago


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1686 days ago


Four years is a slap on the wrist.he should spend the rest of his life behind bars the jackson kids and family have to spend the rest of there life with out there dad there son there brother that is BS. R.I.P Michael. God bless the jackson family

1686 days ago


Well Michael is resting in peace and the Family need to A WakemUp Call! The doctor at leas is doing the wright thing once sentence can not be try twice! Jackson family are Morron!

1686 days ago


I see no reason for charging Dr. Conrad Murray with the death of Michael Jacksen. Jacko was bent on taking drugs. He would have gotten some doctor to give him prescriptions. The only reason to pursue charges against the doctor is that he is black. They should spend money on pursuing other cases to bring culprits to justice. This doctor is not a culprit.

1686 days ago


Typical Black on Black Crime..they don't learn!!

1686 days ago


You all need to learn that it was the doctors fault so get over it and stop blameing it on mj.

1686 days ago


What kind of Justice do we have. Here is a Dr who is surrendering that he killed Michael Jackson and he is only getting 4 yrs. That is what you call a very wrong system. They send innocent people to prison for life and here is a killer and he gets 4 yrs. That is so wrong. Michael Jackson was an ICON!
We really do miss HIM!!!


1686 days ago
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