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Michael Jackson Doctor Ready to Surrender

2/3/2010 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who administered the fatal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson -- has made plans with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office to surrender on charges of involuntary manslaughter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned the D.A. has been in touch with Dr. Murray's lawyers. The plan -- the D.A. will file charges and then immediately notify Murray's lawyers. The lawyers will then bring Dr. Murray to the downtown L.A. courthouse and surrender to a judge. By surrendering, Dr. Murray would not be arrested and handcuffed.

We're told the D.A. has already drafted the criminal complaint and it could be filed as early as today. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter Dr. Murray faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.

A lawyer claiming to rep the Jackson family says they are upset with a 4 year maximum sentence, calling it "just a slap on the wrist."

Dr. Murray has too many court cases on his plate. We've learned he was due in Las Vegas court this morning. Murray is being sued by medical imaging company for non-payment of fees. Problem is .. Dr. Murray is in L.A. waiting to surrender. So the Las Vegas judge just issued a default judgment against Dr. Murray.

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No Avatar


Hey paul, do you mean Michael would have told the doctor what dose is leathal of his peoposed drug or the doctor is supposed to know what dose to admister and how? Why then was he spending much money to hire this doctor of a man if you claim Michael wanted the drug so it his fault? Yes michael wanted the drug alive and not dead.who knows what intentions were behind that act because it never potrayed and sort of efficiency from a supposed experienced doctor of a guy.

1688 days ago

sevda cetmiyilmaz    

I am so Glad that Michael's doctor has been charged. It's about time.
Now we can finally get justice but I am also in agreement with Michael's family in saying that the for year sentence is not good enough and he deserves life in jail. He shold never ever be allowed to see the light of day again.
Michael is NOT A DRUG ADDICT!!!!.
he was getting help through rehab so don't anyone dare tell me that he wasn't deliberately killed.
Michael was shafted out of the way for his money. I will always believe that. T%hose of you that are blaming Michael, well, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Conrad Murray is a cold blooded killer and deserves to rot in hell.

1688 days ago


Dr Murray must have known giving him that drug at home was crazy. He took is chance just to work for the King of Pop.Dr Murray made a really bad decision to go for MJ requests. He should go to jail longer than 4 years. This action was premeditated agreed on by him and Michael he should have known as a eduacated doctor that giving him this drug every night for sleep was bad for him. I wonder what doctor convinced him this was safe. That person should go to jail along with a the other doctors that gave him drugs.And as far as MJ goes what was he thinking. He must of been a mess to ever go that far with such a dangerous drug. Now hes dead. His kids lost thier father. The doctor is going to jail and losing his lis.and his family has to suffer from grief from losing thier loved one. All because of MJ bad choice.He could still be alive today but his addiction took him down.

1688 days ago


MJ is gone. He wanted drugs and got them. If Dr Murray hadn't given them to him someone else would have. The way he was going this was going to happen at some time anyway. Remember him for being a great entertainer, philantropist and father.

1688 days ago


I think that it is wrong that the doctor takes the fall, to me it seems he was only trying to help MJ. The man had been threw a lot an was obviously having trouble cooping with all of the accusations over the years. Also what's with his family? They were never there before and now they are cashing in on his death, his brothers make me sick!!!

1688 days ago


Denise I do not know what you mean by saying Leave Jacksen alone. Who is bothering Jacksen. And if people were bothering Jacksen who are you to say leave him alone. But {People are talking about his doctor who is being charged with murder. There is no way Doctor should be charged with murder. I myself have to take a lot of medicines. I do not press thre doctors to give me more medicines then necessary. Actually I end up taking less amoubt of every prescribed medicine since at the end of the month i'm left with quiet a bit left which I should not do. My condition gets worsened. If something should happen to me should the doctors be charged for negligence. I do not think that my doctors woulfd be charged because I'm not Jacksen and the behavior of persons can'r be controlled. Who knows what Jacksen took besides what Dr. Murrasy prescribed him. I think Jacksen want to die and he got his wish fulfilled. Now what are you going to say? Leave Jacksen alone? Is that all you have to say. I'd say leave people alone.

1688 days ago



1688 days ago


To TENA: It's irrelevant whether or not Michael knew what was going into his body. It's a doctor's DUTY never to do damage to a patient, it's also an ethical obligation. You're making it sound like suicide by doctor, but a doctor is prohibited from such behavior. Michael could consent to many things as an adult, but he did not consent to be murdered, since such consent is illegal and void as to the doctor. Face it, a black "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IDIOT DOCTOR" murdered a black pop icon- how sickeningly ironic!!

1688 days ago


please. this man is practically innocent. theres a reason celebrities ask for personal doctors: the access to drugs and the ability to order them around if they dont like their advice. it was either give the man what he wanted or lose his job and likely his career for being dismissed by someone as famous as MJ. i think we all know what a sane human being would do.
MJ wanted more then the reccomended dose, either due to addiction or paranoia that it wouldnt work otherwise, and the doctor gave it to him. this would not have happened with a regular patient who lacked that kind of power a celebrity has.
this is WHY i hate celebrities. they think they know better then their damned doctors and have the POWER to force doctors to do what they want.
this man is as much a victim as MJ, if not more so. you people need to think of the sheer power celebrities have these days.
because people, no matter who they are, when given that power, use it.

1688 days ago

Norene Rootare    

I agree with the Jackson Family. The sentence of Dr. Murray was just a slap on the wrist. He should be relieved of his liscence to practice medicine anywhere in the world forever. His authorization to prescribe medicines should be recinded forever.

1688 days ago


Dr. Kervorkian served 8 years for his "crime". I feel that 4 years for Dr. Murray should be called a "blessing" for him. YES, Michael played a large role in his death but so with the "patients" of Dr. Kervorkian.

1688 days ago


Dr. Murray is a quack and should never practice medicine again.

1688 days ago


Theresa I do not love MJ. MJ was known as wacko when he was alive. Now that he killed himself every body is crying their eyes dry. My eyes are already dry. I've to use tears that use harmful preservatives so that they do not get infected. There are tears costing four times as much that do not contain preservatives. But I take a chance and use the cheaper tears. The point is I can waste my tears. He wanted to die. There is nothing I can do about it and I'm not gfoing to cry "I love you MJ" Ido not love MJ. I only love girls who say I l;ove you to me.

1688 days ago


Theresa I do not love MJ. MJ was known as wacko when he was alive. Now that he killed himself every body is crying their eyes dry. My eyes are already dry. I've to use tears that use harmful preservatives so that they do not get infected. There are tears costing four times as much that do not contain preservatives. But I take a chance and use the cheaper tears. The point is I can waste my tears. He wanted to die. There is nothing I can do about it and I'm not gfoing to cry "I love you MJ" Ido not love MJ. I only love girls who say I love you to me.

1688 days ago


Alisa, I can't help but respond to your idiotic comment. Please, he was using his power so he wouldn't get fired? The man is a loser, and if money is more important to him than the Hippocratic Oath he took to "do no harm", then he should never practice medicine again. A competent and sincere physician would never compromise his beliefs or his license to practice to satisfy the whims of ANYONE, famous or not, otherwise the world would be full of greedy doctors and most of us wouldn't be alive. And as far as Michael "wanting more than the recommended dose", you are way off, because there is no recommended dose for Propofol being used out of a hospital setting. The doctor administered more than the recommended dosage of antianxiety medication, which is not prescribed for insomnia. If he had given 150 mg of Restoril, Michael would have gone to sleep and woken up the next day feeling great, ready to put on a show, as always. Do you really think he wanted to die before showing his beloved children why he is the King of Pop? He felt it was time to show them his stuff, because they were now old enough to appreciate it and he was still young enough to do it. Go somewhere else and try to convince others to believe your scandalous claims.

1688 days ago
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