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Producer to Jill Scott -- You Can't Leave Me!

2/3/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jill ScottShe sings like a diva, but 3x Grammy-winner Jill Scott is now being accused of acting like one too -- after the producer who claims to have made her a "superstar" says she walked out on a contract 3 albums too soon.

Scott is being sued by Hidden Beach Records -- the company who claims to have discovered Scott in 1998.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hidden Beach claims they signed Scott to a six album deal in 1999. But in 2009, she told the company through a letter that she was "moving on" after only completing 3 of the 6 albums.

In the lawsuit, Hidden Beach comes off like a scorned lover who claims they were "rolling the dice and betting everything it had on an unknown talent" when they first signed Scott ... and are "deeply saddened" by her recent actions.

Hidden Beach is suing for an unspecified amount.

Calls to Scott's rep were not returned.


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that girl    

another singer who acts like a b*tch? what are the odds!

1689 days ago

St James III    

Actually she's done 5 albums for them. 3 Studio Albums, 1 Collaboration Album and 1 Live Album. She only owes them one more and that could probably be fulfilled with a Greatest Hits album which she doesn't have to be around for them to produce.

1689 days ago

Jack C    

She is well known as she has sold albums and won Grammys. I think my earliest memory of her is doing the song " You Got Me" with The Roots- though the label replaced her with Badu.

People know who she is, and yes white people,too. Most of the posters here...Well, you know how they are.

And people making the comments about "black people" and living up to contracts- this is just the standard way things go in entertainment and the music industry. WHITE musicians/bands ALWAYS "break" contracts, too. It is normal for unproven artists to sign terrible deals and then re-negotiate their deals. It is also normal for bands to change labels and have new labels settle their deals,etc. It works this way in the NFL also- as players are slotted into contracts based on their draft position and tied up for 4-5 years. If they outplay their deals, they often get new ones in the form of extensions that buy out the existing years and add guaranteed money and bonuses.

White people negotiate contracts and change employers all the time. When black people do it, it's supposed to be a race-based character flaw? Give me a break. AOL and its related blogs are home to a cesspool of ignorant commenters, but that's what I expect.

1689 days ago


Steve, Jill may be black, but you've proven yourself to be a fool.

1689 days ago


Shes a 3 time Grammy winner. She is far from unknown, she is just unknown to people ignorant of her genre. She is an incredible artist. If she wasnt, Hidden Beach would let her go with a smile, not a fight.

1689 days ago


Furthermore, was it one of those classic record deals where the record company gets all of the profits and the artist gets nothing or close to nothing...a penny on a dollar. Maybe they can renegotiate the deal. It probably wasn't equitable, I don't care how much she may have needed a break!

1689 days ago


who is this bitch? face for radio

1689 days ago


yo mama!!!!

1689 days ago


Her poetry is awful. I mean, really awful.

1689 days ago


The only reason a lot of you don't know who Jill Scott is is because you don't listen to Neo-Soul. She's well known in the Black community and that's all that matters.

Secondly, I only knew of hidden beach through JILL SCOTT, SHE MADE THEM and well if she wants out, she wants out! I just hope her next record label allows her the freedom to write and put out the kind of content she'd like to put out without any label interference.

1689 days ago


I know who she is, she had a video out like ten years ago of her walking around a park and she was trying to carry a tune... we used to laugh so hard when it came on because we thought it was a MadTv skit,,, if youve never seen it you should youtube while your drinking one night,, its hilarious... If its true she won a grammy she should give it back... she sucks and proves you dont need talent to make it these days...

1689 days ago


@ 27, Karen

you don't understand the STYLE of music she's in. The video you're talking about is called "long walk." It was purposely sung the way it was sung. She infuses, spoken word and jazz improvisations into her music, she also includes scats. If you're not familiar with any of these I suggest you look them up instead of trying to degrade someone who is familiar with it and making yourself look like an ignorant idiot in the process.

1689 days ago

San Diego Girl    

Who are the ignorant morons who have not heard of Jill Scott -- and they also insist on posting the fact that they don't know who she is to TMZ?

Whatever! Educate yourselves, and stop watching Jersey Shore for a few seconds. Jill Scott is an extraordinary talent with a gorgeous voice, and she acts as well -- get HBO if your sad azzes can afford it to watch her show: The Number One Ladies Detective Agency. Screw the record company, trying desperately to hang on to a talented singer.

1689 days ago


FYI People............Jill Scott is a true bitch!! a fat bitch at that!!

She should be glad somebody was glad to impregnate her fat ass, but then he did leave her.

1688 days ago


Um, I'm white and me and my whole white family love Jill and always have. I've seen her live twice, and not only is she one of the most physically beautiful people I have ever seen, but her voice is unbelievable.
Not sure what is going on with this Hidden Beach thing, but I had never heard of them except in relation to Jill Scott. You can't really hold onto an artist that doesn't want to be there, they will just do whatever they have to do to get out and won't deliver a good album, so whats the point.
Oh and if people just ignored the trolls, they might even go away!

1688 days ago
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