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Tiger Mistress Claims Wacky Balls Hurt Women

2/3/2010 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses is trying to grab a golf businessman by the balls, claiming his little round guys are encouraging violence towards women ... the perfect case for power-attorney Gloria Allred.

Tales of the Tiger Woods

The woman at the center of the situation is Joslyn James -- a former porn star who claims she had an affair with Woods.

James is raising hell over a set of novelty golf balls that each prominently feature a cartoon face of one of Tiger's alleged mistresses (somehow they all fit in one box).

Obviously the balls were intended to be played with. And James -- whose smiling face is featured on one of the balls -- is concerned the product sends the wrong message.

Allred -- the ultimate defender of women's rights -- is fired up and will hold a news conference around 3pm EST today. You know we'll be there -- livestream ready to go.

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R. K. JONES    

As a former porn star, this woman has probably aiready been HIT every other way possible, so why complain about this?

1662 days ago


She's only pissed because she isn't getting her share of the golf ball profits and/or she failed to think of the idea herself. Now she hides behind womens' rights. Where can I get a case of those golfballs? Great idea - but I would have put "alleged" on the box - just for legal reasons. Shame on TMZ for not giving the website link for buying those balls.

1662 days ago

R. K. JONES    

Let's see if I've got this right: BALLS on FACE,= no problem. FACE on BALLS,= PROBLEM!! Such is the life of a porn star.

1661 days ago


These are priceless! What a great idea! You have to admit it's hysterically funny! . . . but if Gloria Alred wants the girls faces off the balls, then old Tiger's face should be put on them! . . . and, since Elin nailed Tiger with the golf club on the night of his 'accident' they should be called "Elin's Balls". Besides, all those girls have already had their faces on old Tiger's 'human' balls!

1661 days ago


How the hell do balls send out a message giving an okay for domestic violence?

Maybe she's not referring to golf balls but from a time when tiger woods assaulted her with his own balls...

1661 days ago


The idea is spectacularly hilarious. For Joslyn to be worked up about promoting violence by having her face on a golf ball is absurd. There are easily far more people offended and/or hurt by her committing adultery. The joke is not about women. It's about Tiger's ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, etc., etc.

In case you want to order a set - www.tailofthetiger.com

1660 days ago


He is NOT alone?
"Racing Pelvic Thunder on the Appalachian Trail"

1659 days ago


Lets see here, its OK for you to play with Tigers balls, but you are angry when others want to play with these balls????- You suck BIGTIME lady!!!!

1658 days ago


I'm a woman and I think this idea was witty. "Tail of the Tiger?" LMBO!

1658 days ago

Abby Answers    

The best thing that happened to Michael Caldwell at www.tailofthetiger.com is that Veronica Siwek-Daniels (aka. Joslyn James) hired Gloria Allred and held a much heralded press conference to discuss the wrong that had been perpetrated on her client. As an outsider, I totally understand the frustration and the cease and desist request from Ms. James and Ms. Allred, as it seems that Mr. Caldwell is trying to capitalize of her image without her consent. The part that kind of made the press conference a little wacky was the part of hitting the golf ball and associating it with violence. I must say as a company that puts many facial images on Photo golf balls, be it girlfriends, boyfriends, kids or grandkids, it’s hard to make the violence connection when so many people love getting photo golf balls and playing a round of golf with said balls. On the issue of using her image without her consent, I must say if there is law that says a drawing of a person is not the same as a photo of a person, congrats to Mr. Caldwell and his lawyer for not only being creative but resourceful. As for the media frenzy associated with this sex scandal, it’s just unbelievable to me, it never seems to stop. Every day we get another snippet of information and we can only assume that it will continue throughout the year. Therefore, if you’re one of the lucky ones that can afford the Mistress Golf Balls and are looking for some golf tees to support the golf balls for your collection or your next round of golf, why not try our Wood-“dee” tees www.thegolfteestore.com to complete the sex scandal paraphernalia.

1657 days ago


This story is wacky

1650 days ago

circus time    

You're kidding, right?

1646 days ago

1Big Dog1    

Goody Two shoes is not too goody goody anymore. Why all the noise after all he is only a golfer with an ego as big as his head. He snubs fans. Acts like a clown when he makes a good shot. In fact I think he takes away some of the class of the great game of golf with his actions. His statement was as phony as he is. He is sorry he got caught end of story.

1618 days ago
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