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911 Call -- The Duggars Save a Life

2/4/2010 4:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Joshua Duggar -- one of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 kids -- when Josh and his brother John rescued a 6-year-old girl who was injured in a car crash last week.

911 call

It all went down in Arkansas last Thursday, when Joshua and John observed a 3-car crash outside of Josh's car dealership ... then pulled the little girl from the car and administered CPR.

In the call, you can hear Josh tell the dispatcher that the girl is unconscious and "turning blue."

The girl eventually pulled through -- in part due to the Duggars' quick thinking.

You gotta listen to this call ... the Duggars couldn't have done a better job.


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Actually, the over-populating Duggars aren't responsible parents & citizens. If they were responsible parents they wouldn't have had so many children that they have to depend on their older children to raise them.

I wouldn't call them responsible citizens, since they don't mind over-populating the earth. Not to mention, they contribute a big fat zero in tax money to their community since they have their home listed as a "church".

They are freaks, plain and simple. Until the industry stops giving the freaks of society like these people t.v. shows, they are just going to keep crawling out from under their rocks. Duggars, John & Kate, OctoMom, Real Housewives of Wherever, The Hill Idiots, The Shore Idiots, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Just say no. Stop watching the rubbish and perhaps we can get some decent television programming someday instead of having the "real lives" of freaks shoved down our throats.

1688 days ago


uggh stop giving attention to this HORRIBLE SELFISH FAMILY. imagine if we all had 9 kids, the planet as we know it would be decimated in a decade. WHY ARE THEY FAMOUS? DISGUSTING!!!!

1688 days ago


19 kids i meant. RIDICULOUS!

1688 days ago


Just look at the bright side, with 19 children one of them is just about guaranteed to wind up gay. And THAT will make one hell of a reality show for Bravo!

Seriously though, I think it's ridiculous too...but it's none of my business. If you think Jesus told you to have 19 kids...more power to you.

It's just I'd almost instantly lose the family when I added "if you want to smoke marijuana, more power to you" and so on.

World would be better if more people just stayed the hell out of other peoples lives.

1688 days ago



Shut up and take your prozac!!

1688 days ago


TLC = The Leacherous Corporation. Haven't they learned from all the poop that went down with Jon and Kate? Guess not. Well they better not cry if Mrs. Duggar dies trying to have her 20th child, and blame it on "religion." Because NEWSFLASH -- that sick money hungry company is part of the problem!! They're only encouraging the Duggars to try to populate the world "for God" by giving them tons of free publicity. The partnership between Duggars and TLC gives new meaning to the phrase "marriage made in H.ell."

1688 days ago


Whatever, it left up to any couple if they want to have a shoe full of children,more power to them the world a HUGE world.....

1688 days ago

Sandy Beaches    

These idiots aren't going to be happy until the mom strokes out on the table giving birth and both she and the baby die. Of course then he would just marry some other young idiot and start all over again.

These are NOT wonderful parents. The only reason she keeps popping out those kids is because she doesn't have to raise them. They are selfish, miserable excuses for parents.

1688 days ago


That family is SERIOUSLY f**ked up, and a bunch of media whores. I still say that they are a cult, and I bet the dad, Jim Bob, makes the family call him God...

1688 days ago


Hey Nicole,
Just because you couldn't wait for marriage to have sex, doesn't mean it's impossible. I know lots of couples that waited and have wonderful marriages because of it.

1688 days ago


good lord how long does it take for the dispatcher to give intructions?? Josh repeated himself like 100 times. Shes unconscious,turning blue, blood in her mouth. 5mins & they got as far as cleaning out her mouth. Remind me not to call 911 in Arkansas. Thank god shes ok.

1688 days ago


I am appalled at the hatred from people on this site. You people amaze me. You don't know the Duggars personally but you seem to have very personal attacks. How do you know any of those things unless you have watched their show. Who are you to judge how somone else lives their life. They do not take money out of your pocket and your life is in no way changed by the way they decide to live their life. They are not breaking any laws so whats the problem. Why are you so bitter about their lifestyle. I'm sure there are things you can focus on to make your own life better before you start in on someone else.

1688 days ago


Well, maybe Jim Bob & Michelle is obsess about having a bunch of babies..Every body got their obsession..The Duggard son & his wife plans to have a bunch of babies as well...Now let me go and eat my TWINKIES.....

1688 days ago


I love this family. He was AMAZING under pressure! So inspiring!

1688 days ago


The kid did a great job, but his parents are still fakes. Real Christians are not media tramps nor would they parade their family on national T.V. FAKES..

1688 days ago
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