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911 Call -- The Duggars Save a Life

2/4/2010 4:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Joshua Duggar -- one of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 kids -- when Josh and his brother John rescued a 6-year-old girl who was injured in a car crash last week.

911 call

It all went down in Arkansas last Thursday, when Joshua and John observed a 3-car crash outside of Josh's car dealership ... then pulled the little girl from the car and administered CPR.

In the call, you can hear Josh tell the dispatcher that the girl is unconscious and "turning blue."

The girl eventually pulled through -- in part due to the Duggars' quick thinking.

You gotta listen to this call ... the Duggars couldn't have done a better job.


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Don't Do It!    

Wow...JD TOUCHED A GIRL BETWEEN THE NIPPLES! OH HELL! Sounds like somebody's off to Bible Boot Camp!

Seriously, they did a great thing. Jim Bob and J'Michelle and the rest of the Smuggers must be thrilled! I smell a Very Special Episode!

I do have one problem; review the video that accompained a previous TMZ entry and take a look at Anna. She was NOT sitting right beside her husband, grasping his hand with that glassy eyed, "I CAN'T BELIEVE nobody else worships my husband like I do!" look on her face while her husband was talking! Not very Smugger-like!

1724 days ago


LMAO! # 40 u almost caused me to chioke on my twinkie...

1724 days ago


Despite what people might think about how many children Josh's parents have, he and his brother did a good thing.

And the Duggers DO pay INCOME tax on their many business- religious services DO happen in their home- it wasn't something they manufactured to evade property tax.

And to the idiot that thinks it's very "convenient" that this surfaced amongst vile rumors about Josh get real. Until their is an actual accuser- all this is just malicious gossip.

1724 days ago


The 911 operator should be fired!

1724 days ago


#40 you are SO RIGHT about how Anna is with her husband. i thought i was the only one that noticed that!

1724 days ago


It's sad that the brothers apparently knew more, and was more efficient with time, than the sorry 911 operator. You could tell that those brothers knew more than her. They should have reported the call and then ignored her, she slowed them down. Thank God the child is alright. The Duggars done a wonderful jobs raising those boys.

1724 days ago


Gotta love them!

1724 days ago


The dispatcher had no sense of urgency at all - a LOT of time passed after he said she's turning blue before the dispatcher said what to do? Christ.

1724 days ago


I think the oldest one is creepy and have since the episode where he proposed, on camera and then wouldn't kiss her and asked his parents if holding hands would be ok. THEY even seemed surprised by that question. Then I found out that he may have molested some of the younger kids. Google it.

1724 days ago


I am so sick of reading these comments about how horrible everyone thinks this family is and how they presume to know what it is like living inside this family. Last time I checked after watching the show none of you were apart of this family so just because you spend and hour watching them on TV don't pretend to know what it is like in this family. So the older kids help out the parents for those of you that have younger brothers or sisters did you never have to help out with them? And to Nicole with your judgemental a@@ who cares if they don't watch TV or the girls all wear long skirts. I think the world would be better if our children acted a little bit more responsible like these children and dressed modestly instead of dissrespecting adults and dressing like hookers. When your life is perfect then all of you can judge others for how they raise THEIR children. But until you are manage your own lives and your own children and stop judging everyone else. And lastly how would you know how much taxes they pay? Are you their accountant? They follow the ways of GOD and this country was founded on religion but somewhere along the lines people seem to have forgoten about that.

1724 days ago

Don't Do It!    

#41 Well, if you do choke you know who to call! Don't get your hopes up about JD touching you between the nipples :( Like I said in my earlier post, somebody's off to Bible Boot Camp!

#44 Oh no, you're not the only one! Anna and her perm are SO BLESSED when her (their?) husband begins to hold forth!

1724 days ago


@ 50 LMAO!Well,jeepers creepers!burst my bubble got my hope about JD if I choked on the twinkie.

1724 days ago


Wow, Jom Bob should just start selling his sperm....such perfect kids! Nice work!

1724 days ago

The Obvious    

I have to ask what the hell is a 6 year old doing in the front seat with a airbag? The parents are bloody idiots. That is the first rule of thumb. Kids that old aren't allowed in the front seat. Damn Arkansas idiots. Good too see the Duggar kid cool calm and collected.

1724 days ago


Lets not forget who really saved the girls life was the firefighters and paramedics that arrived on scene to get the chicken out of her airway. And seriously who pulls out their cell phone to video tape something like this unless for their own benifit! Those paramedics are the reason that girl is alive!

1724 days ago
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