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911 Call -- The Duggars Save a Life

2/4/2010 4:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Joshua Duggar -- one of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 kids -- when Josh and his brother John rescued a 6-year-old girl who was injured in a car crash last week.

911 call

It all went down in Arkansas last Thursday, when Joshua and John observed a 3-car crash outside of Josh's car dealership ... then pulled the little girl from the car and administered CPR.

In the call, you can hear Josh tell the dispatcher that the girl is unconscious and "turning blue."

The girl eventually pulled through -- in part due to the Duggars' quick thinking.

You gotta listen to this call ... the Duggars couldn't have done a better job.


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Just sayin'    

Why are you suddenly acting like the Duggars are the best people in the world now TMZ? Cause they sent you the video clip of Josh doing CPR?

1689 days ago

Just sayin'    

Still hate them.

1689 days ago

Just sayin'    

#7 Tina

OMG that's just what I was thinking!! Why else would they record this horrible accident on a phone like it was some 3 ring circus?

1689 days ago

Just sayin'    

Great. One more thing for the conceited big headed Josh to run around and brag about now.
"Hey everyone! Did you hear about the time I saved someone? No? Well let me tell you! Hope you have about 2 hours to spare. And hey after I tell you all about it, then we can WATCH me in action! That's right! I had my bro record it so no one would ever forget how great I am"

1689 days ago

Just sayin'    

Where did Josh get the money to buy a car dealership? Did God mail it to him?

1689 days ago


I have to say, I don't know if they (Duggars) meant for this to even get out for "publicty" sake. I live very close to them, and this incident happened last week, yet nobody, even our local news stations didn't know about it till yesterday. So, publictity? Maybe. I can't say, I can say that the little girl is so lucky to be alive right now, and that Sprindale needs to train their 911 operators better. Just my thoughts.

1688 days ago

Don't Do It!    

@ #67: You're right the accident occurred last Thursday. However, your local news station, KHBS, reported it 2/2/10. Hope this helps. Keep sweet!

1688 days ago


Those of you who don't know what its like being a 911 dispatcher would not last one day in the job. You are expected to do 10 things at one time and save lives. This dispatcher did her job. She took the call and got the police and fire department on scene, didnt she? When doing 911 over the phone you have to confirm certain questions in order to give the correct instructions for the incident. Do you do compressions first? Do you tell them to give rescue breaths? There are 3 different sets of instructions: infant, child, and adult. All of this you are expected to decipher is a half a second. Second of all if he is a volunteer fireman/first responder in TTown...he should know CPR. Its part of the first responder course! Also credit needs to go to the Springdale Fire Department. Their paramedics are amazing. They are the ones who got the obstruction out of the childs airway, started the proper IV drugs, and transported this child to the hospital. They got the pulse back! Those firemen and the dispatcher will carry this incident with them for the rest of their lives. Also how about we give credit to the nurses and doctors at the hospital and at Childrens Hospital for doing their part. This is blown way out of proportion. Yes he called 911, but if it was Joe Blow calling 911 and giving CPR none of you would care. It wouldn't be all over the internet or the news across the nation. And who stops and thinks to record a 6 year fighting for their life. If they are such the Christian family, they would have never recorded it in the first place. It is not very Christian to plaster stuff like this on the media and exploit a dying 6 year old and then start something where everyone in the nation can trash talk to people who tried to do the right thing. Way to go Josh!

1688 days ago


I am soooo tired of hearing about the Duggars. Talk about being on tv for nothing!
The sad thing is, the dispatcher probably thinks she did a good job. She probably thinks she is the best one there, and she probably talks crap about everybody else in order to feel better about herself. Therefore, she has a reputation for being a gossiper and 'stirrer'. At the end of the day, she is the only one that knows whether or not she is doing the right thing.
As for the Duggars, I agree- enough is enough already! I echo the sentiments brought up previously here- what about the paramedics that worked on the girl at the scene? What about the doctors and nurses that are working on taking care of her now at the Children's Hospital? Are they not "heroes"?

1687 days ago

Good Job Duggars!

Did anyone else think that that 911 operator was incredibly useless?

1687 days ago


In response to lalaland: I couldn't have said it better. :) Mrs. Duggars right to have children is protected just as a woman's right to not have children. Not my personal choice to have that many, but who are we to say it is wrong. I'd rather live in a world with respectful and kind adults like the Duggars kids will be, than with what today's parents are putting out there. You can't go to the mall or a restaurant without seeing little kids doing whatever they want saying whatever they want and you wonder how do they get this way and you look at their parents and you got your answer. Lazy @ss, rude, obnoxious parents bring up lazy @ss, rude, obnoxious children. God help us.

1649 days ago


Good grief, those morons took long enough telling him what to do for that little girl! I'm surprised she's not dead.

1598 days ago

ilene bonson    

It's absolutely mind boggling to me that people complain about the crime in this world and the younger and younger criminal and teen mothers are but when a God loving family is shown in the media there are people out there that have nothing but negative to nitpick them about. Michelle and Jim Bob DO NOT have their children to hand them off to the siblings. They have them because they Love children like Christ Loved children when he walked this earth. God in heaven gives us explicit instruction in the Holy Bible to procreate and it's one of the only things Satan can't do so he hates it when good Christian parents are having and raising good Christian children. Yes, praise the Lord the Duggers shelter their children from the garbage of the world. Our world would be a much better place if more parents cared enough to care what their children saw, watched, wore, or how they acted. The Duggers love their children so much that they sacrifice their time by educating them the way our forefathers ( you know the really smart guys that wrote the constitution and the ones that their faces are made of stone at Mt. Rushmore) were at home by their loving parents. I am a blessed mother of only 8 children and envy the amazing family and organization and love the Dugger family has. Has our world gotten so bad and confused that we have forgotten the days when children were considered a blessing and an asset to the family! And still should be considered as that! To address Michelle's age and she's still having and planning on letting god lead on whether her and Jim Bob have more, well, Sarah and Abraham were in their 90's when God blessed them with their very first child Isaac. That's one of the reasons God made a woman’s body to go through menopause it's the transition from being able to bare children to no longer able to bare children. And even then God is still in control because Sarah was way past menopause and that's why she laughed when she heard the angel tell Abraham that she would have a child. Amazingly enough there are a lot of people out in this world that follow Gods instruction and are PURE (virgins) when they get married. I have 3 daughters myself that have made a vow with God that their wedding night will be their first time. For those of you who think you should sleep around before you get married need to realize you are actually CHEATING on your future spouse! We should be praising God for families like the Duggers NOT condemning them!

1544 days ago


You know something they are a family, and the whole family has to work together to make it...I came from a family of 5...I was the oldest..I was cooking whole meals when i was 12...i also took care for my younger mama could didn't hurt me a bit! it Jim bob and michells business and know one else they have the CHOICE!!!

1495 days ago

sarah burke    

I am amazed when i see the amount of hair spray used by this famly. Can you imagine what damage it is doing to the childrens lungs espically the baby who is on oxygen.anything in a spray can is dangerous to your lungs. I know from experience. Love your family and wouldn,t miss an episode. God Bless. Sarah

1453 days ago
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