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Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death

2/4/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's cause of death has been determined: An accidental death caused by "community acquired pneumonia," iron deficiency anemia, and multiple drug intoxication.

The L.A. County Coroner concludes on the subject of "How injury occurred" -- "Drug intake."

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GEE, I'm really shocked.......NOT

1686 days ago


I am shocked by the interview Brittany's husband and mother did on Larry King live. Something about those two is not right. Her mother seems to be suffering from some type of mental illness and her husband act's as if the mother is his wife, then for them to go on and state that they are going to stay together?(fishy), are they involved in some type of intimate relationship? look at how they try to end each others sentences, look at the way they respond and touch each other.something strange is going on with these two. get em tmz.

1686 days ago


It's a shame some of you can't read. The girl didn't die from a meth or cocaine overdose... for those of you who think that and actually take pleasure of assuming that.. you are truly disgusting and vile. I guess people only read bold words and look at shiny objects, jesus christ.

1684 days ago


People are so ignorant. It is really easy to mix the wrong drugs. I have had multiple surgeries and will most likely be on OxyContin the rest of my life (I'm only 22). In December I had another surgery and days after I got pneumonia. I thought it was just a common cold and that I would be fine since I was on bedrest already. I waited a few weeks and one night collapsed (just like Brittany) and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I was then in the hospital for 16 days.It makes me sad to think if I would have died (which I almost did) that people would be saying things like this about me and my family members. My family had no way of knowing that was going to happen, pneumonia creeps up on you and can feel like a really bad cold. Your chest hurts extremely so she probably thought the vicodin would help that, I still took my OxyContin because I wanted to sleep as much as possible since I was so misserable.
I know about 90% of you are just like me and only read parts of medication bottles (example-like take every 4 hours?)Its not like there is a skull and crossbones on all the OTC bottles that SCREAM at you to not take with some of the other medications.
If you want to go really deep and we could say everyone has abused drugs before. How many people take more Aleve or Ibprofin? All of you most likely. Ibuprofen 200mg says to take ONE every four to six hours. I've seen people take 4 at a time. Thats different though right? because you "know" what your body can handle. Thats how we all think, so maybe you should stop judging her especially since she isn't here to defend herself. Hopefully this never happens to someone you love and care about because if it does it may not be on TMZ but it most likely will hit your local paper and you can say whatever you want about that person you loved to defend them but there will still be people like you that will comment on how irresponsible you were and how you and your family should have seen it coming.

1680 days ago


How come when you or I OD on meds it's called suicide but when Celebrities do it then it's accidental overdose. why the double standard.

1679 days ago


Poor girl. Such potential. A warning to other young starlets out there.

1676 days ago


thats the same thing Cory Haim died of??????

1585 days ago

Bk3lyn Bry3an    

Respect the dead. Shame on TMZ for releasing the 911 call. Who would want to hear it? How would you feel if you were Brittany's mother? TMZ has sunk to a new low. TMZ is truly pathetic and sad. TMZ is an embarassment to real journalism.

1571 days ago


what a pity....

1499 days ago


Yes another case of wealth and health mismatched! So hard to stay level headed.. I feel sorry for her and family and her fans!

I enjoyed watching her movies!

1487 days ago

Orin Vee    

She and her husband both died from pneumonia caused by mold infestation in their home. The meds she was taking were ALL LEGAL and taken only to relieve her respiratory illness.

1480 days ago


whaat??i just watched across the hall and she's one of the main actress, it's sad to know she's already dead.

1423 days ago


why dont you leave this poor girl alone shes dead! so you have to be rude? why sont u shut up . honestly, give her and her family a breakkk! im 14 and i still have more common since than the people being rude

1422 days ago

nicole honiker    

omg i didnt believe it ethier

1410 days ago

Cindra Rader    

I can't believe people don't take this mold thing more seriously. It must be a terrible way to die. All the money in the world can't help, especially when no one knows the sourse of your illness. Doctors want to treat the symptoms instead of the sourse. If they had only known of the mold, were able to get out of that house and detox their bodies instead of covering it up with all the meds.
Mold attacks your nervous system, robs your body of oxygen and takes you immune system away. It's a slow kills so, they must have lived in that house for quite a while.
Have you ever seen what mold does to an onion or potatoe?
Imagine what it can do inside someones body just by breathing it in.
I don't think they were doing drugs. I think they were despetately trying to get well and thanks to the doctors and all the ignorance the mold won.

1376 days ago
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