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Casey Johnson's Death Caused by Neglect

2/4/2010 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's Death Caused by NeglectCasey Johnson died because she simply did not take care of herself ... sources connected with the autopsy tell TMZ.

The L.A. County Coroner says the cause of death was "Diabetic Ketoacidosis" and the manner of death was "natural."

But our sources say the Coroner's findings clearly show Johnson -- who died at 30 -- was not taking her insulin shots, was not exercising, did not follow her strict diet and was not taking other medicines she needed.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a technical term for lack of insulin, which often leads to a diabetic coma. We previously reported where Johnson was hospitalized for diabetic comas at least twice before her death.


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While we know this poor girl didn't make all of the right choices (it's hard to live with a terrible disease like Type 1 diabetes), you can DIE from Type 1 diabetes, even if you manage it properly. Unlike Type 2 diabetes (obesity and lifestyle related diabetes), Type 1 diabetes is NOT "manageable" in all cases and you can't just follow a diet and exercise and it will be fine. ANY mistake in insulin or food calculation, an infection, stress, hormones, or an illness can all put you suddenly on the brink of death. I know of a 12 year old Type 1 diabetic boy who took very good care of himself. He woke up one morning with "the flu", discovered he had ketones, was in the hospital within 1 hour...and was DEAD by that afternoon. He blood glucose had been fine the night before. At the hospital, they couldn't get it down or clear the ketones. Another 15 year old died in much the same way. Missing a blood glucose test or having a faulty insulin pump site can kill rapidly. Don't let anyone tell you that this form of the disease doesn't kill or it's "manageable". It does kill both short and long term, and Type 1 diabetics need a cure. Let's stop blaming the victims of this disease. RIP Casey.

1708 days ago


One more comment...this girl obviously took better care of herself than people think. She had Type 1 diabetes since she was a small child and it was previously stated had no detectable organ damage upon autopsy. Diabetes over that many years can cause organ damage if "controlled", let alone if not well controlled. If she had let herself go for a long period of time, her autopsy would have shown it. But it did not. I do not think she "neglected" herself as much as people think.

I test my blood glucose 12x per day, wear an insulin pump, wear a continuous glucose sensor, measure every bite of weighed food, calculate every insulin adjustment dose 3 times, plan every workout, go to the ER when I have a virus, plan every moment of my day, etc. and still have periods of going suddenly and severely "high" or "low", which can kill. I have ended up in seizures and in the ER. Anyone who thinks this full time job of being a Type 1 diabetic is "neglect" obviously needs to give their head a shake. I doubt half the people on this board would survive 1 day being a Type 1 diabetic, let alone happily.

Also, if your fat husband, wife, or old grandma is a Type 2 diabetic, or you are a nurse with 1 hour or less of classroom training on Type 1 diabetes, keep your mouth zipped. You are the most clueless people. Type 2 diabetes is such a different disease that they really need a different name for Type 1 diabetes. To the person who is talking about Metformin and DKA, it's clear you have no idea what you are talking about. DKA is not what you describe (it is an acid-base imbalance and that's what kills), and Metformin is for overweight and insulin resistant Type 2 diabetics, which has nothing to do with Type 1 diabetes or Casey Johnson. If you don't have Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune insulin deficiency), or have extensive training on it, don't comment on the topic. Again, we need a cure for Type 1 diabetes (the forgotten disease) and RIP Casey.

1708 days ago


Casey died from "neglect" alright...her family neglected her in her time of need. You don't leave your child with a severe chronic illness to die alone. Family is family. Casey needed help and support. Shame on the family, shame on her "fiancee".

1708 days ago
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