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Charlie Sheen Will Be

Charged With Felony

2/4/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FelonyCharlie Sheen
will be charged with felony menacing in connection with the Christmas Day incident with his wife, Brooke Mueller, in Aspen ... this according to law enforcement sources.

We've learned in addition to the felony, Sheen, who stars in "Two and a Half Men" will be charged with misdemeanor assault.

We're told the criminal complaint will be filed either late tomorrow or first thing Monday morning.

Charlie Sheen is set to appear in court Monday for an arraignment, though we're told he is not expected to enter a plea.

In addition to the arraignment, the judge will hear arguments from lawyers for Brooke and Charlie to relax the protective order prohibiting any contact between the two.

Charlie Sheen's lawyer had no comment.

charlie sheen and brooke mueller pics


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First of all his wife said that he didn't hit her. The two had a little to many and so you know where that leads you to. Another thing is, she didn't want to press chagers but the police can press their own charge with is bull. Another thing know one is looking at is that the police took him even though his wife said that it was misunderstanding. The justice system sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

1658 days ago


.....and I bet he blames her. I can hear him now, 'see, see, look what YOU did, all of this mess because YOU called the police, now the tabloids are going to get in on it'.....blah, blah, blah.

He is a typical loser abuser, period. His track record proves he deserves all the grief he has gotten. That said, I realize Brooke is no Saint either, there has to be truth to everything that is being said. But, its zero excuse for Charlie to behave like a caveman.

HOW is he still able to get even one single woman? I hate that there is no shortage of stupid women in this country, throw some money and power their way and their IQ points drop.

What gives?

1658 days ago


Now we are going to start charging people with felonies on the word of a drunk. Charlie may have his issues, but he was not drunk. She was! If they really want to help this family they will throw her in rehab. What kind of mother is drunk on Christmas MORNING!

1658 days ago

Robin Paddock    

Ya know, if the Hollywood men would stop marrying money grubbing blonds with boobs for days, plastic surgery freaks and then be wandering their own dipsticks all over town and drunk, high and god knows what else.... and stop being so superficial, stuck up, and think they deserve the world just for having a relative in show biz and take some pride in living and having wandered into the good life..then maybe Hollywood wouldn't be a den for drug fiends, waistoids, and people waiting for casting in celebrity rehab.....SHEESH!

1658 days ago



1658 days ago


I think her drunk ass just took advantage of his past by accusing him of 'abuse' and it just didn't happen . . . Yes, he's got a record, BUT she was DRUNK and probably started an arguement, that got outta hand and the only way to control him was to report him. She's a loser, but deserves him! Pity the children of this pair.

1658 days ago


I see divorce in the near future, or Dr. Drew's next season of celebrity rehab! There are so many other issues that are too pressing for us to really give a s____, what happens to these poor, rich, spoiled addicts!

1658 days ago

Charlie is handsome, funny, talented and such a professional we need him to be happy and healthy...get some rest OUR bro amigo...TMZ you need better photos of our handsome hero....

2.5Men every rock us Charlie Brown!!!
Here's your EMMY_______________show of our FOX
for rockin 2 shows a move FOX...

From: Little store around the corner

1658 days ago


i cannot believe this!!! it is bull crap a stinking d.a. that is up for the publicity and to make a name for himself, this woman said she lied" i guess the da didn't hear her. i just hope that this da that has a lot of money to spend on this farce of a case is made another a''hole for being a publicity seeking ho' and spending taxpayer dollars when they can be used on real domestic violence cases.

1656 days ago


I'm tired of these dumb women thinking a man changes when he get with them, this lady knew how Charlie was when she got with him. I'm not sayin he's a bad guy,but why complain when he don't change and be the kind of guy your hoping for? I like Charlie Sheen but I like him for who he is, I know he's not the kind of man that is good for me...dumb ladies, quit trying 2 find the "good life" and get it have all the warnign signs, then when things go bad on ur behalf you want sympathy, "he did this, he did that" where was your heart when he did it to the woman before u? You didn't care cause u thought u were different, well look where different got ya

1655 days ago


This makes no sense to me. Charlie Sheen faces YEARS in prison and he didn't kill a person and Dr. Murray kills Michael Jackson and he'll get probation. Something is definitely wrong with the justice system. SERIOUS!!

1654 days ago



1648 days ago
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