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Michael Jackson Estate to Joe: No, No, No

2/4/2010 7:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate have filed legal papers opposing Joe Jackson's attempt to get his son's UCLA medical records -- records Joe wants in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson

Estate lawyers say there are three reasons why Joe is not entitled to medical records.

1. Joe was not a dependent of Michael Jackson and therefore not legally entitled to sue for the wrongful death of his son.

2. Joe has filed his request for medical records in connection with his attempt to get an allowance from the estate, and an allowance has nothing to do with wrongful death.

3. There is a physician-patient privilege that bars Joe from getting the medical records.


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Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

74. pmiller i was watching the insider and they showed the video of doc murray going to forest lawn mosoeleum, he looked very strange and like he was waiting for someone or just afraid to walk close to the doors, it was really weird. he kept going back and forth almost like a kid trying to steal something out of a candy store..very strange!!!!sue from tampa

Posted at 7:43PM on Feb 4th 2010 by sue

Well Dr. Murray sure has balls doesn't he??? Was he actually at the doors where MJ would be or at the gates of the cemetery?? I do not think I would be going there if I was him! Hmmmmm

1690 days ago


Seriously, if Michael didn't put his father in his will, he didn't want his father to have any money. Therefore, Joe is entitled to NOTHING. There is a reason he's not in that will. None of us can even begin to understand the relationship (or lack of relationship) they had as a father and son. Michael didn't put his father in his will for reasons of his own, and the executors respect that, but as usual Michael's own father refuses to except that. Michael didn't want to leave him anything...For those of you who are stupid enough to argue that Joe made the family famous and rich, you think when those boys turned 18, Joe Jackson just started handing them over what they were entitled to? Please, don't be so naive.

1690 days ago


I did the math and I got zero. I have been absolved of my sins for my lustful viewing. You know what I am speaking of. You found me meaning in a picture. Your blank was gone. The student became the teacher.

I see the beautiful skyline although not from my window. I can see it in the morning on my drive towards the city. It is beautiful though. No matter when you see it, isn't it?

1690 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons believes the late Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation.
03/02/2010 16:44pm

“I knew Michael,” Simmons tells Classic Rock. “I ran into him a few times. I met him the first time before he became the superstar, when he was sort of teenagey, when he was still a Jackson Five. This was in the Cher days, when Cher and I lived together. “But as time moved on, and no matter what my fond memories and fond images of Michael were, with one allegation of paedophilia after another and another and another… Oh dear.

“I knew some of the musicians he toured with, and specifically one who quit because of seeing boys coming out of the hotel rooms. And then you factor in that his travel agent was put on the stand and in court said that she was authorised to fly to Brazil and bring boys back to America for him… “Well, you know, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt. “Michael’s on tape going, ‘Give the kids Jesus juice.’ Which is wine. I mean, it’s just endless.

“There’s never been a single female of any age that I’ve ever known about who has ever made a claim that she has had a physical relationship with Michael, ever. “In fact, while he was alive, I never heard about mature men ever making that claim either – and believe me, you can’t keep it a secret. If you’re a celebrity, somebody somewhere will say, ‘Oh yeah, I shagged him.’ “The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men.

“Oh, I don’t think this is going away any time soon.”

Kiss’s Gene Simmons Talks About Michael Jackson (And It Isn’t Good News)
gbarton / News / 03/07/2009 10:11am

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons says he’s heard enough celebrity tributes to Michael Jackson, and wants to hear from the kids who accused the late pop singer of molestation. The estimable Sleaze Roxx website has the following: “I want the kids who’ve accused him, to be blunt, of molestation, to have their say,” Simmons told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview from Los Angeles on Thursday. “I want to hear what they have to say. Not celebrities. Let’s celebrate the talent and everything later, let’s just figure out if there are any victims here.”

The recently deceased Jackson was tried for child molestation in 2005 but was ultimately acquitted of all charges by a jury. He faced a similar accusation in 1993 but that case was settled out of court. Simmons said he initially declined to provide his opinion on Jackson, but that enough time had elapsed since the singer’s death for him to break his silence. Simmons said he knew Jackson roughly 26 years ago. At the time, Simmons was living with Diana Ross and found Jackson to be “charming and shy and self-effacing, you know, very pleasant, obviously talented”.

Jackson paid millions of dollars to settle out of court with a 13-year-old who accused him of molestation in 1993, Simmons noted. “I want to know what that boy has to say,” Simmons said. “So while it’s sad that [Jackson] had this sad life and I understand, that’s horrible – Michael’s not the only victim. I want to know what these boys have to say.”

Oh Lordy Lordy...this show is getting on the road now!....rofl It's all going to start working up to a head...people are going to start coming forward with their "stories" and fond and not so fond remembrances....

1690 days ago


I was kind of hoping Joe WOULD get his hands on MJ's medical records.
I still say there is something not quite right about Michael's death. And now, for the lawyers, who just happened to be
"rehired" (????) just before Michael's death, to say "no, no, no" about Joe viewing his own son's medical records, makes me raise not one, but two eyebrows!
Find a way to view those records, Joe!

1690 days ago



bah humbug. thats the biggest piece of junk I've ever heard.

1690 days ago


Go Get Um Joe!

1690 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Mr JACKSON:Please tell the court how many children do "YOU" have.

1690 days ago


I would think that reason #3 ought to be Reason #1 and the only reason.

1690 days ago


pmiller, you know i beleive that in this situation with the wrongful death suit, unfortunatly knowing what that is like, i must say at a time of loss that it is hard to think of your child being taken away by the hands of another, and wondering about a wrongful death suit that is not what one would think about!!!! that pain is so over whelming that you are consummed by the pain and not much on your mind but the death itself.joe should just be glad he had the time with michael and leave the suit until another time, he needs to find out what happened to his son first!!! sue from tampa

1690 days ago


WTG Team Estate!!! tell joe to go F Himself! all this a$$hole can think about is ways to get his hands on Michael's aka MJ3's money. what a douche!

I hope the judge puts him on blast for his allowance claim.

1690 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

You say that, but if you were actually in the shoes of Joe, Katherine, or the rest of the siblings, do you really know how you'd feel or what you'd do and when? It's easy to say you'd wait, but would you really? How do you know your anger would not overcome you? If you believed someone killed your child/sibling due to negligence, would you not be chomping at the bit to make them pay or prove their stupidity? What if your sibling/son was the biggest celebrity in the world? You cannot judge a person unless you've walked in their shoes. Not for one minute do I think Joe should be up for father of the year, but I also don't believe he's the devil incarnate either. And there's no way I believe that Michael hated his father. Far from it. Human relationships are complex, and Michael's relationship with Joe was very complex.

Posted at 7:47PM on Feb 4th 2010 by Cathy

Well Cathy you can think what you want but I would rather see DR. Murray in prison first before I would worry about how much money I was getting!
I am not quite sure what you are getting at??? So if your family member was murdered you would worry about the money before the Dr. got criminally charged?????
See I look at it this way...I always thought Chandlers were as$holes for taking money over trying to have Michael convicted of a crime!! To me that shows THEY WERE WORRIED MORE ABOUT THE MONEY, again if that was my son, TRUST ME the last thing on my mind would be money!! Therefore, NOW that the shoe is on a different foot I think they should worry about CRIMINALLY CHARGING Murray fist.... then worry about a wrongful suit!!
Another piece of advice, until YOU meet me in person or have walked in my shoes DO NOT JUDGE ME...I have been there, and if you EVER are, trust me the LAST THING ON YOUR MIND WOULD BE THE MONEY!!!

1690 days ago


pmiller, doc murray was at the doors going to the actual place he would walk to the door almost to open it and go back and sit on the marble benchs they had there, then he would repeat it several times. i am telling you it was really weird like he was afraid or something. sue from tampa

1690 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Pillars will fall below the crumbling story of many.Walking in the halls of justice TIME brings people to their TRUTHS.

1690 days ago


Please Don't Tell Deb On Me.

1690 days ago
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